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  • Plural form of induction. noun

The word "inductions" in example sentences

That philosophical background combined with my own observations, which I call my inductions from life, together with my family upbringing, formed my philosophical framework as a young adult and executive.. [Organizations and Markets]

Socrates drew his inductions from the ordinary and common, he “keeps his feet on the ground, dealing with the most useful subjects at a quiet and everyday pace, advancing at the rate of human life towards both death and the harshest of ordeals that can ever occur.”. [Socrates was an Ugly Dude with a Beautiful Soul « So Many Books]

Her first practice kept talking about inducing her inductions are a known risk factor for uterine rupture to "increase her chances of success.". [This Sucks]

We others do not call our inductions and deductions and reductions by any name at all.. [Is Shakespeare Dead?]

113 Dr. Whewell (_Phil. of Discov. _, p. 246) will not allow these and similar erroneous judgments to be called inductions; inasmuch as such superstitious fancies “were not collected from the facts by seeking a law of their occurrence, but were suggested by an imagination of the anger of superior powers, shown by such deviations from the ordinary course of nature.”. [A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive]

Although there were no firm data on other obstetric interventions, the authors thought it was probable that there was also a higher number of procedures such as inductions, vacuum extractions and forceps deliveries compared to IVF/ICSI births and births after natural conception.. [ - latest science and technology news stories]

The player ballot for 2011 inductions into the National Soccer Hall of Fame is set.. [Poll: National Soccer Hall of Fame voting]

Bruce Matthews, who now is an assistant with the Houston Texans, and Munchak are best friends and gave each presentation speeches at each other's Hall of Fame inductions.. [Tennessee Titans Team Report]

… Friday, the NFL Network airs its first live coverage of the announcement of the 15 finalists for this year's Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions.. [Amid reports, Cowher, CBS mum on ex-coach's future]

The award ceremony and black-tie dinner will take place at the Society of Illustrators in June in conjunction with the Illustrators Fall of Fame inductions.. [Science Fiction Awards Watch » Blog Archive » Illustrators Honor Palencar]

Driving around with marykaykare (including farmer's market), Locus awards (where Paolo righteously kicked my ass), Hall of fame inductions, and then Goffing with cmpriest, blackaire and others whose elljay handles I do not know.. [way back in 68 everything was so great no way wrong date]

BURNETT: Since Chester Burnett died 34 years ago, there's been a postage stamp with his face on it, a statue in his hometown, a blues festival in his name and numerous Hall of Fame inductions and record reissues.. [Howlin' Wolf: Booming Voice Of The Blues]

Two years ago, TriHealth Inc. in Cincinnati began barring elective inductions without medical necessity before 39 weeks at its two hospitals.. [A Push for More Pregnancies to Last 39 Weeks]

Leapfrog has asked hospitals to reduce elective inductions to 5% of their total deliveries for 2011.. [A Push for More Pregnancies to Last 39 Weeks]

The result has been a steady rise in "early term" elective inductions using labor-stimulating drugs.. [A Push for More Pregnancies to Last 39 Weeks]

Dr. Boyd himself valued the ability to schedule inductions so he could deliver his patients without having to get up in the middle of the night.. [A Push for More Pregnancies to Last 39 Weeks]

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@WrestlingSheet: Booker T has responded to critics who don’t believe Harlem Heat and Torrie Wilson are worthy of WWE Hall of Fame induc…


Favorite form of hypnosis? (Watch-swing, brainwash object, hypno spiral, etc) — To do? just talking. Conceptually?…


@WrestlingSheet: Booker T has responded to critics who don’t believe Harlem Heat and Torrie Wilson are worthy of WWE Hall of Fame induc…


@WrestlingSheet: Booker T has responded to critics who don’t believe Harlem Heat and Torrie Wilson are worthy of WWE Hall of Fame induc…


@MHSRaidersoccer: Congratulations to all of our Honors Society Members, current and new, on your inductions tonight! Way to keep us prou…

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