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Definitions of "industries"

  • Plural form of industry. noun

The word "industries" in example sentences

Nobody is preparing current statistics on productivity by individual industries covering a substantial number of industries…. [Automation]

Most states regulate their title industries, but it's the title companies that are doing the regulating -- and they use their clout to block all efforts at reforming the way things get done.. [Why Title Companies Hate Technology]

The previous recessions were centered on certain industries, such as energy and high tech, that did not have a significant presence in Billings.. [Housing market in Billings, Montana, feels the recession]

The EPA also says it likely will offer guidance about whether certain industries should be sited near existing schools, an issue that continues to trouble activists in Erie, Pa.. [Testing for toxics at schools sparks questions, lawsuits]

Only in industries that are involved in innovation do there remain lucrative manufacturing opportunities.. [A Paddlefish Warning, from China]

This has nothing to do with investing in industries that might put our people to work.. [Les Leopold: Wall Street Brings Class War to America?]

America is giving up its competitive position in industries of the present and future and it is costing us.. [Dave Johnson: Consensus Grows: Confront China on Trade]

While I won't say this is universally the case, it's certainly true in industries, like technology, where products have largely become commoditized.. [Marshall Goldsmith: Changing the Hierarchy - A Conversation with Vineet Nayar of HCL]

Public and private investment in industries that offer long-term growth potential while meeting essential human needs (e.g. clean energy, efficient transportation, preventative health care, healthy food, early childhood education, elder care). [Deepak Bhargava: Corporate Values, Community Woes]

I have not read his work, back from before he sacrificed his credibility, but I believe his basic idea is that there can be economies of scale in industries and the market can be tipping.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » I Need Some Help on Alternative Energy Subsidies]

The other side is compliance, especially in industries such as health care and financial services.. [When Computers Stare Back]

The simple fact that our new administration has to ‘deal’ with such industries is a bit concerning.. [Wonk Room » What Does The Hospital Deal Mean For Health Care Reform?]

The second sentence is the key to why certain industries are for it.. [Ryan Van Lenning: Mapping the Money on California's Prop 25 and 26]

Like it or not, publishing is already one of the lowest profit margin industries in the U.S.. [Why Amazon and Some Readers Are Wrong « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website]

When I visit certain industries, guess what it takes to overcome the visitor management system … yep, my state issued ID.. [Quote of the Day, Doesn’t Have A Clue edition. | RedState]

It would supply, no doubt, to the Board of Trade useful information as to the extent of foreign investment in English industries, but the price paid for this advantage would, in the Committee's opinion, be too great.. [War-Time Financial Problems]

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  • Character10
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