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What do we mean by industry?

The sector of an economy made up of manufacturing enterprises. noun

A sector of an economy: synonym: business. noun

Energetic devotion to a task or an endeavor; diligence. noun

Ongoing work or study associated with a specified subject or figure. noun

A collection of artifacts or tools made from a specified material. noun

A standardized tradition of toolmaking associated with a specified tool or culture. noun

Cleverness or skill. noun

Habitual diligence in any employment or task, whether bodily or mental; sedulous attention to business; assiduity. noun

Productive labor; specifically, labor employed in manufacturing; manufacture; hence, a particular branch of work; a trade: as, the iron industry; the cotton industry: often used, in the plural, of trades in general: as, the arts and industries of a country. noun

Synonyms Application, Diligence, etc. (see assiduity); activity, laboriousness. noun

Habitual diligence in any employment or pursuit, either bodily or mental; steady attention to business; assiduity; -- opposed to sloth and idleness. noun

Any department or branch of art, occupation, or business; especially, one which employs much labor and capital and is a distinct branch of trade noun

Human exertion of any kind employed for the creation of value, and regarded by some as a species of capital or wealth; labor. noun

The tendency to work persistently. noun

Businesses of the same type, considered as a whole. noun

Businesses that produce goods as opposed to services. noun

The sector of the economy consisting of large-scale enterprises. noun

Persevering determination to perform a task noun

The tendency to work persistently. Diligence.

Businesses of the same type, considered as a whole. Trade.

Businesses that produce goods as opposed to services.

(in the singular) The sector of the economy consisting of large-scale enterprises.

Automated production of material goods.

A typological classification of stone tools, associated with a technocomplex.

The industry is really located any where in the world where their is an actually being,working within society.The industry is coherst with,as a statement any one: helping people eat(resturaunt industry) makeing people for people too listen too (the music industry) wrighting in ways that can be intitled for the whole world too read (the publish industry) helping people recieve mail (government industry/the logistic industry.)  Urban Dictionary

Industry - 1. adj.- used when describing a loser, something stupid, or mainstream. opposite of stealth synonyms- lame, fin - 2.noun- branch of economy or commercial activity.  Urban Dictionary

The real, serious shit. Doesn't fuck around. Be careful!!  Urban Dictionary

An electronic genre originating with influential group Throbbing Gristle in 1970's, on their own "Industrial Records". The genre was created and defined by TG based off a phrase coined by Monte Cazazza, "Industrial Music for Industrial People". Consisting of abrasive lyrics, dissonant and relatively abstract distorted melodies, drum machines/samplers and gratuitous use of delay and other effects, Industrial music often draws upon transgressive and shocking themes while adhering with absolutely no fucking established musical conventions In other words, it is music theory's worst nightmare. Although first wave Industrial artists are generally considered by Industrial historians to be the only "true" Industrial bands (and even that is sometimes reduced to just TG), the genre gave birth to dozens of genre that generally fall under the umbrella term of "Post-Industrial". This includes the Electro-Industrial genre, comprised of bands such as Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly, the EBM genre (Nitzer Ebb, early Ministry, Front 242, etc.) and the Industrial Metal/Industrial rock genres (later Ministry, Pigface, etc.) just to name a few (the commercially lauded and probably most known post-industrial band, Nine Inch Nails, dabbled in a handful of these genres, but mostly stuck with an Industrial Rock sound in later years).  Urban Dictionary

A style of music started in the mid-1970's by the seminal "band" Throbbing Gristle. Known for the painful noise and disturbed subject matter that seemed to spring eternal from their seriously crazed leader, Genesis P-Orridge (he was once threatened by the axe-murder Ian Brady... Prompting him to write a song about Ian), TG quickly claimed a name for itself. They were often described as "the wreckers of civilization." Industrial music was further explored by synth-whatever acts Suicide and Cabaret Voltaire, from New York and Sheffield respectively. Both shared a sort of skewed love for pop music, and both had a penchant for writing seriously weird songs, in the tradition of TG. Cab Voltaire especially was an enormous influence on the scene to follow. The Cabs were soon followed by the fledgling Einsturzende Neubauten, possibly the most notorious of the well-known industrial groups. With more members, no drum set, and a hatred for the guitar, Blixa Bargeld and his band of jaded Germans unleashed a wave of broken machinery and really cool-sounding German lyrics, and throwing in danceable beats, thus giving birth to (you can't blame 'em) the Holocaust that is modern-day industrial. With very little respect for the experimentation of their forefathers but a strong desire to somehow work machinery into their music, a whole host of over (I will NOT say über)-angsty Goths turned to the new genre of Industrial for sanctuary. Bands like Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, and many other groups who wore their hair like Goths but were really, REALLY angry, started coming out of the woodwork. J.G. Thirlwell was a notable exception, bringing some seriously needed humour to the genre with his whole host of aliases (most of them containing "foetus"). Things only went downhill from there, and before you know it, BAM! the Nine Inch Nails.  Urban Dictionary

1 - A philosophy about music started in the later 1800's by supposed father of industrial music Luigi Russolo. The first recorded piece being "Corale" in 1921 by Luigi and his brother Antonio. The philosophy included using means other than the traditional means of creating music. With such devices as intonarumori, or noise machines. 2 - A short lived genre revived from a philosophy by Throbbing Gristle and continued by bands such as Einsturzende Neubauten, Laibach and Skinny Puppy. 3 - A term wrongly used to identify electronic and electronic rock music. Fits in with terms like techno and electronica. Industrial rock evolved out of this. 4 - Word associated with electronic music because of the artificial way it is made. 5 - Music beyond music.  Urban Dictionary

A piercing of the ear that is composed of two holes connected by a long metal bar.  Urban Dictionary

The absolute best. Heavy Duty. Strong, Sturdy. Over the top. Fantastic  Urban Dictionary

Word used by basically anybody to make their job sound more gritty and complicated than it actually is  Urban Dictionary

Australia's answer to abercrombie and fitch.  Urban Dictionary

The word "industry" in example sentences

How to use industry in a sentence? Example sentences with the industry, a sentence example for industry, and how to make industry in sample sentence, how do I use the word industry in a sentence? How do you spell industry in a sentence?

They all sink into the lowest class of religions mendicants, or retainers; or live among their friends as drones upon the land; while the manufacturing, trading, and commercial industry that provided them with the comforts, conveniences, and elegancies of life while they were in a higher grade of service is in its turn thrown out of employment; and the whole frame of society becomes, for a time, deranged by the local diminution in the demand _for the services of men and the produce of their industry_. ❋ William Sleeman (1822)

The very word industry comes from the Middle English word industrie, or skill, and from the Latin industria, or diligence. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The very word "industry" comes from the Middle English word "industrie", or skill, and from the Latin "industria", or diligence. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Given natural resources, the other great factor in industry is labour. ❋ Unknown (2010)

In Pennsylvania, Attorney General Tom Corbett earlier this year successfully campaigned against a push by the title industry for increases in regulated rates. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Canaries are great, but their main industry is package holidays, their economy is based on it. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The title industry plays a particularly dynamic role in efforts to deter, detect, and report mortgage fraud. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The title industry has historically directed its marketing efforts towards real estate agents and loan originators rather than consumers. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I work in the title industry and have settled thousands of loans throughout the boom as well as the bust. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Yes, the main industry is tourism and many if not most of your neighbors would be involved somehow in that business. ❋ Unknown (2005)

“Thus the title industry-funded climate disinformation is deserved.” ❋ Unknown (2005)

Thus the title industry-funded climate disinformation is deserved. ❋ Unknown (2005)

I've always liked Bradenton, it still has the feel of an old Florida town, where the main industry is still citrus, but has a lively downtown, and a good newspaper. ❋ Liz Donovan (2002)

The traditional role of research and development in industry is to find new products, new processes. ❋ Unknown (1968)

First, the decision-making machinery in industry is far quicker and more positive than at Cambridge University or in Government. ❋ Unknown (1965)

people that live in [major] citys or state,major [states] more generaly,may see [the industry] different,people that live in major city and states may be closer too celebritys but people who don't live in major city may see less celebritys... ❋ Regardless Devon Victory (2008)

He looked so industry when he wore his new [spiked] [necklace] that he bought from [hot topic]. ❋ Carla's Face (2005)

This is [the industrial] heavy [type shit] [right here]. ❋ Squantis (2019)

Industrial-influenced artists pass on a legacy of being agressive, loud and creative, as well as hold some of the most brutal live shows you could ever attend (seriously, if you were in the pit of a show during the VIVIsectVI tour there's a fairly good chance you were either trampled or had ringing in your ears for weeks to come). If you've never listened to [Industrial music] at all, I suggest you grow a pair and listen to as much as you can. Except for [Ministry's] recent album "Relapse" that shit is total [fucking garbage] and Al is a pathetic shadow of his former self. ❋ Rod_Jonse (2013)

[Just because] it has the sound of a [jackhammer] in it doesn't make it [industrial music]. ❋ Owen (2003)

That can't be [industrial]! They used traditional instruments. Not an [experimental] [instrument] to be found! ❋ Pr0ph3t (2006)

Q : Dude, that's an awesome industrial. [Where did you get it] done? A : Oh, Micheal at the [piercing] [parlor] did it. ❋ Piercer (2004)

1. [The industrial] strength [detergent] cleaned better than the [bargain] brand. 2. I don't dance often; but, when I do it is industrial (slang for absolute best) 3. This saw is industrial quality. ❋ Zantern (2012)

Bob: [times are tough] in the producer to consumer high [turnover] goods supply industryAlice: ah nice [hydraulic press] you got behind your supermarket checkout there bob ❋ Teppic08 (2022)

Guys who wear pink industrie shirts with their [collars] [popped] should be [kicked in the balls], very hard. ❋ S Sanger (2005)

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