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Definitions of "infants"

  • Plural form of infant. noun

The word "infants" in example sentences

In related news, the New England Journal of Medicine has reported that the presence of particular bacteria in infants is a strong predictor for asthma.. [For an Asthmatic Kid, There’s a Price to Pay for Living in a Single-Mother Household - Freakonomics Blog -]

It's what you call infants and animals who are fated to never die.. [hamletwildie Diary Entry]

There's usually teenagers to help out, but you don't need more than 2 extra bedrooms to turn into dormitories and an industrial-style kitchen. 8 infants is a real stretch, but can be done.. [Baby Boom]

Now she was a fugitive, and her only concern was keeping her twin infants away from their father.. [Greg’s sunday quickie — My favorite mom who never was «]

In mental skills, late preterm babies were 52% more likely than term infants to suffer severe delays and 43% more likely to experience milder limitations.. [Delivery even a bit early may mean developmental delays]

Previously, these infants were just considered small full-term infants rather than preterm infants, said study author Dr. Melissa A. Woythaler, a neonatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.. [Delivery even a bit early may mean developmental delays]

Use of the technology in infants and young children has been limited because they typically need to be sedated to stay motionless long enough for traditional MEG machines to collect the necessary data.. [Technology that Opens a Window into Babies’ Developing Brains | Impact Lab]

While past studies find this type of learning can occur in infants who are awake, this is the first study to document it in their most frequent state, while they are asleep.. [Newborn Babies Keep Learning Even When They Are Asleep | Impact Lab]

The most common reasons for heart transplantation in infants, children and young adults include:. [Heart Transplant]

Interventional Radiology (IR) at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia provides a full range of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures in infants, children, and adolescents.. [Interventional Radiology]

Development of new tests of lung function in infants. [Research: cystic fibrosis, asthma, airways]

J Pediatr Surg 25: 843-845, 1990. deLorimier AA, Harrison MR, Hardy K, Howell LJ, Adzick NS: Tracheobronchial obstructions in infants and children: Experience with 45 cases.. [CHOP pediatric surgery publications]

Pulmonary regurgitation often doesn't cause symptoms in infants or children.. [Pulmonary Regurgitation]

The impact of bacterial PCR and CSF cytokine levels on the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis in infants. [Clinical Trials]

Physical and developmental retardation in infants and small children.. [Alagille Syndrome Glossary]

Aortic stenosis usually won't cause symptoms in infants or small children.. [Aortic Stenosis]

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Organic Traffics

@KamalaHarris: Detaining infants is beyond cruel. This Administration's approach isn't border security; it's a human rights abuse. We ar…


@NightlyPolitics: Trump team jailed more than a dozen infants in unsanitary conditions


@shvetzmama: Crazy unpopular opinion butttt I DO NOT NEED to see your infants blow out. On Facebook. On Twitter. On instastories. In rea…


@bjcreigh: As of March 1, ICE was detaining 16 infants in Texas. Infants. 12 were released. All were ill. Is this really what we’ve b…


@bjcreigh: As of March 1, ICE was detaining 16 infants in Texas. Infants. 12 were released. All were ill. Is this really what we’ve b…

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