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Definitions of "infinite"

  • Having no boundaries or limits; impossible to measure or calculate. synonym: incalculable. adjective
  • Immeasurably great or large; boundless. adjective
  • adjective
  • Existing beyond or being greater than any arbitrarily large value. adjective
  • Unlimited in spatial extent. adjective
  • Of or relating to a set capable of being put into one-to-one correspondence with a proper subset of itself. adjective
  • Something infinite. noun
  • In geometry, the plane on which lie all points at infinity and all straights at infinity. noun
  • Immeasurably or innumerably great; so great as to be absolutely incapable of being measured or counted.
  • All-embracing; lacking nothing; the greatest possible; perfect; absolute: applied only to Divinity.
  • Boundless; unbounded; endless; without limit; interminable. In this sense the surface of a pea is infinite, while a plane of immeasurable extent whose continuity is interrupted by one small hole is finite.
  • By hyperbole, indefinitely extensive; beyond our powers of measuring or reckoning.
  • [Tr. Gr. ἀόριστος: see aorist.] In logic, modified, as a term, by a sign of negation.
  • Anything which is infinite, in any sense. noun
  • A large number; a crowd. noun
  • Unlimited or boundless, in time or space. adjective
  • Without limit in power, capacity, knowledge, or excellence; boundless; immeasurably or inconceivably great; perfect; ; -- opposed to finite. adjective
  • Indefinitely large or extensive; great; vast; immense; gigantic; prodigious. adjective
  • Greater than any assignable quantity of the same kind; -- said of certain quantities. adjective

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