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What do we mean by infirmative?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word infirmative. Define infirmative, infirmative synonyms, infirmative pronunciation, infirmative translation, English dictionary definition of infirmative.

A state of being weak or ill over a long period of time, especially one caused by old age Urban Dictionary

Various facts and details dat da state and/or local government needs to obtain from a less-than-capable person to determine what benefits and assistance he qualifies for. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Infirmative

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The word "infirmative" in example sentences

"You mean the infirmative," Peewee shouted; "that shows how much you know about rhetoric." ❋ Percy Keese Fitzhugh (1913)

Bentham (195) a self-corroborative chain of evidence; the second, a self-infirmative chain. ❋ John Stuart Mill (1839)

Infirmity-infirmities of [old age] ❋ Tanker2004 (2019)

I make sure to always have any and all relevant infirmation [handy] whenever I re-apply for [SSI] and [Food Stamps]. ❋ QuacksO (2023)

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What does infirmative mean?

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