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Pronunciations /ˌɪnfəˈmeɪʃən/

Definitions and meanings of "Information"

What do we mean by information?

Knowledge or facts learned, especially about a certain subject or event. synonym: knowledge. noun

The act of informing or the condition of being informed; communication of knowledge. noun

Processed, stored, or transmitted data. noun

A numerical measure of the uncertainty of an experimental outcome. noun

A formal accusation of a crime made by a public officer rather than by grand jury indictment in instances in which the offense, if a federal crime, is not a felony or in which the offense, if a state crime, is allowed prosecution in that manner rather than by indictment. noun

Communication of form or element; infusion, as of an animating or actuating principle. noun

Knowledge communicated or received; particular intelligence or report; news; notice: as, to get information of a shipwreck. noun

Knowledge inculcated or derived; known facts or principles, however communicated or acquired, as from reading, instruction, or observation: as, a man of various information; the information gathered from extended travel. noun

In law: noun

An official criminal charge presented, usually by the prosecuting officers of the state, without the interposition of a grand jury. Wharton. noun

A criminal charge made under oath, before a justice of the peace, of an offense punishable summarily. noun

A complaint, in a qui tam action in a court of common-law jurisdiction, to recover a penalty prescribed by statute or ordinance. noun

In English law, a complaint in the name of the crown, in a civil action, to obtain satisfaction of some obligation to, or for some injury to the property or property rights of, the crown. noun

In Scots law, a written argument in court. noun

In metaphysics, the imparting of form to matter. noun

The act of informing, or communicating knowledge or intelligence. noun

Any fact or set of facts, knowledge, news, or advice, whether communicated by others or obtained by personal study and investigation; any datum that reduces uncertainty about the state of any part of the world; intelligence; knowledge derived from reading, observation, or instruction. noun

A proceeding in the nature of a prosecution for some offense against the government, instituted and prosecuted, really or nominally, by some authorized public officer on behalf of the government. It differs from an indictment in criminal cases chiefly in not being based on the finding of a grand jury. See Indictment. noun

A measure of the number of possible choices of messages contained in a symbol, signal, transmitted message, or other information-bearing object; it is usually quantified as the negative logarithm of the number of allowed symbols that could be contained in the message; for logarithms to the base 2, the measure corresponds to the unit of information, the hartley, which is log210, or 3.323 bits; called also information content. The smallest unit of information that can be contained or transmitted is the bit, corresponding to a yes-or-no decision. noun

Useful facts, as contrasted with raw data. noun

That which resolves uncertainty; anything that answers the question of "what a given entity is".

Things that are or can be known about a given topic; communicable knowledge of something.

The act of informing or imparting knowledge; notification.

A statement of criminal activity brought before a judge or magistrate; in the UK, used to inform a magistrate of an offence and request a warrant; in the US, an accusation brought before a judge without a grand jury indictment.

The act of informing against someone, passing on incriminating knowledge; accusation.

The systematic imparting of knowledge; education, training.

The creation of form; the imparting of a given quality or characteristic; forming, animation.

[…] the meaning that a human assigns to data by means of the known conventions used in its representation.

Divine inspiration.

A service provided by telephone which provides listed telephone numbers of a subscriber.

Any unambiguous abstract data, the smallest possible unit being the bit.

As contrasted with data, information is processed to extract relevant data.

(information technology) Any ordered sequence of symbols (or signals) (that could contain a message).

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The word "information" in example sentences

The information... information... information* can be found at the end of the video: ❋ Toby O'B (2009)

Unlike the fictional president in Tom Clancy's “Sum of All Fears” – who was tricked into that “really bad information” – Bush and his team have actively sought out the bad information and assembled it as justification for going to war. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Lord Chancellor: "Whether, by the _law of England_, and constant practice in all prosecutions by _indictment and information_ for crimes and misdemeanors by writing or speaking, the particular words supposed to be written or spoken must not be expressly specified in the indictment or information?" ❋ Edmund Burke (1763)

This information may not be available if * debug information* is not present 
 ❋ DarioAndres (2010)

A Newsweek article this year commented on the sheer volume of information now available and noted that in 2009 the Oxford English Dictionary added the term "information fatigue." ❋ Ph.D. Dr. Gregory Jantz (2011)

The magazine Architectural Record recently interviewed Richard Saul Wurman, who said: I invented the term information architect in 1975, when I was national chairman of the AIA American Institute of Archi-tects convention in Philadelphia. ❋ William Safire (2004)

During his three years as foreign secretary, MI6 always consulted Miliband before embarking on what one source described as "any particularly difficult" attempts to gain information from a detainee held by a country with a poor human rights record. ❋ Ian Cobain (2010)

He reached into the bag on the table and pulled out a ten inch record, sleeved in brown paper, with a circle cut out to display the label information. ❋ WAYNE CRESSER (2011)

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