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Definitions of "infuriate"

  • To make furious; enrage. verb-transitive
  • Archaic Furious. adjective
  • To make furious or mad with anger; to enrage verb
  • Enraged; raging; furiously angry; infuriated. adjective
  • To render furious; to enrage; to exasperate. verb-transitive
  • To render furious or mad; enrage; make raging.
  • Enraged; raging; mad: as, an infuriate lunatic.
  • make furious verb

The word "infuriate" in example sentences

For those who haven't read this, it's in Chapter 1, where after a paragraph introducing me to his readership he says that I 'infuriate' him, and goes on to say why.. [On having a row with John Humphrys]

They will "infuriate" their voters if they don't keep their promise to pass repeal in the House.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

That could "infuriate" the Greens, federal Labor's minority government partner.. [ | Top Stories]

The new speed limit area will cover an area North to South from Bolton St.St.phen's Green and West to East from Church Gardiner St. But the Automobile Association has claimed the new limit will 'infuriate' motorists.. [Irish Blogs]

(not to specify the violation of the seventh commandment), the dancing commenced, each performer beginning with the Walk-round of the negro minstrels, rendering its grotesqueness with a wonderful frankness of movement, and then plunging into the mysteries of her dance with a kind of infuriate grace and a fierce delight very curious to look upon.. [Suburban Sketches]

The Tea Partiers, with Professor Reynolds in the lead, are New South, and there is nothing you can do to more infuriate them than the conflate them with the Old. Hence my passion.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Our Own Randy Barnett Talks to Prof. Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) About Whether ObamaCare Is Constitutional]

All I might add is the obvious: that what is well written about should also be well conceived; should also contain stimulating ideas; should amuse, rough up, inform, contradict, enchant, infuriate, contain kick-ass links, and change and prompt comment from those who visit.. [Waves of Worthless lit and book blogs]

Any interference will simply serve to infuriate Iranian officials.. [McCain again pans president's Iran response]

And Apple won't tell developers who their customers are unless they allow that disclosure, a move guaranteed to infuriate publishers used to knowing their readers.. [Apple's taking 30 percent of app store subscriptions is an unkind cut]

A veto or a negative vote at the General Assembly, on the other hand, will infuriate world public opinion and lead to further negative feelings against the U.S. throughout the Islamic world.. [Balakrishnan Rajagopal: The Palestine UN Vote: Is There a Duty to Admit?]

Knots infuriate me, learn a new one and forget an old one.. [Football and Knots]

But any suggestion that Clegg is pulling the strings will infuriate many on the right of the Conservative Party who, equally, will demand that the prime minister gives no more away to the weakling Lib Dems.. [Liberal Democrats try not to blink at the threat of a thrashing]

England's MD, Hugh Morris, has told Flower he is sympathetic, but a reduced commitment overseas could go hand in hand with fewer internationals in an England summer and that would infuriate counties.. [What next for team director Andy Flower? The key issues to be resolved]

When I worked QA for Rockstar, one of our favorite things was to infuriate our boss.. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Still possibly my favorite TV spot of all time…]

That led to speculation that the trial could be delayed because of health reasons — something that would likely infuriate protesters and activists.. [Egypt lays plans for venue of Mubarak trial]

Employing film-making tricks in interesting, unfamiliar and creative ways, both of these movies have the potential to infuriate and confuse as many viewers as they'll delight.. [This week's new DVD & Blu-ray]

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  • Pronunciations(ĭn-fyo͝orˈē-ātˌ)
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation in fu ri ate




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