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Pronunciations /ɪnˈspɛkʃən/

Definitions and meanings of "Inspection"

What do we mean by inspection?

The act of inspecting. noun

Official examination or review, as of barracks or troops. noun

A district subject to official inspection. noun

The act of inspecting; critical examination; close or careful survey; specifically, a formal or official inquiry by actual observation into the state, efficiency, safety, quality, etc., of something of special moment, as troops, police, buildings, steam-vessels, drugs, etc. noun

Synonyms Investigation, Search, etc. See examination. noun

The act or process of inspecting or looking at carefully; a strict or prying examination; close or careful scrutiny; investigation. noun

The act of overseeing; official examination or superintendence. noun

A mode of trial in which the case was settled by the individual observation and decision of the judge upon the testimony of his own senses, without the intervention of a jury. noun

Act of examining something, often closely. noun

Organization that checks that certain laws or rules are obeyed. noun

A formal or official examination noun

The act of examining something, often closely.

An organization that checks that certain laws or rules are obeyed.

Inspection. The act of post-crap review. Urban Dictionary

Something on google that kids use to make them feel like hacking although it will just affect the appearance and not the whole website. Legend says that they're hackers and gay now. Urban Dictionary

Penis Inspection is a mandatory health and safety program run by many primary/junior high schools where a person, generally an unqualified gym teacher/older man, would inspect the boys penis' to see if there is any problems. Urban Dictionary

The act of taking someones dogtags (nipples) in the popular video game Battlefield 3 with your combat knife. This difficult move is often preformed by Robbaz the Viking Badass and may someday be trademarked by him. Urban Dictionary

A game one plays with ones friends in which one calls "erection inpection" during an eroticly charged or appropriate part of a movie, the freinds are then bound by honour to stand strait, hips out with there hands on their head, any among the group with erections are either shunned and never spoken of or given mad props for the fearfull pork sword he has sprouted, this is often context specific and depends on the nature of your friends. Urban Dictionary

When a white person cautiously looks around before saying nigger to make sure that no black person hears them. A good nigger inspection involves looking left and right, and in front and behind you, to avoid detection. Urban Dictionary

An inspection that reveals flaws so big that the whole endeavor under consideration is aborted Urban Dictionary

When one asks another (preferably a friend) if she can look at her butt because she feels like there might be something on it ie. dirt, period stain, abc gum. Urban Dictionary

When your proving a friend wrong and go to an online dictionary, find out your wrong, and proceed to Inspect Element the right answer just to prove that your friend is stupid and wrong. Urban Dictionary

The evaluation process, using aircraft properly equipped, regarding continuity, integrity and accuracy of significant parameters from radio navigation aids and procedures, aiming their calibration with international standards. Urban Dictionary

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The word "inspection" in example sentences

It must be highlighted that the use to this kind of inspection is frequent in the UK and the success rate is of 100%. ❋ Inspector Gadget (2009)

Of course the inspection is fine but sometimes along the way stuff goes missing. gpkisner ❋ Unknown (2009)

Indeed, the commercial sex available legally in Nevada, where condoms are mandatory, the women are tested monthly to keep their licenses, and the pre-deal inspection is required of every cutomer, is a whole lot safer that the usual random hook-up. ❋ Unknown (2010)

They are doing their inspection from the zero level of the pad. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Smallmouth bass, goggle eye, rainbow trout, all were brought to the boat for close inspection from the young boys. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A mold inspection is initially visual but can also include a lab analysis. ❋ Unknown (2010)

You know this because every time a fire inspection is done, you get threatening emails from the poor sod who had to accompany the fire officer around the station, kicking the fire extinguishers away from the fire doors that they prop open for the rest of the year. ❋ Inspector Gadget (2010)

In any case, anyone who either goes out of status or who successfully evades border inspection is still subject to deportation. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I have some issues with the way meat inspection is done in this country, * but in both these cases, one is regulating an interstate, tangible good. ❋ Unknown (2010)

“Deep packet inspection is just one seemingly neutral technological application that can have a significant impact on privacy rights and other basic civil liberties, especially as market forces, the enthusiasm of technologists and the influence of national security interests grow stronger.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

“The standard of inspection is a big question,” said committee chair Sally Clark. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Deep packet inspection is just one seemingly neutral technological application that can have a significant impact on privacy rights and other basic civil liberties, especially as market forces, the enthusiasm of technologists and the influence of national security interests grow stronger. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency whistleblower who told his union last summer about plans to cut already-stretched resources for meat inspection is still unemployed. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Sept. 28 inspection is part of an agency crackdown that began after 29 miners died and two were seriously injured in an explosion at Massey's Upper Big Branch mine in nearby Raleigh County. ❋ Tim Huber (2010)

I [got up] off [the crapper] and [turned around] for the inspection. ❋ Doctor Filth (2007)

Mark: Hey look, I just changed the word "INSECTS" into "[INSEX]". Jack: *[refreshes] the page* Also Jack: What? I don't see [what're] you talking abt. Mark: -_- *inspection failed* ❋ You Don't Have To Know Me (2020)

"Aw [not penis] inspection day, this is the third time this week Mr. [Joben] has inspected me" "That's weird I thought they were only meant to [run one] of them a year" ❋ The Jimmytron (2013)

Guy one: SHIT!!!!!! THAT ASSHOLE ROBBAZKING KEEPS INSPECTING MY [NIPPLES]!!!!!!!!! [Robbaz]: [Haha] I just gave that bitch a Nipple Inspection. ❋ Tatas (2012)

([william wallace] exposes himself) [Karl]: [Erection Inspection]! Jack: oh dude... ethan Ethan: yeah, umm Karl: just leave ❋ T J M (2008)

Joe: [Sup nigga]! (to John) Shaniqua: [Dafuq] I just hear you say? [I'mma] kill you! John: (Later at the hospital at Joe's bedside) You really gotta remember to do the nigger inspection, if you'd done it you would not be in this situation. ❋ GucciSosa00 (2013)

we had [a look] at it and it turned [ou] to be a Haissam inspection so we just [dropped it] ❋ FanOfWally (2010)

[Sasha]: Hey [Clare] can you give me a [butt inspection]? Clare: Sasha you better go to the bathroom soon your leaking! Sasha: Shit thanks for telling me that before i went to class ❋ Yo-Lawn-Duh (2009)

Me and my friend are [arguing] about [how to spell] a word so I went to the online [dictionary] and Inspect Element that shit. ❋ NoahDumbass (2019)

VOR, [ILS], [NDB], [VASI], MLS, PAR, are different navigation aids and need periodic flight inspection. ❋ Arturo Cortijo (2008)

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