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Definitions and meanings of "Instagram"

What do we mean by instagram?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word instagram. Define instagram, instagram synonyms, instagram pronunciation, instagram translation, English dictionary definition of instagram.

A stupid website were you do nothing execpt look at food and were stupid 13 year olds flock Urban Dictionary

Intagram: a social media app that allows to to post pictures with hashtags and share them with friends There are many different types of accounts you will find: 1. An account who's owner posts non-stop edits of supernatural and then deletes them all in the next hour 2. An account who posts two pictures, switches accounts, and repeats 3. A guy user who only posts pictures of concerts and his shi tsu 4. A mom who thinks she's hip and uses every filter, light adjuter, and focus editor 5. Someone who reposts celebrities' posts and only uses random song lyrics as captions 6. A user who direct messages you 20+ times a day and doesn't even follow you 7. Someone who only posts pictures of their One Direction tickets and contest/giveaways they've entered 8. A collage student who photoshops emojis or wads of cash or wolves on all their pictures 9. A Kid who only repost with the x-pro filter 10. The "punk" kid who's vocabulary is consisted of mostly cuss words 11. The person who has 30+ hashtags and only 6 likes Urban Dictionary

A place where 14 year old white girls post "deep posts" Urban Dictionary

Is a website that delicious desert and meal photos are shared by people on. Urban Dictionary

A place to get body dysmorphia Urban Dictionary

A place for 9-11 year olds to post pictures of themselves posing with piece signs. these children have also been known to post an excessive amount of pictures of food and basically any stupid shit they can snap a picture of. Urban Dictionary

A social media website Urban Dictionary

A website where girls backs get broken Urban Dictionary

Instagram is like a fridge. You keep opening and closing it every few minutes to see if there’s anything good when you get bored. Urban Dictionary

Instagram is basically hell. It is a stupid app that controls and manipulates the minds of its users. People get anxiety over how many likes they get or how many followers. Girls daydream of hot guys following them so they post extra scandalous photos. They become so egotistical and taking selfies and pictures for the gram just becomes the daily for them. People actually think this shit matters so some even become known as ‘Instagram Stars’ or ‘Instagram Models’ who we all know don’t get that perfect bod naturally. These famous instagramers lie and promote facades so they can get their $$$. They don’t actually care about your silly comments, edits, or fan pages. Wanna become instafamous? Just start taking off your clothes! It’ll attract the most idiotic and horny people but at least you’re getting that strong like-game amirite? #Brainwashed #FuckThisShitImOut #Instagram #LessClothesMoreLikes Urban Dictionary

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The word "instagram" in example sentences

Or, instagram if you can, it's a different approach, but its backed by thought.

AKA The Surface of the Sun (Taken with instagram | The Sidelines - A Blog by Jonathan Steingard This cluster of sunspots on sun's surface is among the largest in a decade (via It's only 80, but it might as well be the surface... ❋ The Huffington Post News Editors (2011)

wow my food is [so good] better [take a pic] and [post it] on instagram ❋ Swaginabagmadeofyag (2015)

Examples of instagram users: [Becci]: omg look at my giant [Niall Horan] poster! #godsgift Stan: #roxy my [Pomeranian] chillin' with the band ❋ Wowtortilla (2015)

"when I [open] my eyes I can see" [Post] on instagram[14 year old girl] "OMG so deeeeeeeep ❋ STEPBROIMSTUCK Girl #thatsdeep (2021)

- i am [getting coffee] +so what? - ohh i shouldnt get a [sip] before i put its pic on instagram. buy instagram [mugs & shirts] ❋ Curlyqueen (2012)

[therapist] "why do you think you're depressed and have [body dysmorphia]?" Me- " [Instagram]" ❋ Appleateawatchandlife (2021)

[my child] is addicted to instagramdid you see that [damn sexy] [selfie] I posted on instagram? ❋ Fuckbitches666_ (2015)

[ily] instagram ❋ Sharks28 (2016)

oh my f***[ing] god, [what is that] [instagram story] ❋ Hosaynotjoseph (2022)

[Guy1]: [on a scale of 1-10], how bored are you Guy2: [instagram] ❋ Ettej (2019)

*At the beach, but doesn’t give a shit about the beach itself. Just there for the photos* Brittany: “Omg [Fay], can you take a picture of me by the water?” Fay: “[I guess so]...” Brittany: “Take at least 20 photos. And move to the right so my ass looks bigger. Gotta arch that back!!” Fay: “What the hell is this for? Were you hired by an agency or something?” Brittany: “No, silly!! It’s for my Instagram followers!! I MUST keep them updated [on my life] at every second. If I don’t take good photos and have dope captions, I’ll lose followers!! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!!” ❋ Shookums666 (2018)

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