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Hyphenation in stant
Pronunciations /ˈɪnstənt/

Definitions and meanings of "Instant"

What do we mean by instant?

A period of time so short as to be almost imperceptible. synonym: moment. noun

A particular or precise time. noun

The current month. noun

A food or beverage designed for quick preparation. noun

Occurring at once; immediate. adjective

Imperative; urgent. adjective

Now under consideration; present. adjective

Commercially prepared or processed for quick and easy final preparation. adjective

Appearing, done, or taking place with great quickness and ease. adjective

Quickly and easily resolved or determined. adjective

At once; instantly. adverb

Instantly; very soon.

Present; current; now passing: as, on the 8th of June instant; the 10th instant (that is, the 10th day “in the present month,” Latin instante mense).

Immediate; with no interval of time intervening; instantaneous.

Immediate in succession; very next.

Insistent; urgent; earnest; pressing.

A particular point of time regarded as present. noun

A point in duration; a moment; a very small period or interval of time: as, he will return in an instant. noun

Application; instance. noun

A very short period of time; a moment.

A single, usually precise, point in time.

A beverage or food which has been pre-processed to reduce preparation time, especially instant coffee.

Instant is how fast Arthur Mitchell says "shut up cunt" at the dinner table in Dexter Urban Dictionary

Anyone who gets promoted to a rank above yours when they've only just arrived when you've been in the same job years and you can't see why there more suitable than you. Used when your feeling enbittered. Urban Dictionary

A royal pita! That will vote for whoever is on tv the most. Urban Dictionary

The most cancellable man in the xChiaki1x Server. Urban Dictionary

A term used to describe a jackpot of a specified lottery to be over a billion dollars. Hence, the winner of the jackpot will win a billion dollars or more, meaning that they will be added to the Forbes Billionaires List. In a nutshell, their name will instantly be put on Forbes. Urban Dictionary

Applying superglue to your face before going down on some hairy gash, once removed there lie a glorious beard. Urban Dictionary

When you perform an action or say something that causes those around you to compulsively perform oral sex upon you. Urban Dictionary

A situation where an individual moves in with a new spouse where there is a child from a previous relationship. In most cases this is particularly with a single mother. See baby momma. Urban Dictionary

When you see someone and immediately fall in love with them not knowing anything about them Urban Dictionary

When you see a hot girl and you dont have time to think and you penis is up Urban Dictionary

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The word "instant" in example sentences

In the context of essence mahamudra, “enlightenment in an instant” uses the term instant in both meanings: the final moment that completes the path. ❋ Beru Khyentse Rinpoche (2006)

He was an explosive scorer in Bloomington and the term instant offense comes to mind, although I'd like to see him work on his ballhandling skills for a possible move to the point. ❋ Unknown (2008)

On my person at this instant is a CKRT M-16-10kz (because I misplaced my Estwing) and a Leatherman Wave. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mcdonald game label instant win (starcruises 3rd and 4th pax free) ❋ Flames1706 (2009)

Cut to today, and the new Polaroid is solvent again, and introducing new cameras that look like the classic old-style cameras, but with a twist -- they're now digital, with a built-in instant printer. ❋ Unknown (2010)

When these wineries create a good sweet blend and market it with a catchy name, it can result in instant brand loyalty among its drinkers. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The 39-count superseding indictment accuses the five of obtaining more than $600,000 in "instant credit" lines from more than 50 institutions and individual victims between May 2008 and June 2009, said U.S. Attorney for Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein, who announced the arrest with U.S. Secret Service, Postal Inspection Service and Baltimore County Police officials. ❋ Washington Post Editors (2010)

I also happen to have plain instant oatmeal that I never opened in my desk too and since I do love a savory oatmeal, my lunch consists of salty herring fillets and hot oatmeal …. in my coffee mug. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Carbon dating, thermoluminesce, finger printing (and I repeat I know of NOT ONE case where that has been used successfully to prove an attribution) are basically an American approach to scientifically quantify connoisseurship, to make up in instant numbers and tests what experts have spent their entire life developing. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Frona yielded, in instant recognition, and waiting, snuggled more closely to him. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Technology has given us the means to indulge ourselves in instant gratification. ❋ Jeff Pollack (2010)

Blend in instant espresso powder, egg and vanilla extract. ❋ Unknown (2009)

She REALLY needs to do a barista course, but instant is probably the best bet for highly strung “people on the go” not only because of the convenience but also cause of the high caffeine content of the robusta ‘bean’ which is basically the bean used for ‘instant’. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I think assulting a cop should be a serious crime but Cops betraying the trust of the public -- who pay their salaries by the way -- should result in instant suspension, followed by certain dismissal and serious criminal charges if they are found guilty. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"I am so [thankful] for you [Arthur]!" "[shut up cunt]" My god, your response was so instant, I didn't even have time to finish ❋ Meatsim (2011)

He's another [bloody] instant. An instant [supervisor] just add [weeks]. ❋ Geoooooooo (2005)

[Instant] voted for him because she is stuck on [the obama] network [channels]. ❋ Profesor Frank (2009)

Person A: Instant got [banned] [Person B]: THIS IS LIKE [THE FIFTH] TIME ❋ Himegi (2021)

"Hey, did you hear that the [jackpot] is over 1.[4 billion] dollars today?" "[You bet]! That is like Instant Forbes right there!" ❋ VMECK (2016)

She had such poor personal [upkeep] that I gave her The Instant Hagrid I was so [appreciative] that she didn't [shave], because I could achieve The Instant Hagrid ❋ The Aussie Shredder (2011)

Dude 1: Hey I just won that League of Legends tournament. Dude 2: [Woah bro] [that's sick]. Dude 1: Yeah bro, I got an [instant blowie] too. ❋ BigFloppa (2020)

Person 1: "Did you hear? Chris moved in with [Jessica] and her kid." Person 2: "Wow, [talk about] an [instant family]!" ❋ Penix (2009)

[This girl] named [mina], she's my [instant crush] ❋ Some-fool (2020)

omg that girls [tight ass] gave me an instant boner look at the instant [bonerfying] cleavage over there i have a boner right now [just so you know] ❋ Ieatmonkeybutt69 (2011)

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