Definitions and meanings of "Instruction"

What do we mean by instruction?

The act, practice, or profession of instructing. noun

Imparted knowledge. noun

An imparted or acquired item of knowledge. noun

An authoritative direction to be obeyed; an order. noun

Detailed directions about how to do something. noun

A sequence of bits that tells a central processing unit to perform a particular operation and can contain data to be used in the operation. noun

The act of instructing or teaching; communication of knowledge; education; enlightenment. noun

Knowledge imparted; edifying discourse or precepts; teaching. noun

Direction given; order; command; mandate: commonly in the plural. noun

Synonyms 1 and 2. Training, Discipline, Nurture, Cultivation, Instruction, Teaching, Education; indoctrination, schooling, breeding, advice, counsel. Training is the development of the mind or character or both, or some faculty, at some length, by exercise, as a soldier is trained or drilled. Discipline is essentially the same as training, but more severe. Nurture, by its derivation, expresses a tender, continuous, and protracted training, beginning at an early age. Cultivation, in the active sense, is often used of the training, discipline, or development of some single department of the nature: as, the cultivation of the understanding, the taste, the conscience. (See culture.) Teaching is the general word for the imparting of knowledge: as, the profession of teaching. Instruction has the imparting of knowledge for its object, but emphasizes, more than teaching, the employment of orderly arrangement in the things taught. Tuition is the most external or formal of these words, representing the act. Education is the largest word of all the list, having for its object, like training and discipline, the development of the powers of the man, but generally also a symmetrical development of the whole man, the mind and the moral nature, by instruction, exercise, etc. Education is the word chosen to express the best ideas that men have of the process of teaching and discipline that shall make the wisest, noblest, and most effective kind of man. noun

The act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with knowledge; information. noun

That which instructs, or with which one is instructed; the intelligence or information imparted. noun

Precept; information; teachings. noun

Direction; order; command. noun

A segment of coded data that is interpreted by a computer as a command to perform an operation or series of operations. The term instruction is applied to both the electronic form of the data as represented in and executed by the computer, and to any line of written computer code which is interpreted as one instruction by a compiler. A computer program is comprised of one or more instructions. noun

The act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with information or knowledge. noun

An instance of the information or knowledge so furnished. noun

An order or command. noun

The act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with information or knowledge.

An instance of the information or knowledge so furnished.

An order or command.

A single operation of a processor defined by an instruction set architecture.

A set of directions provided by a manufacturer for the users of a product or service.

A website where people post plans and/or instructions for projects. Topics include transportation, photography, art, pets, technology, explosives, and more  Urban Dictionary

Those words your wife keeps screaming at you while you try to figure out why your table only has 3 legs after you finished it.  Urban Dictionary

A kick-ass song by Jax Jones, Demi Lovato, and Stefflon Don  Urban Dictionary

Describing a novel, e.g. The Giving Tree, from which an extroverted inebriate in tenleytown may or may not have received some knowledge or life lesson, upon reading, once. however, to said inebriate, definition unknown.  Urban Dictionary

Generally used when associating the beating of someone's ass to the ground one is standing upon (i.e. pavement, gravel, grass, etc.)  Urban Dictionary

Used whenever someone gives blatantly awful instructions and leaves the person trying to learn worse off than where he/she was originally.  Urban Dictionary

A phrase said when either the instructions were vague or not understood. Usually followed by getting one's genitals stuck in household appliances.  Urban Dictionary

A short publication that would have saved you a lot of time if you bothered to read it. However, reading an instruction manual before attempting to assemble/use the product with which it came is a sure sign of mental and physical weakness. Manuals come free with purchases of self-assembly furniture, electronic products, children’s toys and many, many other products. Some of these products are so simple to use, (eg. A padlock) that a 55 page, multi-lingual, fully referenced brochure doesn’t really seem necessary When writing an instruction manual, follow these simple rules and you can’t fail; 1. Make the pages from stiff, shiny paper so that it’ll only stay open at the right page with the help of a rock, a toolbox and a dining room table positioned on each corner. 2. Make an extensive ‘Contents Page’ using the smallest font available and ensuring that you number the chapters, sections and sub-sections. Do this even if you only have 3 pages. 3. If applicable, include an illustration of the parts the buyer SHOULD have received and make sure this includes a picture of the manual itself. 4. When you reach the English chapter, don’t be tempted to waste money on a translator, as you can simply guess most English words and make up the rest as you go along. 5. Be sure to include diagrammatical information where appropriate – get a four year old child to help you with the drawings. 6. Make the manual's cover attractive to women so that they can sit on their comfy sofas and shout directions at their husband/boyfriend when they are doing perfectly well with superior male intuition (and brute force)  Urban Dictionary

A jigger of well bourbon, split on the counter, wiped up with a rag, wrung out over a handful of ice from the salad bowl  Urban Dictionary

A riduculous document which is far too detailed and tricky to write, permanantly needs updating and then once ratified it disspears into a black hole never to be used by anyone.  Urban Dictionary

The word "instruction" in example sentences

How to use instruction in a sentence? Example sentences with the instruction, a sentence example for instruction, and how to make instruction in sample sentence, how do I use the word instruction in a sentence? How do you spell instruction in a sentence?

On a military level, Iran provides Hamas fighters with top military training and instruction from the commanders of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). ❋ Anav Silverman (2010)

This kind of personalized instruction is great for helping you acquire fluency and correcting any mistakes you might make before they become "fossilized" and impervious to change. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For me, this type of instruction is like working with Reggie Miller on my jump-shot. ❋ Abe Schwartz (2010)

A clear obstacle to improvement of the disciplinary knowledge base for reading instruction is the dearth of good textbooks and teaching material for teacher preparation and professional development as well as more thorough instruction for teachers who are studying this vital part of the profession. ❋ Joel Shatzky (2010)

The recent U.S. ranking by the World Economic Forum of 48th out of 133 developed or developing nations in quality of math and science instruction is a siren call. ❋ Jacqueline Edelberg (2010)

It has also made it easier to learn the language, even if access to quality English instruction is not readily available. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Don't get me wrong, there are positive aspects of No Child Left Behind, one being that it caused teachers, administrators and schools to rethink how instruction is delivered and how learning takes place. ❋ Pam Lowe (2010)

Job details: assess customers for literacy, vocational aptitude … seek partnership opportunities; develop a pool of literacy tutors to assist in instruction and tutoring as … ❋ Unknown (2009)

An "academic power hour" of extra instruction is part of a revamped after-school program in 100 schools. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It's like getting the instructions to a piece of flatpack furniture only to find that everything after the third instruction is missing. ❋ Norfolk Blogger (2009)

I [got burned] when I made a [rocket] from [plans] off of instructables. ❋ Alex Cole (2008)

[Instructions] were [flying] and so was the blood from my [pinky]. ❋ J.M.R. (2005)

Person 1: "hey have [you heard] that [new] [song] Instruction?" ❋ Lovatic4DemisAss (2017)

"i read a [novel] once." "was it [INSTRUCTIVE]?" "[i don't know what] that means." "oh, i'm very sorry. did you learn anything?" ❋ Suzabbareena (2005)

"yo brotha', i'm gonna instruct [doofus] if he don't get his [ganders] [off me]." ❋ Joshua Light (2005)

"To set up the demodulator 9000, hook up the synthescope sync clock to the upper [radial] bearing of the elliptical upper casing ..." "[Instructions unclear]: [dick stuck in toaster]." ❋ Dark Sneasel (2014)

Instructions: To get your witchmax-2000 broomstick [up and running] you must sacrifice 1 virgin(whose first name must start with an 'X') on an altar which has the shape of the map of Argentina while [reading the bible] backwards in an Australian accent while writing the solution of three complex differential equations on the altar with a black bpelikan/b marker. Once complete, proceed with soaking the bat feathers in the virgin blood and your good to go. User: [Instructions unclear], got dick stuck in the toaster. Help..? ❋ SirBarks Alot (2016)

The instruction manual was written in total gibberish. The [instruction manual's] [glossary] section was extremely useful. Jack: Would you like to learn how your phone works in Arabic? Jill: Oh Yes Please! Jack: Here you are, it starts on page [205]. ❋ Jimstock (2006)

I asked [the bartender] from a basic instruction and he [threw me] out of [the bar] ❋ I Am Not The One Who Is So Far (2010)

Work Instruction for [application] [processing] ❋ Pixie Pedley (2010)

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