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An intake or (for aircraft) inlet is an opening on a car or aircraft body capturing air for operation of an internal combustion engine. Because the modern ground vehicle internal combustion engine is in essence a powerful air pump, like the exhaust system on an engine, the intake must be carefully engineered and tuned to provide the greatest efficiency and power. An ideal intake system should increase the velocity of the air until it travels into the combustion chamber, while minimizing turbulence and restriction of flow. However, in aircraft, particularly supersonic aircraft, the purpose of the intake is to slow and increase the pressure of the air..

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Definitions of "intake"

  • An opening by which a fluid is admitted into a container or conduit. noun
  • The act of taking in. noun
  • The quantity taken in. noun
  • Something, especially energy, taken in. noun
  • The place where water or air is taken into a pipe or conduit; opposed to outlet. noun
  • The beginning of a contraction or narrowing in a tube or cylinder. noun
  • The quantity taken in. noun
  • An act or instance of taking in: an intake of oxygen or food. noun
  • To take or draw in (in all the senses of the noun). verb
  • The place where water, air, or other substance is taken into a pipe, conduit, or machine; -- opposed to outlet. noun
  • the beginning of a contraction or narrowing in a tube or cylinder. noun
  • The quantity taken in. noun
  • A taking or drawing in. noun
  • That which is taken in. Specifically noun
  • Quantity taken in. noun
  • A tract of land, as of a common, inclosed; an inclosure; part of a common field planted or sown when the other part lies fallow. noun
  • Also intack. noun
  • The point at which a narrowing or contraction begins, as in a tube or a stocking. noun
  • In hydraulics, the point at which water is received into a pipe or channel: opposed to outlet. noun

The word "intake" in example sentences

Well, the way our office worked, you sat down and, about every two weeks, and did what we called intake, and it still works that way.. [Oral History Interview with Ellen W. Gerber, February 18 and March 24, 1992. Interview C-0092. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)]

When water at the intake is at extreme low level, there is thus an additional discharge area of approximately 300 square feet cross section over the depressed section.. [Niagara's Power: Past, Present, Prospective]

"As such anybody can buy ALC at the nearest health food store and reading the instructions on the label intake two Carnitine tablets or caplets a day, preferably on an empty stomach.. [Marketwire - Breaking News Releases]

But there are mysteries - who goes to the markets and whose culinary intake is restricted by the ration book?. [Liz Neumark: A Taste of Cuba]

Controlling your energy intake is much easier and more effective than attempting to increase your energy output, especially if you have no established exercise routine.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger lite.]

And in some of the poorest populations, about 80 percent of the carbohydrate intake is from white rice.. [Hunger in Focus: Three Questions on Golden Rice]

Kaayla Daniels, Ph. D., author of "The Whole Soy Story," suggests that soy's negative impact on the thyroid occurs mostly when isoflavone intake is more than 30 mg daily.. [Craig Cooper: Soy: When It's Good, When It's Bad, And How To Tell]

If the US consumes X quantity of salt each year and there are 300 mil Americans, it does not follow that my salt intake is x divided by 300 mil nor does it mean that I cannot have a kosher pickle.. [The War on Salt… Crystallized. | RedState]

Of course, even in organs of the type A or B, the underlying mechanism of oxygen intake is identical to that in case A: oxygen diffuses in thru the cell membranes.. [Archive 2009-01-01]

If that document adopts the recommendation of the advisory committee whose findings largely inform the final guidelines, Americans will be urged to gradually reduce their sodium intake from the more than 3,000 mg we now consume, on average, to just 1,500 mg daily, well below the 2,300 mg that the current (2005) guidelines allow.. [Is 1,500 mg of sodium a realistic goal?]

The power-engineering division's fourth-quarter order intake is expected to come in at the same level as the third quarter.. [Germany's MAN Sees Earnings Soar]

Salt intake is therefore very much relevant to the health of anyone struggling with overweight or obesity.. [Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » And the 2009 “Salt Lick” Award goes to Pizza!]

Excess calorie intake is a major cause of one of the worst health problems we have - obesity.. [Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Obesity Erodes Smoking Cessation Gains in US]

Boris Hansel of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, who led the research, said: “Moderate alcohol intake is a powerful marker of a higher social level, superior general health status and lower cardiovascular risk.”. [Moderate Drinkers are Healthier than Teetotallers | Impact Lab]

Because many experts think the U.S. daily recommended intake is too low to maintain 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels of 30 nanograms per milliliter, try to eat and drink more vitamin-D rich foods, preferably in the form of D3.. [Bill Chameides: To Sun or Not to Sun? A Rascally Question.]

Perhaps in the FDA's judgment, your nutritional intake is not all that important.. [Jeffrey Smith: Court Victory: Bovine Growth Hormone Labeling]

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TurkishIntake English to Turkish Translate
i. giriş ağzı, giriş; içeriye alınan şey. intake valve emme supapı.i. giriş ağzı, giriş; içeriye alınan şey. intake valve emme supapı.

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Dry January is actually happening 😱😱😱 12 days with no alcohol intake 😳😳😳


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@winstonCovfefe: Trudeau’s Illegal Refugee Intake Results In All-Time Highest Levels! This Crazed anti-Canadian is OBSESSED with drowni…

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