Definitions and meanings of "Intelligence"

What do we mean by intelligence?

The ability to acquire, understand, and use knowledge. noun

Information, especially secret information gathered about an actual or potential enemy or adversary. noun

The gathering of such information. noun

An agency or organization whose purpose is to gather such information. noun

An intelligent, incorporeal being, especially an angel. noun

To convey intelligence; tell tales; tattle.

The quality of being intelligent; understanding; intellect; power of cognition. noun

Cultivated understanding; acquired knowledge; information stored up in the mind. noun

Exercise of superior understanding; address; skill: as, he performed his mission with much intelligence. noun

Mutual understanding; interchange of information or sentiment; intelligent intercourse; as, a glance of intelligence passed between them; to have intelligence with the enemy. noun

Information received or imparted; communicated knowledge; news: as, intelligence of a shipwreck. noun

An intelligent being; intellectual existence; concrete understanding: as, God is the Supreme Intelligence. noun

Advice, Tidings, etc. (see news), notification. noun

The act or state of knowing; the exercise of the understanding. noun

The capacity to know or understand; readiness of comprehension; the intellect, as a gift or an endowment. noun

Information communicated; news; notice; advice. noun

Acquaintance; intercourse; familiarity. noun

Knowledge imparted or acquired, whether by study, research, or experience; general information. noun

An intelligent being or spirit; -- generally applied to pure spirits. noun

Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to comprehend and learn.

An entity that has such capacities.

Information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities.

A political or military department, agency or unit designed to gather information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities.

Acquaintance; intercourse; familiarity.

A very valuable cognitive trait that an avetard and ou tard completely lacks and will never possess  Urban Dictionary

A term used to describe the potencies such abilities as application of knowledge, amount of logic, creativity (to some extent), memory (to a lesser extent), and general comprehension, among animals. Intelligence is, often, something lacking in most human beings. Intelligence is relative to one person; what you and I, for instance, perceive as stupid may contradict eachother, or vary in degrees. Today, people often confuse knowledge and determination (especially in academics) with intelligence. Understand; these are NOT the same things. Knowledge is, of course, the amount of information a person mentally contains. Determination is, naturally, the want to go to often extreme measures to achieve your aims or goals. While intelligence is useless without knowledge, the contrary - knowledge without intelligence - is equally useless. Much of the time, IQ tests are associated with intelligence. While these are, currently, the most accurate "measurements" of intelligence (if properly executed), they are by no means definitive. They don't consider creativity, abstract logic, or any other trait generally considered intelligent. Still, intelligent people tend to receive higher scores than their mediocre counter-parts. One must also take into account that often times, things like vocabulary are used in such tests. In English, vocabulary, often times, requires definitive knowledge of Latin, German, or French, if not the English language, due to the roots not being absolutely apparent in all cases.  Urban Dictionary

A factor used in video games to make your character smarter.  Urban Dictionary

Intelligence is correlated to the ability to adapt to different environments and circumstances. The higher the intelligence, the easier it is to deal with ambiguity, incomplete information, and to make intuitive leaps in logic that turn out to be productive and right. The lower the intelligence, the less likely it is to adapt to change and the less likely it is for that organism to be successful in the new and changing environment.  Urban Dictionary

The relative speed and capacity at which one can comprehend, analyze, and utilize data.  Urban Dictionary

A subtle way talk about a girls boobs or rack without everyone around you thinking your a pervert.  Urban Dictionary

1. The level of knowledge a being or object holds or possesses. 2. A superior being within a society such as in dimensional planes that rule over lesser territories.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who says they are intelligent in the wrong way  Urban Dictionary

Something that has a complex unto itself. it can never leave itself alone if IT thought it was intelligent, nor stop bagging themselves out about how smart/dumb they are. like a height complex, but with intelligent instead of tall  Urban Dictionary

What AYB lacks, despite all his claims of cerebellum superiority. This douche thinks the center of the universe revolves around him and his 'fame' on urban dictionary.  Urban Dictionary

The word "intelligence" in example sentences

How to use intelligence in a sentence? Example sentences with the intelligence, a sentence example for intelligence, and how to make intelligence in sample sentence, how do I use the word intelligence in a sentence? How do you spell intelligence in a sentence?

My state of mind, which refers ... he proceeds to argue that the whole _either_ to unseen he himself is outside its intelligence, _or something sacred pale because he refers which man has never had any all these strange phenomena to conception of_, proves me to _unseen spiritual be out of the pale of the intelligence_. ❋ Augustus De Morgan (1838)

When implemented with our training programme for managers and team leaders to use this intelligence, we guarantee improvements in operational results in short timescales. eg's proprietary software package eg operational intelligence® including eg work manager® has been developed and refined over the last 18 years and form a comprehensive work, resource and performance reporting tool. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If so be, there is indeed no intelligence elsewhere; and we must be forced to confess, that this stupendous universe, with all the various bodies contained therein -- equally amazing, whether we consider their magnitude or number, whatever their use, whatever their order -- _all_ have been produced, not by _intelligence_, but _chance_! " ❋ Unknown (N/A)

We can invent tests for any sort of thing at all, and if we decide to call it "intelligence", then by definition, "intelligence" is what we are testing. ❋ Unknown (2008)

By contrast, writing a private email concluding that one thinks that the science regarding racial differences in intelligence is uncertain istaboo. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Quoth Volokh: “Whether there are genetic differences among racial and ethnic groups in intelligence is a question of scientific fact. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Whether there are genetic differences among racial and ethnic groups in intelligence is a question of scientific fact. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Obsessing about alleged racial differences in intelligence is a really good way to move towards a more racist society. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Obviously, the question of differences in intelligence is extremely relevant in the law because of the current theory of disparate impact, first enunciated by the Supreme Court in Griggs in 1972 and encoded in legislation by Congress in1991. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Probably education and a rise in intelligence is to blame. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Wait, when I asked that last time, before you just now said that dolphin intelligence is not a scientific proposition you got indignant and said: ❋ Unknown (2008)

One of the reasons that many of the scientists never caught up with the average high school student in understanding human ability is that scientists never managed to agree on what the word intelligence means in the first place. ❋ Nicholas Lore (1998)

To the human soul it is, and always typifies, the unknown, invisible power which we term intelligence; that which knows, and gives unto each Deific atom of life that distinguishing, universal, yet deathless force which not only constitutes its spiritual identity and physical individuality, but enables it to pronounce, in the presence of its Creator, those mystic words: ` ` I am that I am. '' ❋ Unknown (1900)

If the term intelligence be reserved for the subjective accompaniments of such regulation, then of course we have no direct knowledge of its existence in any of the fields of regulation outside of the self, and in the self perhaps only in behaviour. ❋ Samuel Butler (1868)

Within intelligence, which is about decision support, not about secrets, we will implement the various initiatives I have defined in my Human Intelligence Trilogy. ❋ Robert David Steele (2010)

February 19th, 2010 at 3: 58 pm smidget (presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield) says: his intelligence is a matter of point. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I find her quite fascinating for being so different from my messy self, and of course, her intelligence is a bit daunting, even though she is not waving it about. ❋ Kittenpie (2008)

An [avetard] has no intelligence. ❋ TurnM3Up (2019)

Man, I possess so much intelligence. I mean, [just look] [at that] [monsterly] definition. ❋ Amerikaner (2006)

I need more [mana] to cast [my level] 6 spells, but i dont [have enough] intelligence. ❋ MagicOnion (2006)

Democrat politicians tend to lack the ability to deal with ambiguous information, to make correct intuitive generalizations, and therefore seem to lack the basic intelligence needed to [adapt] and survive. This is why the [Democrat party] is slowly losing favor due in large part to a failure to deal effectively with changes taking place in the political landscape, and this failure to adapt is directly [correlated] to the general lack of intelligence demonstrated by Democrats. ❋ Dr. Rogers (2005)

[Intelligence] pales in comparrison to self-discipline and [determination]. ❋ Revy D. Bishop (2006)

Wow look at her [shes] got HUGE intelligence!!! [Ya] shes ok but her intelligence isn't [up to par]. ❋ MayorMcCheese (2006)

We will use a [Unnamed] Being ([Wei]) to emphasize the word intelligence. 1. Weis' intelligence surpasses many of [those who know] him. 2. The Intelligence, Wei, guides the and rules over the inhibitants of the small territory, siscool. ❋ CompleteCell (2006)

[Tyler]: [I am] very intelligence! ❋ Anonymus (2003)

[i guess] i have no intelligence [if i'm] [insulted] ❋ Laughingidiot (2009)

I think that prick should be [beaten] with his own [shoe] for [the lack] of intelligence he shows with his 'fluent' definitions. ❋ Alistair Crowley (2003)

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