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Hyphenation in tend
Pronunciations /ɪnˈtɛnd/

Definitions and meanings of "Intend"

What do we mean by intend?

To have in mind; plan. intransitive verb

To design for a specific purpose. intransitive verb

To have in mind for a particular use. intransitive verb

To signify or mean. intransitive verb

To have a design or purpose in mind. intransitive verb

To manage; superintend; supervise.

To stretch forth or out; extend or distend.

To direct; turn; fix in a course or tendency.

To fix the attention upon; attend to; superintend.

To fix the mind upon, as something to be done or brought about; have in mind or purpose; design: often used with the infinitive: as, I intend to write; no deception was intended.

To design to signify; mean to be understood; have reference to.

To pretend; make believe; simulate.

To look for; expect.

To intensify; increase.

To stretch forward; extend; move; proceed.

To attend; pay attention.

To have intention; be inclined or disposed.

To stretch; to extend; to distend. transitive verb

To strain; to make tense. transitive verb

(usually followed by the particle "to") To hope; to wish (something, or something to be accomplished); be intent upon

To fix the mind on; attend to; take care of; superintend; regard.

To stretch to extend; distend.

To strain; make tense.

To intensify; strengthen.

To apply with energy.

To bend or turn; direct, as one’s course or journey.

To design mechanically or artistically; fashion; mold.

To pretend; counterfeit; simulate.


When your construction superintendent isn’t super. Urban Dictionary

Something planned . Urban Dictionary

Not a real word. Made up by someone leaving a definition for the word 'john' on Urban Dictionary

Absolute heavenly music about pain written by the god himself, Tyler Joseph ( of twenty one pilots ). It's too good to explain. Oh my god. I can't. Its too good. PUT IT ON ITUNES PLEASE. OR AT LEAST SPOTIFY. Urban Dictionary

I've read every definition here and they all get this terms' meaning slightly wrong. Firstly a pun is a play on words, intended to be semi-absurd and comical by describing a thing or situation using words that could also describe the situation with another meaning. For instance suppose there was a skinny farmer picking berries, but he doesn't find that many, another person might observe "looks like slim pickins". Puns often are the worst kind of joke because they do not require much cleverness. When someone says no pun intended, however, it is when they say something that could be taken to have two meanings; an obvious one, and a slightly "off" interpretation; and they want you to know they are not making an intentional play on words and want you to take what they said to be the obvious meaning: Urban Dictionary

No Phun Intended (pronounced: no fun intended) is a solo album made by Tyler Robert Joseph, the lead singer in Twenty One Pilots. He wrote it when he was 16-17 years old and that's the earliest resemblance of blurryface that fans of twenty one pilots recall. The album has songs of Tyler singing about his struggles with his mental health, and his faith. It is only available on Youtube Urban Dictionary

The three most unholy words ever spoken by MMO gamemasters. Urban Dictionary

AMERICAN PHRASE, widely considered by some to be a cliché. Two uses of this phrase. #1. "No pun intended!" Is a clarification you make after a remark you uttered that DID indeed contain a pun. You exclaim, "No pun intended" because you honestly did mean to construct the setence to contain a pun. #2 The second meaning of, "no pun intended" can be tongue-in-cheek or more harshly put, untruthful. In this instance a person purposely inserted the pun. The motivations for doing so vary. Some reasons include: doing it to be humerous, attempting to be clever, wanting to engage in word play, or doing so to annoy people who hate puns. They fib by saying, "No pun intended!" because: they want to avoid embarrassment after no one laughed, escape retribution from those they annoyed on purpose or perhaps they feel foolish for making the pun at all. Urban Dictionary

When you're caught doing something in class out of boredom and the teacher thinks your trying have a good time. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Intend

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The word "intend" in example sentences

The word "intend" and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements.

Adopting the rhetoric of the right seems somehow odd, if what you intend is to represent yourself as a fair judge. ❋ Unknown (2009)

How many people does McCain intend to kill in the name of his bruised national pride. ❋ Unknown (2008)

And anyone who has ever read a year's worth of reviews from all corners about one's book knows that a lot of people are coming at it from a lot of different places and what they are reading into it that the author didn't intend is legion. ❋ Roger Sutton (2006)

Come, my pretty maid, be brisk; Mr. Ormond and the captain intend to go out shooting for a few hours, so fly and bid the servants prepare. ❋ Unknown (2002)

Another great by-product of the British Empire which I am quite sure it did not intend is that of Canadian nationhood. ❋ Unknown (1929)

The terms of the convention under which England, France, and Spain intend to act are before the public, and nothing can be more just or fair. ❋ Unknown (1861)

I have to answer that the way rational forces intend, which is that you can't -- ❋ Unknown (2010)

He said from his very first "I intend to resign" speech here at the Boise Depot back on Labor Day weekend that he did use that word intend based on the support that he was getting that day, moments before that address, from Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter. ❋ Unknown (2007)

My remarks were extemporaneous and, in hindsight, reasonably could be — and indeed have been — understood to do something which I did not intend, that is, take a partisan position. ❋ Unknown (2004)

DOBBS: Jonathan, did Senator Kennedy perhaps suggest something about the prescription drug benefit that he didn't intend, that is, allowing the Republicans to hijack the issue and therefore the credit with voters? ❋ Unknown (2003)

He wrote and destroyed and rewrote, erased and substituted, until, as near as he could, he had said what he intended, so at least as it should not be mistaken for what he did not intend, which is the main problem in writing. ❋ George MacDonald (1864)

If we flag the name you intend to use, you can provide us with information to help confirm your established identity. ❋ Kashmir Hill (2012)

"It is a name we intend to give meaning so that when people hear it they know that it's a caring group of Christians who are passionate about lifting up the name of Jesus." ❋ Todd Starnes (2011)

My intend is a TV-guided missile that controlled with Joystick (using AutoHotkey's remapping feature). on joystick turn is should move mouse while clicking; ❋ Unknown (2009)

If MySpace and the participating music labels intend to finance the service with advertising, McQuivey predicted they will have to permit audio commercials to be played every two songs or so. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I intend to start a business with $370k [revenue] in [3 years]. I intend to lose 30 pounds by the end of December. I intend to [live my life] and do work that lasts for eternity. ❋ Jozabad (2017)

[Craig] [Isn’t] very super at being a [superintendent]. ❋ BS2015 (2021)

Bhard [chargie] [Intended] to [attend] the ongoing party. ❋ Bhard Chargie (2018)

Person A: It says he has the "[intendency] to be moody," [what the heck] does that mean? Person B: I think they meant TENDENCY -- intendency is [not a real word]. ❋ Strunk & White (2010)

Person one : Dude,,, what's your favorite [twenty one pilots]/[Tyler Joseph] album? Person two : Bro,, It would have to be [No Phun Intended]. ❋ Captain Unrelatable (2017)

Example: a man dares his friend to [kiss] a rather large woman, to which his friend replies "[Fat chance]! [No pun intended]." ❋ Jtheteach (2016)

person one: "hey, have you heard No Phun Intended yet" person two: "[yess]! it [hurts] me so much to know that [Tyler] ever thought those things" ❋ Lofijwd (2019)

[QQing] WoW Player: [Divine Shield] is overpowered! Blizzard Employee: [Working as intended]. ❋ LordSothe (2009)

#1 Pun WITHOUT intent. "That pistol is so tiny looks like he could be a son of a gun. Sorry, no pun intented!" #2 Pun WITH intent: "Look at that duck. Hope he has a lot of money just look at the size of his BILL! Ha, ha, ha! [No pun intended], [right guys]?"intended no pun intented unintended pun puns "[no pun intended]" phrase cliché ❋ A Suburban Urban (2015)

[Mrs]. Apple: Jack! Stop banging your fingers [on the table]! Jack: Whoa, Mrs. Apple, there was [no fun intended] ❋ Ohiostate2010NC (2010)

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