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Definitions of "intended"

  • Deliberate; intentional: "The only option is whether these will be purposeful, intended policies or whether they will be . . . concealed ones” ( Daniel Patrick Moynihan). adjective
  • Prospective; future: an intended trip abroad next month. adjective
  • Informal A person whom one intends to marry; a fiancé or fiancée: our daughter and her intended. noun
  • Planned. adjective
  • Fiancé or fiancée. noun
  • Simple past tense and past participle of intend. verb
  • Made tense; stretched out; extended; forcible; violent. adjective
  • Purposed; designed. adjective
  • Betrothed; affianced. adjective
  • One with whom marriage is designed; one who is betrothed; an affianced lover. noun
  • Purposed; to be, or to be done, according to an agreement or design: as, an intended entertainment; her intended husband.
  • An intended husband or wife: with a possessive pronoun preceding. noun
  • resulting from one's intentions adjective
  • future; betrothed adjective

The word "intended" in example sentences

Indeed, candidates who choose to take the government subsidies are deemed "clean candidates," a term intended to bias the electorate in their favor, and the government in effect instructs voters that "clean candidates" are less likely to engage in corruption once in office—a most dubious proposition.. [Government Shouldn't Play Election Favorites]

No kids either—the phrase intended to cast a fresh and jazzy light on our post-kids world.. [Beamers]

Bush issued a rule at the end of his term intended to serve as a poison pill against using endangered species protections to regulate climate change; Obama has hinted he would repeal that "midnight rule," but he has yet to do so, despite congressional authority to revoke the Bush rules with the stroke of a pen.. [Edward Humes: Climate Change Decision in 11 Days: Ostrich or Hawk]

In fact, the true solution that Einstein intended is that in no part of the question was there even a mention of a fish.. [Einstein's Riddle]

The chair of the fund was given to Tommy Thompson, the American secretary of health and human services, while Kofi Annan was designated “honorary president,” a title intended by the United States to advertise his lack of authority over the effort.. [The Great Experiment]

The title intended by Sheridan for this paper was "Hernan's Miscellany," to which his friend Halhed objected, and suggested, "The Reformer," as a newer and more significant name.. [Memoirs of the Life of the Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan — Volume 01]

• Assists the Intercontinental Labeling Coordinator with creation and update activities of the label intended to be used in emerging markets. [Naturejobs - All Jobs]

For liberals, pro-lifers are “single-issue Catholics” or “single-issue voters”, a label intended to accuse us of ignoring all the other life issues in the “seamless garment” that makes up their precious “consistent life ethic.”. ["Consistent Life Ethics" Catholics]

"Lacanian feminism" — a term intended very broadly — is influential in France, England, and (I understand) Italy.. [Lacan: An Exchange]

The two Lafittes were, at the time young Lemaitre reached his majority (say 1808 or 1812), only merchant-blacksmiths, so to speak, a term intended to convey the idea of blacksmiths who never soiled their hands, who were men of capital, stood a little higher than the clergy, and moved in society among its autocrats.. [Old Creole Days]

[FN#281] "Al-Wazíru'l-Arif bi-lláhi Ta'álà," a title intended to mimic those of the Abbaside Caliphs; such as "Mu'tasim bi'llah". [Arabian nights. English]

In closed company, the referees refer to the video room as "heaven" - a term intended as both a compliment and a playful shot at those who work there.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

It is a new title intended to deal with an old problem: how to stop the telco's millions of fixed-line and broadband customers wandering off to other carriers.. [ | Top Stories]

On August 14, 2007, the FDA approved a new label intended to address the concerns raised over potential problems with Avandia.. [eHow - Health How To's]

As average bust sizes grow larger around the world, Auckland-based Bendon is launching a new label intended to be the "world's first larger cup size bra with a focus on fashion, not simply function".. [Latest News - Yahoo!7 News]

"It's Astroturf," a term intended to denote an artificial movement.. []

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