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Definitions of "inter"

  • To place in a grave or tomb; bury. verb-transitive
  • To bury in a grave. verb
  • To deposit and cover in the earth; to bury; to inhume. verb-transitive
  • To place in the earth and cover with it.
  • Specifically To bury; inhume; place in a grave, or, by extension, in a tomb of any kind.
  • A Latin preposition meaning ‘between’ or ‘among,’ used in some Latin phrases occurring in English books, as in inter nos (between or among ourselves), inter arma silent leges (laws are silent among arms—that is, in time of war), etc., and very common as a prefix. See inter-.
  • A Middle English form of enter.
  • A common prefix meaning ‘between’ or ‘among’ or ‘during,’ occurring in many English words taken from the Latin, either directly or through Middle English and Old French or French forms (being then in Middle English also enter-, and so retained in some modern forms: see enter-), or formed in English on the Latin model.
  • place in a grave or tomb verb

The word "inter" in example sentences

I'm interested in what I call inter-faith projects.. [CNN Transcript Apr 6, 2009]

I'm not really into what I call inter-faith dialogue.. [CNN Transcript Apr 6, 2009]

You take the first part of the word "inter" as in "inter-provincial".. [Getting Out From Under]

As far as the distributional effects of paying less for capital investment in inter-metropolitan transport capacity through HSR than through additional highway lanes and investment in additional airport capacity, it seems as if the discussion is proceeding in a vacuum, acting as if interstate roads and airports do not receive capital subsidies from taxpayers.. [Matthew Yglesias » Ride the Train]

But people indulge in inter-personal comparison all the time, and there are few people who stick to their own unadulterated Utility functions, many people interpolate socially acceptable behaviour into what they really want, maybe that is the cause of "Mid-Life Crises" and the new "Quarter Life Crises", a conflict between Individual Utility Schedules and some subjectively observed Social Utility Schedule.. [Surveys and Happiness, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Mr. Manos will no doubt try to persuade other European banks to open up overnight and very short-term inter-bank lines of credit as a first step on the path back to normality, but it is likely to be a long process.. [A Good Day For Greek Banking]

The welfare state was not set up to support vast families or single mothers in inter-generational welfare dependency.. [We deserve a fair society, but it won't be created by a vendetta against the poor]

Those stories are almost exclu­sively in inter­esting places, or at least around inter­esting people.. [ » Blog Archive » 3 Rules for Photography]

Ilike photographs that aggres­sively contex­tu­alize inter­esting things and people in inter­esting contexts.. [ » Blog Archive » 3 Rules for Photography]

In it, Dulles makes the point Christianity's original experts on Islam were neither impartial scholars nor specialists in inter-faith dialogue, but medieval apologists - writers from the 7th through the 14th centuries who articulated a strong defense of Christianity in light of Islamic critique.. [Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog:]

I wonder how many of these liberals would want to entertain inter-racial marriage in their own families.. [Clinton touts support from 'white Americans']

I think four eyes and two noses is all the rage in inter-uterine kids these days. womaninawindow Said,. [White Flag | Her Bad Mother]

The term ‘Love Jihad’ was used by local media in southern state of Kerala to label inter-religious relationships, allegedly aimed at converting women to Islam, has done more harm then good to the multicultural Indian society.. [���Love Jihad��� controversy rages in India]

The Fed's heroic success at making money "free" for the past year -- with short-term inter .... [James Berman: Next Stop: Inflation]

Americans are coming to understand that issues like the environment, healthcare, and America's role in the world are long-term inter-generational issues that have much more to do with how we will be living a generation from now than with the immediate circumstances.. [David D. Burstein: The Parent Endorsement]

Influenced by Burns and Stalker (1961), Sedring (1969) suggested that political leaders in the adaptive, organismic model of organization are characterized by inter dependence, evolutionary change, and domination by factors that involve the whole organization of which their unit is a part.1 In the rule-based mechanistic model of organization, leaders are classified by a lack of integration, by conflict in relationships, and by dominance by factors in their own units.. [The Bass Handbook of Leadership]

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