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Interest is a feeling or emotion that causes attention to focus on an object, event, or process. In contemporary psychology of interest, the term is used as a general concept that may encompass other more specific psychological terms, such as curiosity and to a much lesser degree surprise.The emotion of interest does have its own facial expression, of which the most prominent component is having dilated pupils..

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Definitions of "interesting"

  • Arousing or holding the attention; absorbing. adjective
  • Arousing or holding the attention or interest of someone. adjective
  • Present participle of interest. verb
  • Engaging the attention; exciting, or adapted to excite, interest, curiosity, or emotion adjective
  • Exciting or adapted to excite interest; engaging the attention or curiosity: as, an interesting story.
  • arousing or holding the attention adjective

The word "interesting" in example sentences

The main purpose which I have had in view in writing this book has been to present an account of Greek philosophy which, within strict limits of brevity, shall be at once authentic and interesting -- _authentic_, as being based on the original works themselves, and not on any secondary sources; _interesting_, as presenting to the ordinary English reader, in language freed as far as possible from technicality and abstruseness, the great thoughts of the greatest men of antiquity on questions of permanent significance and value.. [A Short History of Greek Philosophy]

I think she’s done a great job leveraging interesting content over her good looks to create a show that is actually _interesting_ to watch, and isn’t just another blond chick using her beauty to attract viewers.. [PopSnap: Sarah Meyers’ Live Online TV Show]

Not only are they likely to give me crap about my clothes or something equally as important they will use the word interesting to describe what Im wearing, and we all know that to most people, interesting is not a compliment, but I dont especially want to watch Jay with his hands practically up Amys shirt right there on the front lawn.. [The Fortunes of Indigo Skye]

Probably what most people think about when the term interesting bark is mentioned, the row of riverbirches along the wooden fence near the house has entered its peeling stage.. [Bark « Fairegarden]

Book value of the company is $23.05 per share and of course I say that's somewhat, I think I used the term interesting, but also somewhat frustrating to us given where we're currently trading.. [ Home Page]

The term interesting traffic means that when traffic meeting a pre-determined type or load is seen by the router, it knows that an ISDN call is warranted to pass that traffic to its destination.. [ | IT Forums]

What makes this interesting is the fact that the current production reserves are a few million barrels a day, largely from Saudi Arabia.. [growth and shrinkage]

They pointed to him in particular as going -- as coming back saying he wasn't going to do inspections, and then suddenly going out, doing some very -- what they call interesting inspections.. [CNN Transcript Jan 18, 2003]

"It depends what you call interesting," was his rejoinder to the unconventional reply.. [Denzil Quarrier]

If you are a goose, cackling a great deal, silly at heart and wholly indifferent about to-morrow, you will choose just what you call the interesting titles.. [How to Do It]

Yahoo-Microsoft deal, but he complimented Yahoo on what he called interesting innovations in search.. [Latest from Computerworld]

Brin declined to say whether he thinks government regulators should or shouldn't approve the Yahoo-Microsoft deal, but he complimented Yahoo on what he called interesting innovations in search.. [Techworld Australia News]

Not really a scalable model but the concept of new experiences in interesting, meaningful contexts is worth examining.. [Dean Shareski: Personalization vs. Standardization: It's Tough To Do Both]

Especially the last one, though I'm not sure 'interesting' is really quite the right word for it.. [Brian Ruckley - News & Views]

Your idea of "interesting" is pretty desperate, TP.. [A Peaceful Eve]

What else in interesting is by looking at the list, it’s mostly blue states at the top, and red states at the bottom.. [Think Progress » Rep. Doolittle Just Wants The Same Benefits Every American Doesn’t Have]

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TurkishInteresting English to Turkish Translate
(s.) enteresan, dikkate değer, çekici. interestingly (z.) alâka uyandıracak surette.(s.) enteresan, dikkate değer, çekici. interestingly (z.) alâka uyandıracak surette.

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@englishisamust: ⠀ It's boring. มันน่าเบื่อ It's amazing. มันน่าทึ่ง It's exciting. มันน่าตื่นเต้น It's confusing. มันน่าสับสน It's inte…


@101_fadia: Dispatch: *following wonho* Boss: found anything interesting? Dispatch: He was dating but broke up recently... Boss: hE wAS…


@HypeColby: (c) please try to keep these questions some what appropriate, my gf is nervous to be on camera, so having funny and interest…

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