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Definitions of "interests"

  • Plural form of interest. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of interest. verb

The word "interests" in example sentences

They invariably used the term _economic conditions_, and the careful reader will not fail to perceive that although economic conditions produce interests which form the basis of class divisions, it is not unusual for men to act contrary to their personal _interests_ as a result of existing. [Socialism A Summary and Interpretation of Socialist Principles]

They should feel that their interests and those of the teacher, the board, and the taxpayers who support the school are all _common interests_, and that only as the pupils do their part will the interests of all be conserved.. [The Recitation]

Beyan says she is willing to work with other parties, but only if such collaboration does not compromise what she calls the interests of Liberians.. [Liberian Presidential Candidate Beyan's Party is Certified]

Finding them and serving their interests is the key to success.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Interview: Christina Katz on Getting Known Before the Book Deal, Part 1]

Among our guests 'many other interests is the protection, conservation and restoration of wild life and for four years he served as chairman of the Connecticut Board of Fisheries and Game and also acted as chairman of the President's Committee on Wildlife Restoration.. [The World Today]

Not every country will follow our particular form of representative democracy, and there will be times when our short term interests do not align perfectly with our long term vision of the region.. [ Front Page]

Such hollow ideas may serve the narcissistic needs and short term interests of a few, but what begins as simple negation can end in nihilistic disaster as those with hollow ideas and hardened avoid the real work of reviving the heart of culture and tending to the soul of the country.. [The Full Feed from]

Twenty percent was perhaps generous: there is really no hope for adequate social analysis from an approach to economic life that so misunderstands the full complexity of human motivation, and that fails to grasp the remarkable extent to which even short term interests are shaped by the social context and institutional parameters into which individuals find themselves involuntarily inserted.. [The Full Feed from]

Finally, let me say we have a responsibility to finish the work of balancing the budget, but to do it in a way that is consistent with our values and our long-term interests, which is, in my view, taking care of the health care needs of seniors, people with disabilities, poor children; making sure that we continue to invest in education; and protecting the environment and other things that are critical to our future; making sure we do not increase the burdens on the hardest pressed working families.. [President At Disabled Veterans Convention]

During my years in the Senate I had spent a lot of time thinking about government accountability, about how a government responds to the will of voters and the long-term interests of the general public.. [The Good Fight]

It didn't help the people of the region and it didn't help U.S. long-term interests -- and this is what we now see in the streets of Cairo.. [Mubarak unleashes chaos]

The proposals also include training for existing and new directors and that their remuneration be aligned with the long-term interests and risk policies of a company.. [Singapore Unveils Corporate Governance Proposals]

Therefore, most of the African Union's member states would be risking certain short-term interests in recognizing the Libyan rebels.. [Gambia Leads the Way]

More Document: Fed Report on Bank Pay "The financial-services industry has adjusted the compensation practices to align the long-term interests of executives with customers and shareholders," said Scott Talbott , senior vice president for government affairs at the Financial Services Roundtable, which represents the largest 100 U.S. financial firms.. [Fed Report Cites Progress in Bank Pay Limits]

He also appeared to reject the suggestion that it might be in BP's long-term interests to fight a lengthy legal battle in the hopes of whittling down the final spill fines.. [BP Set for First Post-Spill Dividend Increase]

The story of humanity is one that rests on the never-ending creative tension between the dark pursuit of selfish short-term interests and the shining example of striving toward collective long-term goals.. [SuperCooperators]

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