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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word interlevel. Define interlevel, interlevel synonyms, interlevel pronunciation, interlevel translation, English dictionary definition of interlevel.

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The word "interlevel" in example sentences

A very different distinction (agreed upon by diverse participants) utilizing time has arisen to distinguish between the historical succession of theories via reduction (“diachronic reduction”) and current attempts to relate parts to wholes, such as in explanatory reduction or interlevel theory reduction ❋ Brigandt, Ingo (2008)

“autonomy of the special sciences” (Fodor 1974) and for the view that understanding the natural world requires us to use a diversity of conceptual and representational systems that may not be strictly intertranslatable or capable of being put into the tight correspondence required by the older deductive paradigm of interlevel relations (Putnam 1975). ❋ Van Gulick, Robert (2004)

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