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An interpretive discussion is a discussion in which participants explore and/or resolve interpretations often pertaining to texts of any medium containing significant ambiguity in meaning..

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Definitions of "interpretive"

  • Relating to or marked by interpretation; explanatory. adjective
  • Marked by interpretation. adjective
  • Interpretative. adjective
  • Same as interpretative.
  • that provides interpretation adjective

The word "interpretive" in example sentences

His main interpretive lens has been the psychoanalytic metaphor of “adaptations,” or unconscious responses to pain, conflict, or uncertainty.. [What Makes Us Happy?]

The conference features an all-star cast, including our own Marty Lederman, who will be talking about how history matters in interpretive debates about Presidential power. continue reading .... [Balkinization]

Lacking in interpretive charity and unwilling to stop for a second to consider what would realistically slip through the vetting process for an elected official’s prepared remarks, maybe, but not nuts.. [Why Do I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills?]

The association traced by Fay between clothes and female agency offers a telling contrast to what Foucault describes as the interpretive techniques of confession.. [Romantic Loves: A Response to _Historicizing Romantic Sexuality_]

The first reason for seeking out travaux préparatoires can be called the interpretive reason.. [Updated Research Guide on Drafting History of International Agreements]

Their complaint was with the so-called interpretive statements - written, ironically, to help those voters who don't happen to have an advanced degree in linguistics.. [Latest News]

"interpretive" -- rather than "substantive" -- under the definitions put forward in. [Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)]

Attorney Janik will make sure it has "interpretive" words and clauses that make it seem like everything is covered, but not really.. [What exactly is going to be done to PGE Park? (Jack Bog's Blog)]

We didn't bust his balls over the signing statements because it would be crazy to overturn congressional laws with some wacky "interpretive" statements tacked on.. [Hillary: "So-Called Pledged Delegates" Are Expected To Act Independently]

There is a third angle that one might take on this work -- that it is a part of "interpretive" social science; that the descriptive work is an effort to provide an interpretation of the meanings of the actions described.. [Everyday social interactions]

Kmiec would have us think this is all just an "interpretive" dispute in good faith among lawyers, and suggests that FISA's constitutional foundation is flawed.. [Balkinization]

It is from this kind of interpretive process that so many atrocities are committed, like the one in India recently where a woman was told she had to leave her husband because she was "unclean" after being raped by her father-in-law!. [Nathan Gardels: Salman Rushdie: Inside the Mind of Jihadists]

But despite the signature clarity of the period instruments, Mr. Pearlman did not provide the kind of interpretive zest that can make historically informed opera performance so exciting.. [Sex, Power, Ambition and Handel]

The Department of Labor has offered "interpretive" guidance on the changes and is working on regulations for how the provisions will be put into practice, which it plans to propose in the next several months.. [Arguing Over Advice]

Once the interpretive attitude has taken hold amongst the participants in a social practice, the only way to understand it adequately is to do as the participants in that practice do: i.e. join the practice and make the same kind of interpretive claims concerning the point of the practice, and what the rules of it are in light of that point, as they do.. [Interpretation and Coherence in Legal Reasoning]

I told myself fiercely to remember why I was here; remember that Kissindre Perrymeade had wanted me on her crew because I could do this kind of interpretive work better than anyone else.. [Dreamfall]

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was jerking the first interpretive dance introduced in the modern black era? the dougie, milly rock, and woah all followed in its footsteps


@misterbumface: I vote for a State of the Union report through interpretive dance.


Draft of the slide deck is done and I'll practice the interpretive dance portion later. Need to create a better pip…

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Symbolic Interpretive Approach
Interpretive Dance (Breathe Me-Sia) Emma Sanford
Interpretive Dance (Breathe Me-Sia) Emma Sanford
Interpretive Dance A Thousand Years
Interpretive Dance A Thousand Years

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  • Pronunciations(ĭn-tûrˈprĭ-tĭv)
  • Character12
  • Hyphenation in ter pre tive


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