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Interventions is a book by Noam Chomsky, an American linguist, MIT professor, and political activist. Published in May 2007, Interventions is a collection of 44 op-ed articles, post-9/11, from September 2002, through March 2007. The book's subjects span from 9/11 and the Iraq War to social security and intelligent design, South America and Asia, the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the election of Hamas, Hurricane Katrina, and the US concept of "just war". The Pentagon banned the book from its Guantanamo Bay prison because it might negatively "impact... good order and discipline." Chomsky replied that, "This happens sometimes in totalitarian regimes.".

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  • Plural form of intervention. noun

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Over the years, Francois has helped out with many "interventions," the code word for anesthetizing a gorilla because it has a life-threatening problem.. [Mountain Gorillas: Discovery Channel: Gorilla Food]

"It's so easy just to buy what you call interventions - 'give me a new suit or tart me up, but what I want is an outcome'.". [Latest financial, market & economic news and analysis |]

You are of course correct that the sophisticated argument in favor of certain interventions is not the same as the vulgar, of course.. [Business and Health Care Costs, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Occupational therapists are trained in interventions that help individuals achieve independence in all areas of their lives.. [Occupational Therapy]

Expecting the distribution of power in the international system to prevent the US from undertaking stupid interventions is frankly asking a bit too much.. [Matthew Yglesias » Are We Doomed?]

CEO James J. Saccacio said in a statement that "the fall-off in foreclosures is not based on a robust recovery in the housing market but on short-term interventions and delays that will extend the current housing market woes into 2012 and beyond.". [Foreclosure Brainstorm]

He calls the interventions "like speed bumps in Malibu," not the sort of actions that will ultimately halt the yen's ascent.. [Japan Finds It Harder to Slow the Yen]

Out of $3 trillion in interventions how much went to the little guy?. [Wonk Room » Warren: Without Cram-downs, ‘There’s Nothing’ In Treasury’s Plan To Address Underwater Mortgages]

What she has elucidated through a series of studies and more controlled interventions is the nature of these networks, where help givers provide assistance to those who seek help with aspects of technology.. [iPad Day2: The Transition Plan « Beki's Blog (there's an original name)]

If you look at the evaluation of these kinds of projects, the level of evaluation and the numbers of evaluation that you find on human rights interventions is very, very, very small.. [Rahim Kanani: Measuring Human Rights: An In-depth Discussion with Andrea Rossi of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy]

If Hollywood is as interested in interventions as television seems to indicate, let them show they care about and can face reality not just create reality shows.. [Meg F. Schneider, MA, LCSW: An Intervention in Hollywood]

A proposal that calls for multiple, individual interventions is not significantly different; there's no particular reason to assume front loaded interventions less detectable then direct interventions.. [A Modest Proposal (By a Somewhat Modest Engineer)]

As readers of these pages are probably well aware, the long-term results of restrictive weight-loss interventions is indeed rather disappointing.. [Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Weight Acceptance Prevents Weight Gain?]

The research into less invasive and reversible surgical procedures for patients who fail dietary interventions is ongoing and looks promising.. [Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Have Diabetes? Find a Surgeon!]

Studies Lyubomirsky has conducted using certain interventions in which people express gratitude and optimism are among those that do appear to make a difference and increase happiness, she says.. [Researcher: Techniques can boost happiness]

Therefore - for reasons having to do with both the extraordinary crisis we face and the developmental principles that teach us that long-term, systemic change does not result from one-time, short-term interventions - I propose the World Economc Forum transform itself into a full-time (24/7/365) planning and developmental process that will then have the capability to truly transform - not "fix" - our global economy.. [Steven G. Brant: "Davos" Should Come To NYC... Permanently... 365 Days A Yearyeah]

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The addicts who died on Intervention
The addicts who died on Intervention
Heart attack (myocardial infarction) interventions and treatment | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy
Heart attack (myocardial infarction) interventions and treatment | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy
Reality Therapy Role-Play - Paradoxical Intervention
Reality Therapy Role-Play - Paradoxical Intervention

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