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Definitions of "intrigues"

  • Plural form of intrigue. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of intrigue. verb

The word "intrigues" in example sentences

As with most sites I visit, the origin of the name intrigues me and I wonder at the word, Bunachton.. [Country Diary: Loch Bunachton]

I click-through to maybe half of them – depending on how much the title intrigues me.. [Customer Service Question « Whatever]

Like millions of Americans, Mrs. Palin intrigues me, not given Im a huge fan or a huge skeptic, yet given. [Archive 2009-11-01]

By now Huerta was deeply involved in intrigues with German agents, chief of whom was the notorious spy and saboteur Franz von Rintelen.. [Usurper: the dark shadow of Victoriano Huerta (1845–1916)]

In this twenty-four line poem, a mere eight lines tell the story (the first and third of each stanza) but the antic lyric element, the part that most intrigues, is all syllable and no sense.. [It May Sound Funny]

They were all German citizens, had participated in German intrigues, and all were regarded as dangerous persons to be at large.. [Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights]

Lord! how the name intrigues me, sweetly sonorous, throbbing in my ears -- Thendara, Thendara -- and always I hear the pine breeze high blowing and the flowing undertone of waters.. [The Reckoning]

"They think themselves much more saintly than other women, and I am sure that there are some who think it is a great honor to them to persevere in intrigues of this sort.". [The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre]

Switzerland, Belgium, and America, different languages, creeds, and races flourish kindly side by side, and he will seek in English intrigues the real well of the bitter woes of Ireland.. [Thomas Davis, Selections from his Prose and Poetry]

A good title intrigues potential readers: it has good meter, isn’t a cliché and don’t we all wish the people who title movies understood THAT?. [Author! Author! » Blog Archive » What’s in a name?]

The title intrigues, but the cover picture is about as depressing as a knitting pattern gets.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

The action is top-notch and the intrigues are an improvement over the original series.. [Fall TV Report Card: How Is the New Class Doing?]

As much as the idea intrigues youhis eyebrows wiggled suggestivelyyou gotta have love.. [Giving Up the V]

If a name intrigues you, click on its stripe for a closer look.. [Information Visualization Tools: Baby NameVoyager (U.S. Rankings) « ResourceShelf]

The only trust I have in this guy is that he will do whatever he can to acquire power and wealth and his intrigues are his stock in trade.. [Firedoglake » Oh Happy Day]

Today, the stock market is almost back to where it was before the disaster of Bush being appointed president and his arbitrarily involving us in "world" wars and close-call intrigues, with the help of the Christian god the Judeans called Jehovah and the Christians call their Allah all gods in one, right? and who Carl Jung said was the ancient Hebrew god Yahweh.. [Phenomena]

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@lyssaherrerax: I love getting to know new people honestly, hearing their stories and their thoughts on life etc intrigues me


@SleepyTraitor "They're fascinating, I suppose. The shape intrigues me."


@docib: @DrLindaDykes @RCEM_VP @RCollEM @DrRobgalloway @EMManchester @davehartin @jim_crawfurd @DrCJM @mancunianmedic @DrUmeshPrabhu @do…


An electronic artist putting out a mixtape really intrigues me


@FionaAnders1988 J'espère qu'il aura qu'un petit rôle cette saison genre juste l'i'ntoduire et puis le rendre plus…

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