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An invalidator is any person who is, for whatever reason, prone to being jealous and insecure. In order to think well of themselves, they will say and do whatever they can to harm the target of their jealousies and insecurities, and to discredit them in any way they can. This gives them a false sense of self-worth and superiority. They are all about bringing out the worst in others, and they will use any unscrupulous, malicious, or manipulative tactic in order to achieve this end. The best ways to confront an invalidator may include simply ignoring them, proving their accusations to be false, or to respond to their negativity with kindness or humor. Urban Dictionary

1) One who is no longer able to use his/her mind. 2) Not effectual; void. Urban Dictionary

Inconsistent with some web programmer's arbitrary and frequently incorrect notion of how the world should be. Urban Dictionary

N. An individual who is unable to communicate. Urban Dictionary

An experienced sex move where the woman has her ankles placed behind the ears and the male proceeds to jackhammer at a medium pace. If done incorrectly having the ankle pressure to severe you will break the spine of the female in worst case scenario and/or cause scoliosis. Urban Dictionary

Someone who generalizes what you said specifically to dilute its specific power to render your statement useless. Urban Dictionary

A person incapable of doing things for him or herself, also known as a turd Urban Dictionary

Someone with a lack of possibility. Otherwise known as a moron. Urban Dictionary

1. When someone says something completely irrevelant to the convo. 2. When someone says something completely stupid in a convo Urban Dictionary

Perceillas Urban Dictionary

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The word "invalide" in example sentences

Mortimer, at that time, was taking a solitary ramble; and Dr Lyster, to complete the work he had begun of subduing the hard pride of his father, contrived, under pretence of waiting for him, to conduct him to the room of the invalide. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The perfectly healthy Baron was brought in and arranged lying down all the trip of several days, while Nelka had to take care of him, bring him food and look after the 'invalide.' ❋ Michael Moukhanoff (N/A)

Chaque soir, le vieil invalide se débarrassait de ses membres _inutiles_ pour se mettre au lit. ❋ Harry Vincent Wann (N/A)

And now my missus, she's a invalide, as they say, and she ain't out o 'bed this twelvemonth come Christmas, and she gets lonesome lying all by herself, and frets a bit maybe, and -- ❋ Hall Caine (1892)

Also, every evening would see placed upon the drawing-room table a fine bronze candelabrum, a statuette representative of the Three Graces, a tray inlaid with mother-of-pearl, and a rickety, lop-sided copper invalide. ❋ Unknown (1842)

This confusion lasted about a quarter of an hour, a time sufficient, in all conscience, to invalide a West Indian regiment. ❋ Edward Howard (1820)

The next in seniority was entirely adverse to the invaliding, as, without he could invalide too, he would have to go to the West Indies in the place of our surgeon. ❋ Edward Howard (1820)

Monsieur O---- was an invalide, the revolution, poignant vexations, heavy losses, and a painful separation from his native country, for the preservation of his life, and that of his family, had undermined his health. ❋ John Carr (1802)

Mr. Fairfax who is Mr. Boylstones most intimate Friend, Mr. Fairfax was Sick confined to his Chamber and his Lady quite an invalide but they have been very obliging to us, Sent us cards for the benifit ❋ Unknown (1786)

The invalide guard at this fortress take upon themselves, very improperly, and I am sure very unwarrantably, to examine strangers who pass, with an impertinent curiosity; for they must admit all who come with a proper _passa-porte_ into _Spain_, and durst not admit any without it. ❋ Philip Thicknesse (1755)

So I think that by just copying the files/database over I end up with an effectively good and valid forum that has all it's pointers set to an invalide database name .... ❋ Unknown (2010)

A Covenant to accuse ones Selfe, without assurance of pardon, is likewise invalide. ❋ Thomas Hobbes (1633)

"And because you are invalide you must sit helpless like le pauvre M. Tana ... non, M. Tanton ... ah, peste! ❋ Unknown (2010)

_cabine de luxe_, 436, 438, 440; on the company's list, which had been given me, I saw bracketed after the name of the youngest daughter the single word "invalide." ❋ Burton Egbert Stevenson (1917)

In reality the election is invalide because 1) it contravened party rules and 2) the law establishing it was not constitutional. ❋ Unknown (2009)

These heroicks are mighty well for sound health, and strong nerves, but they will not do for an invalide.” ❋ Unknown (2008)

Note that the SQL string the plugin is generating is creating an invalide SQL statement: “… AND (categorynicename = ‘writers-life’) AND 1) GROUP BY ..” (not the “AND 1)” part). ❋ Unknown (2005)

Invalidator: "Bob is just useless [jagoff]. He isn't worth keeping around. We need to get rid of him." Bob: "I believe you are mistaken, sir." Invalditor: "Who cares? Go away. [No one likes you] here. You're a scumbag!" Bob: "Is there a problem?" Invalidator: "You're an asshole. We all know it. Get out of here. You're not worth it." Bob: "I think your attitude is completely rude, sir." Invalidator: "I'm not being rude. I'm just telling it to you like it is. No one else has the heart to tell you this, but you're a useless asshole. Nothing you say matters. You're not likeable. You're not a person. You are nobody. Know this. Believe it harder than anything else." Bob: "[Whatever you say]." ❋ Adam Bestler (2011)

1) The disease turned Marty into an [invalid] before killing him; we miss him dearly. 2) [The ticket] [is invalid] west of the Mississippi, though, so choose carefully. ❋ Diggity Monkeez (2005)

A: Why does that [web site] say that your university is in England when it is really in Sweden? B: Because when I enter the correct address, [the web] site rejects the [postal] code as 'invalid'. ❋ P J Wonko (2013)

My [boss] is an [invalid] who [speaks] over others, or at others, but not with others. ❋ Her 2 (2018)

I performed the invalid on becky and now she walks at [45 degree angle]. My ex is in a [wheelchair] from that very same move [last year]. You think i would learn. ❋ Graczyk - Ponessa Industries (2012)

I m too tired to go to the party. When asked if I want to join in and "come over" , I simply say "[No thank you], [Im tired]....". My [invalidator] responds with , "We are ALL tired!" This just throws what I just said into the trash can. I would not of said that Im tired if I had not meant it... ❋ Max60605 (2016)

Mom: [Let me drive] you to work! Girl: No thanks, Mom. I'm not an [invalid]. Mom: Please, let me help you with something! Girl: I'M NOT AN [INVALID] ❋ Katy Schmieds (2015)

Refer to examples such as jeremy's face or shahpur's arguments. Person1: Your face is [invalid]. Jeremy: What? Person1: Point proven Shahpur: I am epic Person1: o really? Shahpur: I walked in uber [cold weather] without gloves or scarf for 30 mins Person1: I walked in uber hot weather without gloves or scarf Person1 = WIN Shahpur = [INVALID] ❋ S3xy_c4t (2008)

1. A "you goin to the concert? B "Yh, gonna [get sum] kfc" A "[INVALID]!?!? wtf 2. A "yh dat was of da hook yo!" B."it was very elegant" A. [Invalid] ❋ Badda Trims (2006)

Person1:“[God] there so [invalid]” Person 2:“[Probably] Perceillas” ❋ SugarWater09 (2019)

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