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Definitions and meanings of "Investments"

What do we mean by investments?

The act of investing, or state of being invested.

A placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from its use or appreciation.

A vestment.

The act of surrounding, blocking up, or besieging by an armed force, or the state of being so surrounded.

A mixture of silica sand and plaster which, by surrounding a wax pattern, creates a negative mold of the form used for casting, among other metals, bronze.

1. The act of purchasing investments. Urban Dictionary

Invested: Provide someone/thing with a particular quality. Urban Dictionary

To fill a building or premises with paying patreons for the purpose of a paranormal investigation. Urban Dictionary

The love of my life Urban Dictionary

A girl who is ignored despite having underated hotness due to temporary problems such as being overweight, having braces, having acne, etc. While others ignore her you flirt with her slightly off and on until the day comes when she becomes the hottie you expected her to be. Urban Dictionary

Invest- to carry out. the act to doing something and puting time into. Urban Dictionary

Glorified gambling Urban Dictionary

This term when used over email, is a substitue for such words as sex,boned, and penetrated. More often than not, invest is used in place of these words to keep The Man from getting wise about conversations that are not clean enough to make it through corporate email filters. Urban Dictionary

To fill a building or premises with paying patreons for the purposes of a paranormal investigation. Urban Dictionary

(v.) just one step away from "incest" on a pc keyboard. Not to be confused. Urban Dictionary

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The word "investments" in example sentences

Specifics of the plan include:• Establishment of an Infrastructure Bank to provide investments for projects "that often fall through the cracks in the current siloed transportation programs," according to the White House• A sustained and effective commitment to a national high speed rail system over the next generation• Streamlining, modernizing, and prioritizing surface transportation investments• Expanding investments in areas such as safety, environmental sustainability, economic competitiveness, and livabilityAs for NextGen, the Obama Administration proposes "a robust investment" in modernizing air traffic control and moving from a national ground-based radar surveillance system to a satellite-based surveillance system. ❋ Unknown (2010)

One of the ways he has changed in investments is that he is so large that he cannot really invest in small cap companies and that the pool of prospects for investments become quite limited. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Noting that the government had been completely repaid, and six years ahead of schedule, for what he called the investments made in Chrysler under his watch, Obama said the government would soon sell its remaining interest in the company, returning it to 100 percent private ownership. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The short-term benefit of these and other investments is the creation of millions of good jobs at a time when American families need them. ❋ Edward Wytkind (2010)

He told me when I saw him in Seattle the other day, that the most profitable of all his investments is the reindeer, and that they are the one thing he is going to develop in the future more than anything else. ❋ Unknown (1918)

The cash and short term investments balance at quarter-end was $1.8 billion, down 42 million during the quarter.

The cash and short term investments balance was $901.5 million at quarter-end up $63.8 million during the quarter, with ON Semi generating $164.7 million from operations and spending around $57 million on capex.

Energy, healthcare and core technology markets are good short term investments. ❋ Meghan Casserly (2011)

KPMG also obtained in excess of 50 confirmations of cash and short term investments held outside of China from eight different banks and financial institutions.

KPMG's findings, which are based on the procedures performed and detailed in their report, do not support the allegation that Silvercorp overstated its cash and short term investments.

At the end of the second quarter, Allergan's cash and short-term investments in cash and short term investments and net-of-debt positions total approximately $2.2 billion and $570 million, respectively.

[Microsoft] did some major "[investmenting]" in 2009, [to the tune of] over $30 billion. ❋ Bill Gates Investmenting123 (2010)

He was so invested when he [screamed] about [the spider] ❋ Lilith2003 (2016)

We were [impressed] with [last night's] investation at our [paranormal investigation]. ❋ Hauntedchick (2020)

[inej] ghafa: [you came] back for me [kaz brekker]: i protect my investments ❋ 1275_nina (2021)

[Greg]: dude that girl got hot this summer. [Jon]: yea my [investment] finally paid off. ❋ Guru Master (2006)

[yo dawg] lets invest in that party this weekend. [Yo guy] wanna invest in some [herbs]? ❋ Looks (2003)

I just lost 100 bucks from [investing] in [the stock market]. I'm gonna put $100 more in, I'm sure I'll [do better] this time! ❋ Mad5793 (2015)

Jim: This chick wanted to invest the hell out of [me me] she had large assets, but her [portfolio] smelled like rotten [salmon]. Dave: I hate it when a girl's commodities are rotten. ❋ White Michael Jordan (2006)

We were [impressed] with [last night's] investation for our [paranormal investigation]. They really filled the place. ❋ Hauntedchick (2020)

[Family ties] within [corporations] can seriously [affect] opportunities to invest. ❋ El Revez (2004)

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