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What do we mean by iowa?

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A farming state that isnt a bunch of dumb farmers thats montana Urban Dictionary

Pretty much the shit. Make sure you're clear on the fact that the word "the" is in there, or else you'll get the meaning all wrong. Iowa is home to the three million nicest people in the United States, probably in the world. A leader in education, and home to some of the most beautiful scenery into the world. It's a traquil beauty, and if you're into that, you'll love Iowa. And if you're not into that, you can go take California or wherever you're from and fuck it. Urban Dictionary

BEST State in the entire united states of america! Most, cocky dumbasses hate on iowa, and say that all there is is corn.. Thats completley wrong! EVERY state has agriculture and just about every state grows corn and has corn fields. So what if iowa has corn, that dosnt mean thats the only thing to do! Iowa is the best! Our hot chicks and all of our sports teams.. Iowa will fuck up anyone who tries to talk shit on us! were no pussys, we will fight any mother fucker who tries to hate on us! Iowa has the best state fair too! The IOWA State Fair is possibly the best state fair in all of the US. We have everything, Demo Derbys, Mudding, So much shit, youd just have to come here and check it out! Urban Dictionary

The State of Iowa: where our newly elected Governor made his first legislative priority raising the tax on cigarettes by about 278%. Studies indicate that people with low income are twice as likely to smoke than others. A few days later, he signed a bill into law capping car title loan interest at 21% and said that companies who had charged low income folks 300% interest were predators, preying on vulnerable Iowans. Urban Dictionary

So boring, you will see 2 things most of the time you are there: corn, and nevermind just corn Urban Dictionary

Booring. Don't compare us to New York. We're the last to get anything. People think we're "quaint" like a traffic jam to us is 10 cars behind a tractor rolling down the highway! Dude...ok, I'm from Iowa...and *I* think that's pathetic!!! THAT'S WHY I LEFT!!! Urban Dictionary

The Cornfield of No Return, where children CAN run away and not starve, because they can live on bacon and corn. But they're just going to get raped by all the sex offenders, anyway. Urban Dictionary

An early U.S. experiment in criminal reform and psychological treatment. In the 1800's, eastern U.S. states sent their most deranged and mentally incompetent criminals to a remote land reserve, later known as Iowa. Treatment officials tried various behavioral-modification techniques to reform and rehabilitate the deranged lunatics. Sadly, the program worked to no avail. Eventually, rampant inbreeding and subsequent off-the-charts retardation took over the population. Officials decided that the best course of action was to isolate the Iowans (Sioux for "criminally insane") from the rest of the U.S. population. Accordingly, the officials established social engineering programs and propaganda to trick the Iowans into believing that their state has relevance in order to keep them from leaving the state and polluting other, more hospitable U.S. states. Urban Dictionary

One of the fifty nifty united states which absolutely blows except for the University of Iowa, which is the coolest, most awesome, hottest girl containing, university in the US! Home of the Hawkeyes and rated in the top 5 for party schools. Also famous for football tailgating and coining FAC. Urban Dictionary

A state in the is that every person is either a dunk, a druggy, a nic addict, or all of the above. no one has anything to do there so they all just get messed up Urban Dictionary

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The word "iowa" in example sentences

June 10th, 2008 5: 15 pm ET iowa is more like a home to obama and people in iowa love him. if it was not for iowa obama will find it even very hard to get vthe nomination. but thanks to the people of iowa and you people will be rememberd for what you did on that january 3 2008 thousands of years from now the world will always remember what you did. ones a again from me to the people of iowa, thanks randy. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Feb. 22nd, 2010 01: 24 pm (UTC) ah. the midwest as a fan in iowa, midwest trips always pique my interest. can't wait to hear where you'll be. after all, it was fevre dream that inspired me to take the family onto a steamer out of dubuque. ❋ Grrm (2010)

I'm coming home right at the begining of hunting season in iowa, and im coming home to my little boy born a few days after i left. ❋ Unknown (2009)

November 23rd, 2009 9: 52 am ET do people in iowa have television!!! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Yes | No | Report from shane mcelroy wrote 23 weeks 2 days ago oh how i love living in iowa! that buck is awesome! ❋ Unknown (2009)

To quote Colbert, "... knowing the book will have to end, she will stop writing at page 10 and leave the other 200 blank." patsy in iowa ❋ Unknown (2009)

June 2nd, 2008 9: 20 am ET so when you don't count the caucuses in iowa, maine, washington and nevada – or the primaries in idaho and nebraska – and you count the vote in michigan (which the dnc has refused to do) – but if you do count the michigan vote you refuse to give obama a single vote from the state ... then congratulations hillary you're the popular vote winner. well done. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Brandon you are a moron to think that iowa is a big state, there are more cattle than people. illinois is his home state, in which he was expected to win. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Bird Hunting youth duck hunt in iowa shooting decoys and ducks by phil bourjaily ❋ Unknown (2008)

I know his positions on taxes and so forth make him unpalatable to the wall street journal crowd, but they don't vote in iowa, new hampshire, or south carolina. ❋ Unknown (2007)

That makes perfect sense in iowa, where I know he’s quite weak, but New Hampshire is not only northeastern, but very socially liberal, far more so than Florida primary voters. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Morales will be preaching in iowa. good for them. and please keep this bag and your state ok. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Yes | No | Report from chance wrote 2 years 12 weeks ago thgank you for not shooting a tiny little deer like that when you were here in iowa. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Yes | No | Report from Brittle wrote 10 weeks 2 days ago so iowa south dakota and nebraska all sound good to me ❋ Unknown (2009)

Yes | No | Report from hunter6 wrote 2 weeks 3 days ago well done. good hunting from iowa ❋ Unknown (2009)

Photo By hunter6 nov. 15 th. 4 lbs. 23 in. walleye caught 5.30 a.m. delhi iowa finally something for the supper table .. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Iowa] is much better than [montana], montana [sucks] ❋ Nleidigh (2008)

Person [from Iowa]: I love [Iowa]. Everyone there is so nice and there aren't obnoxiously long lines or large crowds. Person from New Jersey: Well, we have the largest [strip mall] in the world. Person from Iowa: Oh. I'm sorry. Person from New Jersey: I really wish I was from Iowa Person from one of the other 48 states: Me too. ❋ The Truth-man (2007)

Loser: [har har har], you're [from iowa], go eat some corn Iowa Representer: Shut the fuck up *punches loser in the [nost] and makes him bleed and cry like the little bitch he is* IOWA OWNS YOU ❋ IOWA ROCKS (2006)

I [stay in] [Iowa] mostly because of [the weather], I love those two nice months every year. ❋ Field Mouse (2007)

I had [to go] to [Iowa], wow I was so [bored]. ❋ Alilhappything (2006)

To the people who made [coments] 3 & 4...thanks for showing what fine [MORONS] come out of [Iowa]. ❋ NeoMatrixJR (2006)

Bob: I'm so sick of life. [I'm going to kill myself]. Fred: [How're] you going to do it? Bob: I'm going to go to [Iowa] and die of boredom. ❋ Katie #42 (2006)

Do good in [school], or you'll [end up] in [Iowa]. ❋ I-L-L (2006)

[Iowa] would be shit [if it] weren't for [the University] of Iowa. ❋ Herky (2005)

“i just went to iowa and [every] person i [met] was [fucked up]” ❋ Yktfvhoe087 (2020)

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