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Definitions and meanings of "Irreclaimably"

What do we mean by irreclaimably?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word irreclaimably. Define irreclaimably, irreclaimably synonyms, irreclaimably pronunciation, irreclaimably translation, English dictionary definition of irreclaimably.

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The word "irreclaimably" in example sentences

“Jimmy” — was a tall, lanky man, irreclaimably truculent, incapable of recognising the dominance of those who bestowed his Christian name. ❋ Unknown (2003)

Only those irreclaimably outlaw already would dare interfere with him. ❋ Peters, Ellis, 1913-1995 (1984)

In all the time that he has been in the village nobody, I am sure, has had a word to say against him, except indeed old Judd, and he, I fear, is irreclaimably ill disposed to every influence for good in the village. ❋ Hare, Cyril, 1900-1958 (1959)

If we keep this mighty nation one and inseparable, we shall have answered it forever; if not, why then those who revile man as vile and irreclaimably degraded may raise their pæans of triumph; the black spectres of antique tyrants may clap their hands gleefully in the land of accursed shadows, and hell hold high carnival, for, verily, it would seem as if they had triumphed, and that hope were a lie. ❋ Various (N/A)

They have done this without the aid of the aboriginal tribes, who have proved irreclaimably addicted to their nomade habits. ❋ Various (N/A)

That the attorneys and managers have deliberately endeavoured to raise a panic, whereby property might be depreciated to their own advantage; showing clearly thereby, that they consider Jamaica property, even with the laborers, irreclaimably free, a desirable investment. ❋ American Anti-Slavery Society (N/A)

By degrees its much tried parent was made to realize that this noisy acquisition to her home was considered unquestionably and irreclaimably, her own. ❋ [pseud.] Vera (N/A)

He finally settled in London with a vague idea of some day writing a _magnum opus_ about the stupidity of mankind; for he had come to the conclusion by the age of twenty-five that all men were stupid, irreclaimably, irredeemably stupid; that everything was wrong; that all literature was really bad, all art much overrated, and all music tedious in the long run. ❋ Maurice Baring (1909)

They stay where they are and become more narrowly, intrinsically Teutons -- irreclaimably ❋ Stuart Oliver Henry (1906)

Napoleon was as essentially, and irreclaimably, a despot, as a warrior; but his successor, whether a Bourbon or a Buonaparte, was likely to be a constitutional sovereign. ❋ Lockhart, John G (1906)

All the older women were at work now, and all but the most irreclaimably frivolous of the young ones. ❋ Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton (1902)

She saw again and again that he was irreclaimably a fool and a prodigy of irresponsibleness. ❋ Arnold Bennett (1899)

The rough banks along the street had been levelled and sodded; young maples, set in rows, already made a long festoon of gold against the dingy house-fronts; and the houses themselves -- once so irreclaimably outlawed and degraded -- showed, in their white-curtained windows, their flowery white-railed yards, a growing approach to civilized human dwellings. ❋ Edith Wharton (1899)

It gave, moreover, a new and larger content to that doctrine by its applicability, not only to the peoples which are at present in the van of civilisation, but also to those which have lagged far behind and may appear irreclaimably barbarous -- thus potentially including all humanity in the prospect of the future. ❋ Unknown (1894)

It was after this episode he fell utterly from grace and went forth to the frontier irreclaimably ❋ Charles King (1888)

The last King of Dunk Island -- known to the whites as "Jimmy" -- was a tall, lanky man, irreclaimably truculent, incapable of recognising the dominance of those who bestowed his Christian name. ❋ Unknown (1887)

One irreclaimably addicted to drunkenness or some similarly destructive or offensive habit. ❋ Ambrose Bierce (1878)

If, again, we were hopelessly provincial, if we were irreclaimably given over to vulgarity, we could find out all about it from the latest English traveler, or the review of his work that had appeared in the latest English periodicals. ❋ Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury (1876)

Besides this inevitable moral destitution, we (p. 090) were irreclaimably given over to vulgarity. ❋ Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury (1876)

Only his fatal bashfulness, his irreclaimably retiring disposition, could have kept him silent in such circumstances. ❋ Various (1876)

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