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    I wish they would make the Quaran required reading, then everyone would realize that islam is not the religion of peace and tolerance, you like to make it out to be.. [Think Progress » Right-wing Texas Education Board accidentally bans popular children’s book author.]

    The term "religion of peace" means that once everyone has submitted to islam (the word islam means submission; that is why Theo van Goch called his movie about it "Submission"), there will be peace.. [Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair said: “I...]

    I know the link contains the word islam, but please do not be prejudicial.. [On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...]

    By the way, Osama believes the same thing you do, except he just believes conversion to islam is the answer.. [Think Progress » Note to Lieberman: The Iraqis Want A Timetable]

    MizzWrong actually praised bush for saying ‘islam is a religion of peace’, because he said that lie was good to get a jump on the evil religion of islam.. [Think Progress » Breaking: Bush To Unveil “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq” Tommorow]

    August 9, 2005 at 4: 23 pm moderate islam is the goose.. [Preaching terrorism « BuzzMachine]

    Hilary donned a burka, Chelsea studied islam, and Willie chanted islam is peace and invited terrorists to the Whitehouse and he and his democrats sipped wine with them.. [Everything old is old again « BuzzMachine]

    Also Pope Benedict deserves some credit for refusing to chant that islam is peace lie.. [Digg courage « BuzzMachine]

    | Reply seems like islam is the only religion that you cant offend without getting killed or “jihaded”. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Burger King recalls ’sacrilegious’ desserts]

    Report Abuse shut up ur mouth those who are against of Islam its all the policy of your own countries that they make terrorist by the name of islam Report Abuse Do we need more people like this in the USA ?. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

    Closely related to the word islam is the Arabic word salam, which means "peace.". [Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]]

    [3] The word islam means "submission" in Arabic and refers to the submission of one's will to the will of God.. [Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]]

    The right and duty of participation is what we mean by "citizenship," and the distinction between political and religious communities can be summed up by the view that the former are composed of citizens, whereas the latter are composed of subjects who have "submitted" (which is the primary meaning of the word islam).. [Augean Stables]

    DarthKool fox news here keeps mentioning the word islam and muslim. [ Reviews]

    Or it could be something as simple as muslims using this cartoon to expose the fear of those who have no backbone in defending free speech/freedom of expression where islam is concerned, (but real brave attacking ‘Christian nutjobs’) while at the same time Arabic media is free to use anti-Jewish and anti-Christian cartoons because we must be taught that islam is superior and we dhimmi must comply when muslims use fear, intimidation, threats and violence to cow infidels into submission.. [The radical culture of offense « BuzzMachine]

    ANd to all those who speak of the dajjal go educate yourselves you know nothing of him or of his coming, you all a bunch of idiots no wonder islam is in so much trouble from dumbasses like you. shahid Says:. [Baby Warning Instructions]

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