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Definitions of "ism"

  • Informal A distinctive doctrine, system, or theory: "Formalism, by being an 'ism,' kills form by hugging it to death” ( Peter Viereck). noun
  • A belief that can be described by a word ending in -ism. noun
  • Specifically, a form of discrimination, such as racism or sexism. noun
  • A doctrine or theory; especially, a wild or visionary theory. noun
  • A doctrine, theory, system, or practice having a distinctive character or relation: chiefly used in disparagement: as, this is the age of isms; to set up an ism. noun
  • A suffix implying the practice, system, doctrine, theory, principle, or abstract idea of that which is signified or implied by the word to which it is subjoined: as, dogmatism, spiritualism, socialism, Atticism, Americanism, Gallicism, terrorism, vandalism, republicanism, Mormonism, being especially common in nouns so formed from names of persons and designating theories, as Benthamism, Comtism, Darwinism, etc., or theories associated with practice, especially in words of temporary use, as Cæsarism, Jacksonism, Grantism, etc., such temporary words being formed as occasion requires, in unlimited numbers. Such words are usually accompanied by a noun of the agent in -ist, and an adj. in -istic, and often by a verb in -ize. See these suffixes. noun
  • a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school noun

The word "ism" in example sentences

I am shocked by the prejudices this camapaign has brought out from "under the jAmerican bed" and it seems the strongest "ism" is sexism.. [Dean slams media coverage as he opens meeting]

As the use of the term ism more clearly defines Mao’s contribution than the term “thought”, many parties in India and the world too switched to ‘ism’.. [A Maoist critique of the CPI(Marxist)]

The use of the term ism is more scientific than that of “thought” and more aptly defines Mao’s contribution to proletarian theory; and just because the then CPC used “thought”, and there was no use of the term Maoism during Mao’s lifetime as mentioned by Biswas, does not mean that we should mechanically copy what was done then.. [A Maoist critique of the CPI(Marxist)]

My favorite Randy-ism is that the opposition is all being orchestrated by Westsidaz and downtown types.. [Fireman Randy's new BFF (Jack Bog's Blog)]

As I said before pure anything-ism is a bad thing.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » So a Libertarian and a Liberal Walk into a Bar]

Like Randy, who noticed that ‘Laffer curve-ism is still alive in well in the best circles of the conservative elite,’ I find the idea that conservatives know more about economics than some other group hilarious.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The Further Left You Are the Less You Know About Economics:]

SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, FACISM – which ism is it today?. [Poll: No change in Obama's approval on health care]

In my concerted effort to learn more about my new cellphone, I am left wondering why iPhone-ism is so hard to obtain in the world of electronic consumer gadgets.. [Gil Laroya: The Reach For iPhone-ism Continues]

This unspoken piece of down-home Untouchable-ism is the great un-equalizer for us as a nation.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

Do you feel blatant babe-ism is a problem in the world of deer hunting tv?. [Deer Hunting Divas]

In any case, it was pretty necessary to put a brake the pan-Latin Americanism that was going to become a threat to the West sooner or later.. [Matthew Yglesias » Carter on Gaza]

I always thought Augusto Pinochet did a rather swell job of putting the wind out of the pan-Latin Americanism, which was stupid in any case.. [Matthew Yglesias » Carter on Gaza]

‘End of History’ism is always embarrassing and something of a failure.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Gaza Tunnels]

Anyone who cites much less enjoys this exhibition of utter moron-ism is undoubtedly even STUPIDER than the hosts, which is a evolutionary travesty.. [Think Progress » Republicans use failed terrorist attack as excuse to further delay Dawn Johnsen’s confirmation.]

Whether it's The New York Times wondering how wayward millenials can be so misguided and unemployed, or any other dour news magazine questioning the real worth of a hard-earned college degree, this age-ism is pervasive.. [Ilana Ross: Your Youth: A Time To Make Mistakes (That Will Haunt Your Political Career Forever)]

He was the maximum expression of Latin Americanism and solidarity with the emancipation cause of the Cuban people.. [Raul Castro Welcomes Internationalists]

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