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Definitions and meanings of "Issues"

What do we mean by issues?

The action or an instance of flowing or coming out, an outflow, particularly:

Someone or something that flows out or comes out, particularly:

The means or opportunity by which something flows or comes out, particularly:

The place where something flows or comes out, an outlet, particularly:

The action or an instance of sending something out, particularly:

Any question or situation to be resolved, particularly:

The action or an instance of concluding something, particularly:

The end result of an event or events, any result or outcome, particularly:

The action or an instance of feeling some emotion.

The action or an instance of leaving any state or condition.

Fancy and elegant way to say "problems". It is so used nowadays, that people often feel proud and want everyone to know about them. Urban Dictionary

Type One Issue: That component of a your character that is screwed up due to a previous relationship. Type Two Issue: That component of a your character which will be screwed up due to your current relationship. Type Three Issue: What your current boyfriend or girlfriend has when your Type One Issue gets in the way of their attempts to give you a Type Two Issue. Urban Dictionary

Euphemism used in human dynamics, including but not limited to romances, workplaces and general social discourse. It is used by X, who is miffed at Y’s refusal to be manipulated by X or act in a way that X wishes them to. X is socially precluded from saying, “Damn! Y won’t bend to my will, which is the only thing that matters! Me! ME! MEEEEEE!!!!! Curses!”, and so, rather, quietly responds with the back of the verbal hand, slyly denigrating Y as having “issues”. The “issue”, of course, is that Y has enough character or determination not to dance like a monkey to X’s tune. The term is non-gender specific, as both men and women are likely to use it in some form or another. Urban Dictionary

1. Topics for discussion or debate. 2. Euphemism for "problems" used by women and effeminate men. These people want to appear to be too polite to say "problems," so they say "issues." Urban Dictionary

A word that was used in the mid nineteen-nineties by mostly loud-mouthed ghetto fabulous women or classless effeminate males. "Issues" is a word that was frequently used by guests of talk shows of the mid nineteen-nineties. Issues is mainly used to describe someone who has numerous problems and problematic circumstances in their life. Furthermore, if one has issues, or an issue, it is most likely a result of their own psychopathic tendencies. Urban Dictionary

Social 'issues' that a 'battler' labours under... Urban Dictionary

Word that is used to descirbe your feelings that someone should be seeking help in the mental sence Urban Dictionary

Substitute problems for people who have no real life worries. problems that would not exist if the "issuee" would only stop thinking about them, unlike authentic problems such as hunger, disease, poverty etc. Urban Dictionary

Some1 wit unresolved problemz Urban Dictionary

Particularly popular amongst teens, especially teenage males who are not emotionally happy for no particular reason. What you would have if you find yourself listening to Linkin Park or Korn constantly. Have issue>listen to that shit>leads to more of issues>listen to more of that shit Urban Dictionary

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The word "issues" in example sentences

Of course, Hillary is completely tone deaf on these issues, so she'll keep pushing it, and the media will keep pushing it up because the alternative would be to focus on * issues* or something boring like that. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This individual will work closely with Art, Design and Project Management to determine priorities for the project and execute those priorities • Design and implementation of high level network code for next-generation console title • Become the "go to" person for all network engineering-related technical issues • Organize and participate in regular code reviews• Help identify and solve complicated productivity issues• Participate in/lead cross-disciplinary meetings and solve problems• Identify and work with external technology as needed to improve the game's functionality and/or productivity ❋ Unknown (2009)

The word issues from my lips before I can think what else I want to say to go along with it. ❋ Carol Sklenicka (2009)

As a liberal and a feminist, I am aware that the assumption of collective uniformity of belief on certain issues is a big turn off to a lot of generally like-minded folks. ❋ Unknown (2006)

I do this because I care about the country and believe that integrity in issues is more important than deception to win. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Attracting new posters who are interested in issues is good. ❋ Unknown (2005)

One of the main issues is the signal to noise ratio. ❋ Unknown (2005)

“I do this because I care about the country and believe that integrity in issues is more important than deception to win.” ❋ Unknown (2005)

The label issues content that is considered of interest to serious Elvis fans and collectors and is generally not part of mainstream releases. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The delay seems to indicate that the label issues are more important than side effects, with an ultimate approval coming. ❋ Jon Ogg (2010)

Conflating the issues is about criminalizing hardworking people. ❋ Unknown (2010)

This issues is about a HUGE EGO dumfounded that the whole world doesn't know who he is and expected special treatment ....... it's not about race. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Who I support doesn't matter because their stand on the issues is almost identical. ❋ Unknown (2008)

If you are disgruntled because your (or my) candidate does not get the nomination I don't see how you could just throw the issues out of the window and vote for someone who's stand on the issues is the polar opposite of these two candidates. ❋ Unknown (2008)

And while I do enjoy your persona of iconoclast, you can't claim your take on the issues is any less political than mine. ❋ Unknown (2008)

She speaks and thinks with the Word of God; the Word of God becomes her word, and her word issues from the Word of God. ❋ Unknown (2008)

[Poor bastard]... he has problems. I, have issues. I don't have drug problems, I have [chemical] [dependancy] issues. ❋ BlackBMX (2006)

Example: Any [furious] [domestic] [argument]; see your own life for examples. You probably have issues about it. ❋ Seeker6079 (2006)

Example 1: [John Doe] has tried to [inveigle] Jane [Moe] into bed. She says no. [Thwarted], John Doe sneers that, “well, you know, Jane Moe has Issues regarding strong men”, pejoratively implying lesbian tendencies . Reality: John Doe is an irritating, self-satisfied [blowhard] and well worth avoiding. Example 2: Jane Fictional has tried to alter the conduct of her boyfriend, John Examplefellow. He refuses to make changes that are, in her view, necessary to improve the relationship; he has reasons for doing so, based on his experience(s) and/or view(s), and presents them. Jane will complain to her friends that John “can’t move forward because he has Issues”. Reality: she is [nettled] that she is unable to “fix the rules” of the relationship, and ascribes this not to controlling tendencies on her part but to nonexistent problems on his. Translation Assistance. When one hears the phrase “(s)he has issues…”, mentally edit the phrase to read “(s)he won’t [do what I want]” and see if that more accurately describes the real outlook of the speaker. If it does, you have identified and isolated the Euphemism, and can run for shelter at your best speed. ❋ Seeker6079 (2005)

Joe: "[I have issues]." [Schmoe]: "You have ISSUES?! What are you, some kind of [girly man]? Women have issues. Men have PROBLEMS." Joe: "Oh, you're such an issuephobe!" ❋ Sneaky Snyde (2005)

"That alcoholic skank over there had two abortions and gave up her third child for [adoption]. She's out at a bar wasted and not even her boyfriend will take her home. That girl [be havin'] issues." "That fat broad is telling everyone she is a lawyer even though she is serving me drinks behind the bar. She thinks everyone believes her. That girl has issues that she needs to deal with [right away]." ❋ Miss Priss Gal (2007)

[BOD] has more issues than [the N].Y. [Times] ❋ Slammer (2003)

[you got some] issues [man]! ❋ Mutley The Dog (1999)

1: i need an excuse to listen to [anti-conformist] music 2: why? 1: so i can be cool 2: *SLAPS!!* 1: i cut myself... 2: why?! 1: it's my "self abusive [coping] strategy" 2: *[ONE INCH] SLAPZ!!!!* ❋ Skunky (2004)

u [got] [sum] issuez? [get sum] tissuez ❋ Supa (2003)

Man, [that kid's] got issues! That's the [fifty] second time he's listened to [Hybrid Theory] since this morning! ❋ Peezee-Ark (2003)

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