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Definitions of "ixtle"

  • Variant of istle. noun
  • A Mexican name for a variety of Agave rigida, which furnishes a strong coarse fiber; also, the fiber itself, which is called also pita, and Tampico fiber. noun
  • The fine, soft fiber of the bromeliaceous plant Bromelia sylvestris. noun
  • Same as istle. noun

The word "ixtle" in example sentences

The procedure to prepare and to spin ixtle was learned from their ancestors: it is extracted with cazanga, washed, dried, tarabilla, and spun.. [Mexican equipales, seated through the ages Zacoalco de Torres]

Each year the bullring is constructed from saplings tiled together with 'ixtle' or cord from the maguey cactus.. [Colima: City of the Palms]

The raw materials used to make textiles are divided into two groups: smooth fibers such as silk, cotton and wool, introduced to the American continent by the Conquistadors, and hard fibers native to Mexico such as ixtle, lechuguilla, tule, palm, twigs, reed, and willow.. [The artesanias of Michoacan - an introduction]

In the less fertile regions, maguey was the tribute of choice, yielding the much loved beverage pulque, and the fibrous thread ixtle, used in pre-Hispanic times to make textiles.. [The Cuisine of Hidalgo: Spanning Climates and Cultures]

The bountiful maguey provided the thorn with which to embroider and sew the garments, ixtle fiber for mecates (ropes), hamacas and other coarse fabrics.. [History Of Oaxaca - Pre-hispanic Era]

Traditionally the frame of the equipal is joined with ixtle, a type of vegetal fiber removed from the maguey cactus.. [Mexican equipales, seated through the ages Zacoalco de Torres]

_ixtle_, and there are many _haciendas_ engaged in this remunerative branch of agriculture.. [Mexico Its Ancient and Modern Civilisation, History, Political Conditions, Topography, Natural Resources, Industries and General Development]

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@difartesaniaSLP: Ixtle y piedra, una bonita combinación artesanal. #SLP #HechoEnSanLuisPotosi #decoracion

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  • Pronunciations(ĭsˈlē, ĭstˈ-)
  • Character5
  • Hyphenation ix tle


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