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Strong ass marijuana  Urban Dictionary

Answering in the afermative  Urban Dictionary

Internet chat abbreviation for "in your estimation" (similar to iyo)  Urban Dictionary

The shy but bold person fun if u get to know them; super moody; she will not express her feelings but u can read them thru expressions, a very loving and giving person; gets annoyed with herself quite often; u can't get mad at her but ppl are scared of her; tend to take impulsive decisions they might regret later; intelligent and smart; will make inappropriate jokes at the wrong time.  Urban Dictionary

Its you  Urban Dictionary

It is person who puts others priorities over them and is alway smiling. They are the center of attention and everyone loves them but they cant say the same for themselves. Them.are very insecure and have trust issues  Urban Dictionary

No u in weeab language.  Urban Dictionary

Can replace "that's what she said!" for a much easier joke.  Urban Dictionary

An inverse, reversed yo-yo effect  Urban Dictionary

RYAN TEH HUGE ANUS!  Urban Dictionary

The word "iye" in example sentences

How to use iye in a sentence? Example sentences with the iye, a sentence example for iye, and how to make iye in sample sentence, how do I use the word iye in a sentence? How do you spell iye in a sentence?

Ai will try tu keep a betterer iye awn mai profyle, so let meh kno iffn ur innerested in gettin tugebber! ❋ Unknown (2010)

Papaz keepin an iye awn dem insyde, wyol ai sleeps teh day away daonstayrz. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Peeps wud need mind an iye bleech – Whut has been seen,Cannot be unseen ❋ Unknown (2008)

Ifinkso I take her up to bed wiv me nao so I can keep a iye awn her froo teh nite. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Ithi into eyayiyintsomi ivele – ithi into eyayilibali, nelivo lakudala, ivele – ithi into eyakha yabonwa, yaviwa, yenziwa, ilisiko lohlanga, iphume iye kweso sitya sasekhaya namhla – iye kubekwa khona. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Le mfundiso mayehle iye ezikolweni - mawangalayitwa amagumbi xa kungekho sidingo soko. ❋ Unknown (2007)

I-Universal Services Agencies iye yasebenzisana noluntu lwase Kaladokhwe ukuze kusekwe eli ziko. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Sekela somlomo, Mphathiswa, malungu abekekileyo ale ndlu yembeko ndiziva ndinolonwabo nochulumanco ukuxoxa kule ngxoxo mpikiswano yolwabiwo mali yelisebe kuba ndinegunya endilizwe ngalo ngumbutho wesizwe iANC ukuba ndiwuxhase, kwakhona sekela somlomo intliziyo yam iyadloba ngaphakathi kuba eli sebe kule minyaka ilishumi iye yafakela umongo ekukhuliseni ulawulo lwesininzi ngophuhliso ethe yalenza. ❋ Unknown (2004)

THis exercise profitable to _Rhetorike_, is an Ora - cio [n] that collecteth and representeth to the iye, that which he sheweth, so Priscianus defineth it: some are of that opinion, that descripcion is not to bee placed emo [n] g these exercises, profitable to _Rhetorike_. ❋ Richard Rainolde (N/A)

I knewe before the brickell state, how kyngdomes ruine caught, my iye the chaunge of fortune sawe, as Priamus did aduaunce his throne, by fauour Fortune gat, on other For - tune then did froune, whose kingdom did decaie. ❋ Richard Rainolde (N/A)

All thynges that maie be seen, with the iye of man, tou - ched, or with any other sence apprehended: that maie be prai - sed, or dispraised. ❋ Richard Rainolde (N/A)

[Sidenote: The choise of a wife.] naunce sober, a constaunt iye, and with shamefastnes beau - tified, a mouthe vttering fewe woordes discretlie. ❋ Richard Rainolde (N/A)

When the heads of the Minamoto and the Taira families were appointed provincial governors in the Kwanto, they trained their servants in the use of arms, calling them iye-no-ko (house-boys) or rodo (retainers), and other local magnates purchased freedom from molestation by doing homage and obeying their behests. ❋ Dairoku Kikuchi (1886)

¶ Grauus is a fisshe that hath an iye aboue on hys hede, and therw {i} t {h} he loketh vp, and saueth hym from the {m} that wyll eat hym. liii. ❋ Frederick James Furnivall (1867)

Please pray. destynations Slh ngetwitt RT @mikhaaD: iye tauu RT ❋ Unknown (2010)

Maitiro akadaro anoita kuti titye kukuisai pachigaro nekuti mnenge moratidza kuti tikakupai chigaro muchaita saMugabe asingateereri vanhu zvavanoda anoti isu tinoda chikafu, mabasa, mishonga nefundo iye anoramba achingouya nesovreignity - kutadza kusangana nesu pazvido zvedu. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Ini handina izvozvo kana ndavakukwira Thatekile pfungwa dzangu nekufunga kwangu dzinenge dziri pane Thatekile iye no matter how she luks like. ❋ Unknown (2009)

(Nigga) 1:iye got me [bugged out].....[fuck man], I'm [tweaking] balls!!! (Nigga) 2:man you ripped on some strong ass marijuana...just lay about all day..... ❋ Sgcn (2015)

did ya see that lad [giv] ya the [fingas]?iyedid ya floor him??iye[do u] only say yes?iye ❋ Ryan Maxwell (2008)

How much [money] [do you] [think] he makes iye? ❋ Tragbe (2010)

she's such an iy ❋ Balipoli Bahubali (2021)

[Well] [iy] Its me? [Yeah] ❋ Nailder10040042 (2021)

[Ur] a [iy] ❋ Hs17 (2021)

Bob:" your mom [baka] [lole]" [Terrence]:" iye kimi" ❋ KuroBae (2018)

[Guy1]: That's [pretty big], I don't think it can fit! Guy2: Iy-Yah! Guy1:...[Grow up]... ❋ Bologerson (2009)

In Yo iy, [what goes up must come down] [and what] is [thrown] you must keep. ❋ Hercolena Oliver (2010)

[RYAN] IS [A ASSHOLE]! [YI RYAN IY] ❋ Epic Jimmy O (2010)

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