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What do we mean by junoesque?

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Junoesque is a feminine word for beautiful. girls who have a junoesque quality tend to be stunning in a strong and warm way. someone who is junoesque can pull of anything, and glows when the sun sets and rises. to be marked of stately beauty one is usually unaware of. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Junoesque

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The word "junoesque" in example sentences

She was what is called junoesque, broad-shouldered and full-breasted, which was less common then than it is now, and it seemed to me she liked the look of Harry Flashman. ❋ Fraser, George MacDonald, 1925- (1969)

Olivia, her junoesque proportions squeezed between a stout matron carrying a bag full of things with sharp edges and a small, thin man with a sniff, al lowed her thoughts to wander to the pleas anter aspects of life. ❋ Neels, Betty (1994)

· Add 40 kinds of jewelry pictures onto your photo, which makes you photo more junoesque. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"[that girl] is all junoesque" ❋ Souffle Master (2022)

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What does junoesque mean?

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