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Hyphenation kail
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Definitions and meanings of "Kail"

What do we mean by kail?

Any cabbage, greens, or vegetables.

A broth made with kale or other vegetables; hence, any broth; also, a dinner.

Commonly confused with the leafy green but does like to smoke it. This female has a super power and she can taste the rainbow. She is a bad bitch. Urban Dictionary

An elite word for "kill" Urban Dictionary

Kaile is definitely the motherly one of the friend group. She’s the type to make sure everybody is okay, and if you’re not okay, rest assured she’ll notice. She’s very sensitive but has a big heart. Small circle but is very passionate towards them. She bakes too! Urban Dictionary

A real funny, down-to-earth, sweet, innocent girl; you will meet her and love her; any guy would be lucky to have her Urban Dictionary

Very funny, great to be around. Extremely athletic. All of the girls love him. He usually has a massive cock. Urban Dictionary

Kail is a super funny girl, who is always meeting new friends and becoming closer to her present friends. She has amazing friends right now and they all care for her. She is pretty and sweet. Likes to defend herself and try's to always help others. Kail is the best person you will meet as a friend! Everyone should have a person like Kail in their like. Urban Dictionary

When a person fights in an argument completely one sided. For example "Dragon ball is better than TenSura" but they've only seen DB and never watched TenSura Urban Dictionary

Commonly used for dudes but sometimes a girl gets named Kaile too. You pronounce it as Kaileigh for girls. Guys who wear this name are often the-neighboor-next-door-chill-skateboard-dudes with long locks, no shirt and has a go with the flow approach to life. Girls with this name usually are the tomboys of the class. Vans, ripped skate board pants and beachy waves hair. They usually try to be more feminine but their true nature shows they’re too chill for that. They usually game allot and are truely funny sarcastic and quite sadistic by nature. A cool chick that can be seen as one of the dudes in a friendgroup. Urban Dictionary

Lame ass bitch but funny and very beutiful Urban Dictionary

The best sister in the world. she loves skateboarding and dancing(: she is like really good at dancing tho like omg im jealous. she gets scared really easily. but i love her. black guys seem to like her but thats just cuz she takes after her big sister Lauryn. she thinks she kinda gangster but,she isnt(: jk she totally is! i love megan!! Urban Dictionary

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The word "kail" in example sentences

The chief building, called the kailás, ... is a great monolithic temple, isolated from surrounding rock, and carved outside as well as in .... ❋ George Gordon Byron Byron (1806)

In other instances, while the fibrous framework of the leaf retains its usual degree of development, the cellular parenchyma is developed in excess, and, if the increase is so arranged that the number of superposed layers of the cellular tissue is not increased, or their thickness exaggerated, then we get such leaves as those of the "kail," or of the "Savoys" leaves, which are technically called by descriptive botanists "folia bullata." ❋ Maxwell T. Masters (N/A)

Ida nee mosu iha Atauro bainhira iha inaugurasan ba kompetisaun internasional kail ikan … …. asaun viola direitus humanus neebe labele tolera iha ita nia rain. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Konkreetselt meile tähendas see kolme tundi tuuldumist Kuivastu sadama kail. ❋ Ulmeguru (2010)

Ryan on Jul 20, 2008 dear kail … … … … …. sure its a comic book movie, but this is the only superhero movie i have seen that I can safely say that I actually completely forgot it WAS a comic book movie. ❋ Unknown (2008)

“Our kail is like to be cauld eneugh too,” he reflected, as the chorus of “Cauld Kail in Aberdeen” again reached his ears. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Like those of the lowest order of pawnbrokers, a commodity of rusty iron, a bay or two of hobnails, a few odd shoe-buckles, cashiered kail-pots, and fire-irons declared incapable of service, are quite sufficient to set him up. ❋ Unknown (2008)

“But the moon, and the dew, and the night-wind, they are just like a caller kail-blade laid on my brow; and whiles I think the moon just shines on purpose to pleasure me, when naebody sees her but mysell.” ❋ Unknown (2007)

The writer is doubtless correct in supposing that this utensil was originally employed for cooking kail or cabbage and other green stuff. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The tripod seems to be substantially identical with what was known in Nidderdale as the kail-pot. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The kail-pot, as it was called, was used for cooking pies, and was buried bodily in burning peat. ❋ Unknown (2006)

“They are a veery fine young kail, that always pays for planting.” ❋ Richard Doddridge (2004)

How they lived without kail, it is not easy to guess: They cultivate hardly any other plant for common tables, and when they had not kail they probably had nothing. ❋ Unknown (2003)

They jist worked tae get some kitchen tae their kail. ❋ Unknown (2000)

Josephine ("Kitty's eldest, " Jamie observed in an aside to me) was so inspired, indeed, as to engineer a raid upon the chicken-coop, wherefrom she and her Cousins all emerged bedecked with feathers, mud from the kail-yard being employed in lieu of war-paint. ❋ Gabaldon, Diana (1997)

CAPERCA'ILZIE, _s. _ (pronounced _cap-per-kail-zeh_) cock of the wood ❋ Various (N/A)

All kinds of cabbage or kail are anti-scorbutic agents. ❋ Charles Elm�� Francatelli (N/A)

As the swinged person approaches the swinger, he exclaims, _Ei mi tu chal_, 'I'll eat your kail.' ❋ William Francis Dawson (N/A)

To this the swinger replies, with a violent shove, _Cha ni u mu chal_, 'You shan't eat my kail.' ❋ William Francis Dawson (N/A)

[Swag Money] [Kail] ❋ Chaddington (2017)

Why [dese] [faggot ass] n00bs trying to kail me. I stubbed my toe on a pillow, it kail. Nothing much, just [kailing] n00bs, you? Hey bitches, I just totally kail you. ❋ DYSCRETE (2009)

Kaile - a name [Ruth]: “guys where did Kaile go?” [Rex]: “she’s with her [hubby]” ❋ Smoothiesways (2021)

Kaile is a [real] [down-to-earth] [girl]. ❋ Bluebelle217 (2009)

[Damn] [that guy over there] [must be] a Kail ❋ KailPetrov (2018)

Kail is [one of] [the best friends] [someone] could have! ❋ Musekan (2017)

[Bro], you [kailing] ❋ Dilp (2021)

Person 1: Have you met Kaile? The girl? Person 2: She’s [way cool] dude [I see] her as my [bruh]. ❋ 6_Dana1703_ (2020)

[you are] so kaile ❋ Chicken Poppie (2020)

[Megan] Kail- "[yo my nigga] [whats good]?" Lauryn-"dont say that your not gangster" ❋ Laurynisbomb (2011)

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