Definitions and meanings of "Kami"

What do we mean by kami?

Any of the sacred beings worshiped in Shintoism, conceived as spirits abiding in natural phenomena and sometimes in people with extraordinary qualities. noun

A lord; a title applied by the Japanese to daimios and governors. noun

A term used by the Japanese to designate all the gods or celestial beings who formed and peopled Japan; the descendants of these gods, the mikados and the imperial family, as terrestrial kami; and such heroes and worthies as have been deified by the mikados. noun

capitalized =Chin. shin, god, spirit. The name used by the Protestant missionaries and the native Protestant Christians of Japan for the Supreme Being; God: the term used by Roman Catholics is Tenshu, or Lord of Heaven, whence Roman Catholics are known as the Tenshū -kio, or ‘Lord-of-Heaven sect.’ noun

A title given to the celestial gods of the first mythical dynasty of Japan and extended to the demigods of the second dynasty, and then to the long line of spiritual princes still represented by the mikado. noun plural

An animistic God or spirit in the Shinto religion of Japan. noun

A basic origami paper, usually printed with a colour or pattern on one side. noun

One the Shinto deities (including mythological beings, spirits of distinguished men, forces of nature) noun

An animistic God or spirit in the Shinto religion of Japan.

The metaphysical causal generator of motion, life, or divinish aura.

The Japanese word for a god or deity as well as paper. If used in the context of god, "Kami" refers to any god, while "Kami-sama" refers to "the" god.  Urban Dictionary

The Japanese word for a god or deity.  Urban Dictionary

The most prettiest girl ever! she makes everyone laugh and so nice. she is great at sports and can do anything to make someone happy!  Urban Dictionary

The Japanese word for a god or deity. "Kami" refers to any such being, while "kami-sama" refers to "the" god.  Urban Dictionary

A very beautiful girl with a great body and the person i love with all my heart a person you cant help but fall in love with!!!  Urban Dictionary

Crazies friend you'll ever have, lovable, huggangle, ZETA BABY, trendy, beautful, and very friendly and outgoing. The best friend you could ever have. Often mistakes the word kiwi with pee-wee.  Urban Dictionary

The japanese word for hair, perhaps its because the word means both "diety", "god" and hair, that hair is so usual in japanese horrormovies.  Urban Dictionary

Big Dork  Urban Dictionary

Someone who constantly masturbates with a hello kitty vibrator  Urban Dictionary

A girl who is uh, just a girl.  Urban Dictionary

The word "kami" in example sentences

How to use kami in a sentence? Example sentences with the kami, a sentence example for kami, and how to make kami in sample sentence, how do I use the word kami in a sentence? How do you spell kami in a sentence?

kami menantikanye dr camera imal..uhuhu psl hal buka puasa aritu,jgn amik hati sgt la..kami x rasa pe2 pun..asalkan kami enjoy buka sesama dhla..   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Philosophical Magazine, published in T [= o] ki [= o], a Japanese writer, Mr. Kenjir [= o] Hiradé, states also that the term kami does not necessarily denote a spiritual being, but is only a relative term meaning above or high, but this respect toward something high or above has created many imaginary deities as well as those having a human history.   ❋ William Elliot Griffis (1885)

Belief in the kami is a folk tradition in Japan, repudiated or at best grudgingly tolerated by the major religions but still retaining a hold on the popular imagination.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

But the best are the tiny shrines, the little places that are used and loved by local people, who believe in kami, little mythical spirit beings, who live in the world with us and think and feel much as we do.   ❋ Heather McDougal (2007)

Tapos pumunta kami salibrary. .ilang oras rin kami dun ...   ❋ Unknown (2006)

Bila 'pass' maka kami akan mendapat copy transaksi, bila fail maka tidak akan ada transaksi.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Bila Anda tidak mencantumkannya, maka kami akan memasukkan Anda ke list cadangan, atau ke list yang mungkin tidak sesuai dengan harapan   ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Namun kami mampu mengakhiri permainan dengan angka 1-0 dan kami tahu bila kami mendapatkan angka kedua maka kami akan membunuh tim itu," katanya kepada Reuters.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

[...] dan hebatnya teman saya masuk 5 besar di kontes tersebut saya berharap agar kami bisa menang,, amin kenali dan kunjungi objek wisata di pandeglang adalah keyword yang kami targetkan jika kami mampu masuk di 10 besar maka kami akan memenangkan [...]   ❋ Unknown (2009)

It is more than probable that the Japanese term kami is the same as the Aino word _kamui_, and that the despised and conquered aboriginal savage has furnished the mould of the ordinary Japanese idea of god -- which even to-day with them means anything wonderful or extraordinary. [   ❋ William Elliot Griffis (1885)

It was not as if the roar of traffic or the hum of voices could not be heard, rather that the meditative sounds of the shrine - the bass bell calling the kami - the spirits, the sawing of the temple carpenter, the thin dissonance of traditional instruments - carried far more weight.   ❋ Lustbader, Eric Van (1992)

In so far as they had power they were called kami or gods, whether celestial or terrestrial.   ❋ William Elliot Griffis (1885)

Hosts sina Raymond Gutierrez, Carla Abellana at Dennis Trillo, pero nagtataka kami kung bakit wala sa guest si Jolina Magdangal na nag-host din ng StarStruck.   ❋ Nitz Miralles (2010)

Serlahkanlah bakat anda dan pasti kami akan terus menyokong.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Untuk setiap artikel di situs kami kami akan menampilkan iklan bertarget.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Dengan cara menghindari masalah teknis dan penggunaan istilah yang tidak perlu kami berharap kami akan dapat membantu pengguna untuk mendapatkan pengalaman terbaik ketika menggunakan software KDE   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Masa sekolah rendah, sambutan hari Guru adalah yang ditunggu2 oleh kami, sebab biasanya kami akan buat persembahan.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

"Untuk mencapainya, kami akan melakukan kampanye langsung maupun tidak langsung," kata Ito usai Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham (RUPS) Tahunan BEI di Jakarta, Rabu.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Kami no Kami (The paper god / the godly paper) ❋ 1337-speak (2004)

Oh Kami... ❋ Mongoose Dog Kami (2003)

Kami is the prettiest girl. ❋ Kami K (2018)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

My true love ❋ Brad Middleton (2004)

That girl is so outgoing she is a kami. ❋ Ms. Raych (2008)

Omai wa kami wa usagi des! ❋ Simon (2005)

Damn that girl is a kami ❋ Bob Saget (2003)

I wanna be a kami ❋ Rosie Odonnell (2003)

Kami is not a bad person! ❋ Kamaka (2003)

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