Definitions of "Keen"

Having a fine, sharp cutting edge or point. adjective

Having or marked by intellectual quickness and acuity. synonym: sharp. adjective

Acutely sensitive. adjective

Sharp; vivid; strong. adjective

Intense or bracing. adjective

Pungent; acrid. adjective

Ardent; enthusiastic. adjective

Eagerly desirous. adjective

Great; splendid; fine. adjective

A loud wailing or lament for the dead. noun

To wail in lamentation, especially for the dead. synonym: cry. intransitive verb

The word "Keen" in example sentences

At the same time she had not keen, she had only absorbing feelings of her rights; there was nothing _keen_ in lady Ann; neither sense nor desire, neither hope nor fear, neither joy nor sorrow, neither love nor hate. There & Back

Japan's prime minister is expressing what he calls keen remorse and heartfelt apologies for his country's role in World War II. CNN Transcript Aug 15, 2005

Thomas, who is not what I call keen about golf, preferred to remain before the fire. The Holiday Round

It was still raining in torrents after lunch, and Thomas, who is not what I call keen about golf, preferred to remain before the fire. Happy Days

"They've got what they call a keen sense of humour, you know." West Wind Drift

We remain keen to support the successful introduction of HD services on the DTT platform and are willing to consider a further round of consultation on the licence amendment if you could provide more information and evidence in the following three areas: BBC's outrageous plan to put DRM on TV broadcasts shot down in flames -- thanks to you! - Boing Boing

My first surprise was to find him described as a keen, all-round sportsman. My dad, the silent film star

The party in keen to get Lib Dems blogging but it takes courage. BritBlog Roundup

So keen is it to draw a parallel between the two periods that it shows a black-and-white photograph of a US tank in Saigon, artfully juxtaposed with a contemporary picture of an American tank in Baghdad. They can't help it

I have a certain keen sense of liberation, these days. The State of Canadian Capitalism: A Political View

In fact it may surprise you to know that Underwriters at Lloyd's are in keen competition with one another. Lloyd's Of London

His penetrating intuition was so clear and true and his grasp of the problem so keen from the start that none of his original ideas had to be revised. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1953 - Presentation Speech

His complexion was Italian; [28] his expression keen; his nose long, prominent; his mouth small, fine cut, and mobile; his eyes hazel, and penetrative; his skull a model for the sculptor. Albert Gallatin American Statesmen Series, Vol. XIII

I know well how keen is Toronto's interest in Imperial questions. Imperial Co-operation

Finally resuming the chair at my desk I feel in keen sympathy with my fellow-creatures, for I seem to see clearly again that all are akin. American Indian Stories

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