Character 4
Hyphenation keep
Pronunciations /kiːp/

Definitions and meanings of "Keep"

What do we mean by keep?

To retain possession of. intransitive verb

To have as a supply. intransitive verb

To provide (a family, for example) with maintenance and support. intransitive verb

To support (a mistress or lover) financially. intransitive verb

To put customarily; store. intransitive verb

To supply with room and board for a charge. intransitive verb

To raise. intransitive verb

To maintain for use or service. intransitive verb

To manage, tend, or have charge of. intransitive verb

To preserve (food). intransitive verb

To cause to continue in a state, condition, or course of action. intransitive verb

To maintain records in. intransitive verb

To enter (data) in a book. intransitive verb

To detain. intransitive verb

To restrain. intransitive verb

To prevent or deter. intransitive verb

The main tower of a castle or fortress, located within the castle walls.

The food or money required to keep someone alive and healthy; one's support, maintenance.

The act or office of keeping; custody; guard; care; heed; charge; notice.

The state of being kept; hence, the resulting condition; case.

That which is kept in charge; a charge.

A cap for holding something, such as a journal box, in place.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Keep

The word "keep" in example sentences

In case of falling into the water, the chief thing to do is to try to keep calm and to _keep your hands below your chin_. ❋ Woods Hutchinson (1896)

He returns in haalf an hour with everything I need, and brings back this book which I keep, -- remember, gentlemen, which I _keep_, -- a mark of confidence which in this degen'rate age is refreshin '. ❋ Francis Hopkinson Smith (1876)

If we are to _be_ in Christ when we are in Ephesus, we need to keep ourselves separate and faithful, and to _keep ourselves_ in ❋ Alexander Maclaren (1868)

Once, when I was very weak with sea-sickness and wanted to keep down a dinner which I had just eaten, they insisted upon it, that, if I would only put into my mouth a piece of fat pork, and _keep it there_, my dinner would stay in its place. ❋ Unknown (1856)

Berwickshire every hind was allowed to keep a few hens; and some of them actually removed for the sake of the _hen's keep_. ❋ Alexander Hislop (1836)

III. i.7 (62,9) [I do lose a thing, That none but fools would keep] [W: would reck] The meaning seems plainly this, that _none but fools would_ wish _to keep life_; or, _none but fools would keep_ it, if choice were allowed. ❋ Samuel Johnson (1746)

As far as I am concerned, like the Bonds, keep making the Bourne films and we’ll judge the quality, even a bad one will be better than most of the trash released nowadays..please make more..keep them coming! ❋ Unknown (2008)

Very emphatical, f Gum (minx aifto&a, kttpt With aU keeping, q.d. keep, keep* fit dottbfc guilds, yout* fceam wtll be gone elfe; And this vehemency of eifcfeffi* on, with * hictf the duty is urged, plainty implied ho*r difflciUf it is to keep our hearts, and how dangerous to let them go. v ❋ Unknown (1770)

The comments on MSNBC about Mr. Romney seemed to have been plucked straight from the Web site AMERICAblog, which noted on Tuesday that in the 1920s, K.K.K. literature employed the phrase "keep America American." ❋ By BRIAN STELTER (2011)

Give your video a title keep it short and include the celebrity's name ❋ Unknown (2011)

He only has to do 7 albums for them but doesn't the label keep any songs that were unreleased? ❋ Unknown (2009)

The best way to gaff a fish you plan to keep is to reach smoothly across its back with the gaff, keeping the point facing down, on the underside of the handle. ❋ Unknown (1999)

I come down to what you call keep my Christmas! indeed it is not in all the forms; I have stuck no laurel and holly in my windows, I eat no turkey and chine, I have no tenants to invite, I have not brought a single soul With me. ❋ Horace Walpole (1757)

The word "keep" is in harmony with Joh 8: 31, "If ye continue in My word," expressing the permanency, as a living and paramount principle, of that faith to which He referred: "never see death," though virtually uttered before (Joh 5: 24; 6: 40, 47, 51), is the strongest and most naked statement of a very glorious truth yet given. ❋ Unknown (1871)

In Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace don’t let the title keep you away; it’s not what it sounds like, Jennifer’s parents tell her some…surprising news. ❋ Unknown (2006)

So dear Kristin keep talking to your children and dog Braise in English. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But at the same time, your name keep coming up, and that's not good. ❋ Dan Steinberg (2011)

I keep wanting to use a French word for a Spanish one! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Ah, 2012 is looking like a good year for the Democrats for another win ... keep it up GOPers. ❋ Unknown (2009)

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