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Definitions of "keeper"

  • One that keeps, especially: noun
  • An attendant, a guard, or a warden. noun
  • One that has the charge or care of something: a lion keeper; the keeper of the budget. noun
  • Sports A goalkeeper. noun
  • Football A play made by the quarterback who keeps the ball after it is snapped and then runs with it. noun
  • Informal One that is worth keeping, especially a fish large enough to be legally caught. noun
  • One who keeps. noun
  • A person or thing worth keeping. noun
  • A person charged with guarding or caring for, storing, or maintaining something; a custodian, a guard. Short form of gamekeeper (Wikipedia). noun
  • The player charged with guarding a goal or wicket. Short form of goalkeeper, wicketkeeper. noun
  • A part of a mechanism that catches or retains another part, for example the part of a door lock that fits in the frame and receives the bolt. noun
  • An offensive play in which the quarterback runs toward the goal with the ball after it is snapped. noun
  • One who, or that which, keeps; one who, or that which, holds or has possession of anything. noun
  • One who retains in custody; one who has the care of a prison and the charge of prisoners. noun
  • One who has the care, custody, or superintendence of anything noun
  • One who remains or keeps in a place or position. noun
  • A ring, strap, clamp, or any device for holding an object in place noun
  • The box on a door jamb into which the bolt of a lock protrudes, when shot. noun
  • A ring serving to keep another ring on the finger. noun

The word "keeper" in example sentences

Selden says Al Sameri means “keeper,” and that Aaron was so called, because he was the _keeper_ or “guardian of the people.”. [Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook, Vol. 3]

If you go in our stores, you'll see that the product is in what we call keeper boxes.. []

A brief glance at my keeper shelf doesn't give me many ideas for recs, being the impossible-to-please gal that I am - but if you haven't already, I'd urge you to read The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe - the rest of the series (so far) wasn't in "keeper" territory for me, but the first installment is nothing short of enchanting.. [Winner: Hostage to Pleasure Release Contest]

The best archivist and memory keeper is the internet, the only place where the news lives without censure.. [Gail Vida Hamburg: Castle Owners of the Fourth Estate Flog Usurper, Julien Assange]

They also had a cabin keeper that cleaned the ducks and cooked them into wonderful meals only bad part was she was 86.. [Walk through your high rise fence, turn on your electric deer feeder, and into your climate controlled blind?]

With one touch and feint he outfoxed the centreback and took Song's cross under control, then spanked the ball past the keeper from the edge of the area.. [Arsenal v Shakhtar Donetsk – as it happened]

Another good consistent time keeper is the pulsar.. [Archive 2009-01-01]

But first, you tell me by what criteria a shop keeper is supposed to recognize who is and is not an interstate traveler.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The “Racist” Charge]

He's a great pick in keeper leagues, but don't pay top dollar for this year's version of a 2008 Joba Chamberlain.. [Fantasy Insider: Upton among several Rays with upside]

Especially in keeper leagues, the point of no return coincides with the trade deadline.. [Long fantasy season can be broken down into stages]

For those in keeper leagues, some leadoff men who haven't put up eye-popping numbers this season might make decent speculative acquisitions for next year.. [Leadoff hitters can carry extra value for fantasy teams]

Those in keeper leagues will instantly recognize the CC Sabathia - Matt LaPorta trade between the Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers as the kind that's made every year.. [Tools of trading can be constructive]

The keeper is always an option, but the system works better when TB Noel Devine and WRs Jock Sanders and Dorrell Jalloh are getting touches as well.. [Weekend Preview: Stakes are high as Big 12 race concludes]

However, his stock is higher in keeper leagues because he's one of the top two or three prospects in the game.. [Spring stats offer new view for fantasy rosters]

For this season, it's too late to put Swanay's ideas into practice, but in keeper leagues they can be a useful tool.. [Sherpa's sleepers could be a guide to victory next season]

For those in keeper leagues, there's plenty of time before decisions have to be made, but the process of assembling the best possible roster doesn't need to wait until pitchers and catchers report next spring.. [Sherpa's sleepers could be a guide to victory next season]

Keeper Translates

TurkishKeeper English to Turkish Translate
i. saklayan veya koruyan kimse; bekçi; gardiyan; bakıcı; uzun zaman dayanan şey. keeper of the King's conscience İngiltere'de başhakim.i. saklayan veya koruyan kimse; bekçi; gardiyan; bakıcı; uzun zaman dayanan şey. keeper of the King's conscience İngiltere'de başhakim.

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If they drive to you, yaaa gotta keeper.

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[MV] THE BOYZ(더보이즈) _ KeePer(지킬게) (Prod. PARK KYUNG(박경))
[MV] THE BOYZ(더보이즈) _ KeePer(지킬게) (Prod. PARK KYUNG(박경))
With Confidence - Keeper (Official Music Video)
With Confidence - Keeper (Official Music Video)

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  • Pronunciations(kēˈpər)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation keep er


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