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It is a proverbial saying, “He who has not seen Nikko must not use the word kek’ko” (splendid, delicious, beautiful); but of this more hereafter. Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

For the second time this week, someone had messed with the "kek" (that's two-year-old-speak for "cake").

I knew that our 13th wedding anniversary had come and gone, that we had not even had a moment to drink to our health and that the anniversary "kek" would remain untouched.

Aged, "the guttural grunts of disapproval from the mirza and the mudbake, and the impatient growls of" kek "(flea) from the khan, tell of their being at least partial companions in misery; but, being thicker-skinned, and withal well seasoned to this sort of thing, their sufferings are less than mine. Around the World on a Bicycle - Volume II From Teheran To Yokohama

The kek would sweep inwards as the van roared along the lane; bowing in obeisance. On the Verge

The peregrine pulls away, calling kek kek kek kek kek, and lands, hiding in a cage of branches and buds. A Year on the Wing

Fur uz lentz beez fortea daiz n nites xceptn sumdais- which is awlwaiz a holimaday- we epsicocats getz r lent n kek too! endz in holey weak which is nex week. holey weak iz alzo noen az “choir marafone weak” weiz pratize whensdai, singz thirstdai, frydai, n too timz on caterdai AN sumdai…..den weiz awl goez hom n SLEEPZ! I no can has cheezburger - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

While we're at Etsy, this rathergood /kek beanie also available in /moo! Gear

Pastu terus gi rumah An, tidur sana sebab Ahad nak pergi Shinjuku belajar buat kek. kieli at 7: 08 P.M. Friday, Feb. 01, 2008 - bersiaran dari Fuda kieli Diary Entry

Dahlah perlu berkelana jauh ke Shinjuku untuk belajar buat kek. kieli Diary Entry

Smaller the animal - less interest from the public but perhaps dolphins will be the ones that trigger a larger response that will affect the way we treat other animals too. kek Says: Hayden Panettiere Angers Annual Dolphin Slaughter

Trus "our last song ..." dan penonton ber - "yaaaahh .." nada kecewa kek ga ikhlas coz rasanya Kagrra cuman bentaran aja manggungnya mayoineko Diary Entry

Ato yah, paling ngga bilang dulu kek "jgn diedarkan" ato gimana gituh walo blom tentu diturutin siy = P mayoineko Diary Entry

The raucous kek-kek of the huge eagle was a terrifying thing, wings beating and talons ripping. Spirit Gate

On this occasion Koko's body vibrated excessively as they neared the gate, and when they reached the Art Center he did his imitation of a pileated woodpecker: a rapid-fire kek-kek-kek-kek-kek-kek-kek like an automatic weapon in the still night. The Cat Who Sang For The Birds

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