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Definitions of "kerplunk"

  • To fall with a sound like that of a heavy object falling rapidly into water. verb-intransitive
  • A kerplunking sound or movement. noun
  • A thudding or thunking sound. noun
  • A thudding or thunking sound. interjection
  • With a sudden ‘plunk’ or plunge.

The word "kerplunk" in example sentences

Instead, we get the "kerplunk" scene we knew we were getting from the end of last issue, Luthor revealing that he's actually kind of a bastard after all, members of Infinity II declaring twice in two pages that it sure is a good thing they still have their powers, and a lost-in-space scene that once again fails to advance that plot.. [Archive 2007-01-01]

She looks back at me after it makes a satisfying kerplunk.. [Jeanne Devon ("AKMuckraker"): Chuitna and the Curse of Coal]

A Saw type figure, played by Tyler Perry as Madea in a horrific Richard Nixon mask, taunts the survivors with his eerie song "kerplunk kerplunk, marbles on your head, I pull out another stick, and you'll be dead.". [Jilly Gagnon: New Movies From Mattel]

Slowly, but surely, that shitty little country is being driven to the sea, kerplunk.. [Matthew Yglesias » Obama on Iran]

I can actually feel a sort of ‘kerplunk’ when things fall into place and I GET IT.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » On the Drawbridge to “Yes”]

She flushed the toilet, and we all three stood there crowded into the little bathroom and watched the water swirl and kerplunk down the drainpipe and gurgle as the bowl and tank refilled themselves.. ["The Misses Moses," from my collection Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives (Norton 2010)]

Whereas most children burst from the tube with the power of a small explosion, I emerged as more of a dribble -- a soft kerplunk, followed by several desperate strokes toward Peter, who was confused by what had taken so long.. [Catherine Price: When Is Too Old for Waterslides?]

When I saw the pictures and video of a flooded Nashville in May 2010, my heart went kerplunk.. [Sue Frause: Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House Reopens in September After Historic Flooding]

I do believe that Carl fell in love with the kerplunk of the turd in the punch bowl.. [Michael Caputo, Carl Paladino's Aide, Now Knows What Went Wrong]

On the other hand, firms also eliminated nearly 29 million jobs, including an average of nearly 1.5 million businesses that were contracting each quarter and another 325,000 going out of businessIn other words, right off the hop 325,000 businesses go kerplunk and therefore pay no taxes.. [70% Of Corporations Pay No Taxes--Bullshit!]

Well, he stepped off the side of the wall and was in over his head, kerplunk!. [Learning to Swim]

"Registering To Comment With Blogger Sucks" can hold his breath and stomp his feet all he wants, but the MSM dead tree media continues to swirl around the loo on the verge of going kerplunk.. [The Pajamas Media blogging enterprise has collapsed.]

Everything after learning this unraveled mystery has seemed to fall flat — kerplunk!. [Buzzine » I Won’t Be Watching ‘Lost’ Anymore]

If Tuna had not detected the situation, themotor would have simply climbed up and up until it dropped kerplunk off thetransom into water that we knew was at least 699 feet deep.. [Howell Raines' South Pacific Marlin Fishing Adventure]

And this 15-story building in Savannah, Georgia, kerplunk.. [CNN Transcript Dec 15, 2007]

It was all right to challenge the crowd, but when all the soldiers of the A.E. F. were included I figured it was up to me to register a kerplunk for the Q.M. Johnson would have been champion yet if he hadn't tried to take in so much territory.. [The Stars and Stripes The American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War I, 1918-1919]

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