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Keystone Keystone (architecture), a central stone or other piece at the apex of an arch or vault The keystone effect, caused by projecting an image onto a surface at an angle, or by photography at an angle Keystone (cask), a fitting used in ale casks Keystone module, a type of data connector mounted in walls and patch panels Keystone species, species that have a larger effect on their environment than is purely due to their abundance Operation Keystone during World War II The Keystone asterism in the Hercules constellation Keystone Press Awards Keystone (limestone), quarried in the Florida Keys Keystone, a variety of screwdriver blade Keystone Initiative, a medical protocol to reduce infection rates Keystone Bituminous Coal Ass'n v. DeBenedictis, a leading American Supreme Court case on regulatory taking.

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Definitions of "keystone"

  • Architecture The central wedge-shaped stone of an arch that locks its parts together. Also called headstone. noun
  • The central supporting element of a whole. noun
  • The top stone of an arch. noun
  • A native or resident of the American state of Pennsylvania. noun
  • The central or topmost stone of an arch. This in some styles is made different in size from the other voussoirs, or projects, or is decorated with carving. See Illust. of arch. noun
  • The stone of an arch (typically the uppermost stone), which, being the last put in, is regarded as keying or locking the whole structure together; the stone at the apex of an arch. noun
  • Hence A supporting principle; the chief element in a system; that upon which the remainder rests or depends. noun
  • In chromolithography, the first stone on which the picture is drawn or photographed, to serve as an outline guide in preparing the other stones for the colors, a copy of the keystone being made on each stone for printing a single color. See lithography. noun
  • In a Scotch lead-smelting furnace, a block of cast-iron used to close up the space at each end of the forestone, and to fill up the space between the forestone and the back part of the furnace noun
  • the central building block at the top of an arch or vault noun
  • a central cohesive source of support and stability noun

The word "keystone" in example sentences

Someone has to hold the arch together while the keystone is put in place, or they are thrown together at a single time improbably falling neatly into place.. [Behe and Theistic Evolution]

Wolves are called keystone predators, because their presence or absence has a radical effect on a whole complex eco-system.. [Elizabeth Cunningham: Howl if You Love Gaia: Cristina Eisenberg's The Wolf's Tooth]

Along with home ownership, the BA is described as a keystone to the American Dream.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Comparing College to Home Ownership]

Plants are also described as keystone mutualists, which provide critical support to pollinators and dispersers.. [Species influences upon ecosystem function]

The Dell M109S includes a capability called keystone correction, a standard feature in most projectors that adjusts a projected image to give it the proper dimensions, rather than the trapezoidal shape that results when a projector is angled upward.. [Two New Devices Give Presentations Some Portability]

The more forward thinkers concerned themselves with population viability, not just with small areas versus large ones, and explored the notion of keystone species, meaning those plants and animals that might be especially crucial to maintaining the cohesion of an entire ecological community over time.. [The Song of The Dodo]

But Pennsylvania's so critical in presidential politics, it's fitting that it be called the keystone state.. [CNN Transcript Oct 17, 2004]

At its simplest, a keystone is a device for harvesting and storing power.. [The Outstretched Shadow]

Probation is of such importance that it has been termed the keystone of the juvenile court system.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8: Infamy-Lapparent]

Carved on each side of the niche above the keystone is a. [Fifth Avenue]

There on the keystone was the carved hand; beyond, over the arch within, the key; and remembering the legend that never would disaster come until the Hand had grasped the Key, I knew that this must be the Gate of Justice.. [The Car of Destiny]

United States, may be called the keystone of the whole constitutional structure.. [Union and Democracy]

It will be easier to strike at her in Egypt [which the writer elsewhere describes as the keystone of the arch of the British Empire].. [Gems (?) of German Thought]

Its completion by the locking of the keystone is a delight to witness and to contemplate.. [Complete Project Gutenberg Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Works]

Indeed these might well be the most important ingredient of ecosystem success, at least as important as what we used to call the keystone company.. [ News]

Gathering's debts, he said, as the event was described as the keystone of Mr Salmond's. [ news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph]

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TurkishKeystone English to Turkish Translate
i. anahtar taşı, kilit taşı; esas madde, temel.i. anahtar taşı, kilit taşı; esas madde, temel.

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@kabamur_taygeta: 7. What is the KEYSTONE? Remember these clues have always been multi-dimensional.


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