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Definitions of "kin"

  • One's relatives; family; kinfolk. noun
  • A kinsman or kinswoman. noun
  • Related; akin. adjective
  • Race; family; breed; kind. noun
  • Persons of the same race or family; kindred. noun
  • One or more relatives, such as siblings or cousins, taken collectively. noun
  • Relationship; same-bloodedness or affinity; near connection or alliance, as of those having common descent. noun
  • Kind; sort; manner; way. noun
  • Related by blood or marriage, akin. Generally used in "kin to". adjective
  • The unit velocity in the C. G. S. system -- a velocity of one centimeter per second.
  • Of the same nature or kind; kinder. adjective
  • A primitive Chinese instrument of the cittern kind, with from five to twenty-five silken strings. noun
  • Relationship, consanguinity, or affinity; connection by birth or marriage; kindred; near connection or alliance, as of those having common descent. noun
  • Relatives; persons of the same family or race. noun
  • Of kin; of the same blood; related.
  • Of the same kind or nature; having affinity.
  • Race; family; breed; kind. noun
  • Collectively, persons of the same race or family; kindred. noun
  • Relationship; consanguinity or affinity; near connection or alliance, as of those having common descent. noun

The word "kin" in example sentences

“Well, she’s no kin o’ yours, nor much acquaintance as I’ve ever heared of, ” said Mrs. Glegg, who always cried just as much as was proper when anything happened to her own “kin, ” but not on other occasions.. [VII. Enter the Aunts and Uncles. Book I—Boy and Girl]

Ef Doctor Mac kin save Lou's life -- an 'he _kin_ -- yo'd be a murderer, -- yes, a murderer uv yo'r own flesh an' blood, ter forbid him. ". ['Smiles' A Rose of the Cumberlands]

II. iii.27 (53,7) Two such opposed foes encamp them still] [W: opposed kin] _Foes_ may be the right reading, or _kings_, but I think _kin_ can hardly be admitted.. [Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies]

Payments for downloads are made through Google Checkout. im still having troubles with my kin one it feels like everything on my kin is mashed up together but i still like it:). []

Knowing this, he went on: 'O Paṭācārā, to one passing to another world no child nor other kin is able to be a shelter or a hiding-place or a refuge.. [Psalms of the Sisters]

His prayer is that this military government long may live as such to train the great mass which he calls kin into a synthetic whole.. [Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights]

This means that the difference between keen and kin is that in the former the vowel “involves considerable tensing of the vocal apparatus” (Roca and Johnson p. 182).. [P is for Phonemic Chart « An A-Z of ELT]

Occupy Wall Street is the long-term kin to the festival experience held throughout the country for much of the year.. [Pete Mason: The Occupy Movement: A Familiar Gathering]

Postulation of a link between death and helping one's kin is a non-sequitur.. [At What Level did this Evolve?]

But for a growing number of adult children, reconnecting with kin is more than just a holiday affair.. [More American Households 'Doubling Up' Amid Hard Times]

When food is shared only within kin groups, an infant death permits reallocation of its unneeded food to the infant's kin, offsetting the fitness cost of the death and weakening the force of selection against infant mortality.. [Archive 2008-06-01]

The interplay between cooperation and competition between kin is fairly common in nature.. [A Tetrahymena Puzzle]

But it pains me more to see this behavior in the people I call kin, in the American Jewish community.. [Where was Tikkun Olam at the AIPAC Conference in DC?]

My Austin kin tell me that the "other" Salt Lick has completely different fare.. [taking sides with barbecue | Homesick Texan]

Like: I hope your fat wife drops the Christmas pudding and all your kin is consumed in the conflagration.. [BORAT GETS SUED FOR HANUKKAH]

But as with the Prince or his titled kin folk, I wonder if those who helped bring in $300,000-500,000 for a weekend of buffets for Senator Clinton really know for what the money will be used.. [Rick Jacobs: Money and Royalty: Will the Real Leaders Please Rise?]

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