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Definitions of "kindred"

  • A group of related persons, as a clan or tribe. noun
  • A person's relatives; kinfolk. noun
  • Of the same ancestry or family: kindred clans. adjective
  • Having a similar or related origin, nature, or character: kindred emotions. adjective
  • Distant and close relatives, collectively. noun
  • Peoples of the same ethnic descent, not including speaker; brethren. noun
  • A grouping of relatives. noun
  • A combination of extended family and religious group, of the Ásatrú religious order in America. noun
  • Of the same nature. adjective
  • Related; congenial; of the like nature or properties adjective
  • Relationship by birth or marriage; consanguinity; affinity; kin. noun
  • Relatives by blood or marriage, more properly the former; relations; persons related to each other. noun
  • Relationship by birth, marriage, or descent; consanguinity; kinship; affinity. noun
  • Community in kind; intrinsic relationship or connection. noun
  • In a plural sense, relatives by blood or descent, or, by extension, by marriage; a body of persons related to one another; relatives; kin. noun
  • A tribe; a body of persons connected by a family or tribal bond: with a plural form. noun
  • Having kinship; allied by blood or descent; related as kin.
  • Pertaining to kinship; of related origin or character; hence, native; pertaining to nativity : as, to live under kindred skies.
  • Hence Congenial; allied; of like nature, qualities, etc.: as, kindred souls; kindred pursuits.

The word "kindred" in example sentences

We just now parted off from the weaving of clothes, the making of blankets, which differ from each other in that one is put under and the other is put around: and these are what I termed kindred arts.. [The Statesman]

And they have burst the many ties which held them; they were parents, brothers, sisters, children, and friends; but the bond of the kindred is broken, and the silver cord of love is loosed.. [Bring Back Dies Irae]

Poignant and never sentimental, this elegant memoir recalls how a family adapted and reorganized itself over and over, enduring and succeeding to remain kindred in spite of living apart.. [Brother, I'm Dying: Summary and book reviews of Brother, I'm Dying by Edwidge Danticat.]

Now it chanced one holiday, that Kuzia Fakan fared forth to make festival with certain kindred of the court, and she went surrounded by her handmaids.. [The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night]

People who practice Asatrú are called Asatrúar or Asatrúarfolks, and their groups are called kindred, which says a lot about their value of family, a main component in Asatrú.. [Where To Park Your Broomstick]

But my kindred is nevertheless very numerous, and I thank thee for thy prayer.. [The Scottish Chiefs]

And so the Apostle, using a word kindred with that of my text, but intensifying it by addition, says, 'He became obedient even unto the death of the Cross, wherefore God also hath highly lifted Him up.'. [Expositions of Holy Scripture St. John Chapters I to XIV]

The Ammonites were next, both in kindred and neighbourhood, to the. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume IV (Isaiah to Malachi)]

The refusal to pray for an unbelieving kindred is justified, according to Mahomet, by the duty of a prophet, and the example of Abraham, who reprobated his own father as an enemy of God.. [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

In Washington he struggled to find anyone who relished those inconsistencies and who he could genuinely call a kindred spirit.. [Storyteller]

The kindred is a unit organization within the band, or camp.. [Cheyenne ��� a story from the Great Plain ���part 2]

There the angel commanded Adam that he should dwell with his wife Eve, of the which he gat Seth; of which tribe, that is to say kindred, Jesu Christ was born.. [The Travels of Sir John Mandeville]

He destroyed the superstition of a self-existing matter: {32} he also waged war against what I will venture to call the kindred superstition of. [Philosophy and Religion Six Lectures Delivered at Cambridge]

In the former kind the notion of kindred is the groundwork of everything; it determines the character of every relation and every action, even though the kindred between some members of the society and others may be owing to a legal fiction and not to natural descent.. [Harvard Classics Volume 28 Essays English and American]

In the latter kind of union the notion of kindred does not come in at all.. [Harvard Classics Volume 28 Essays English and American]

And now, having ruled that races and nations, though largely formed by the workings of an artificial law, are still real and living things, groups in which the idea of kindred is the idea around which everything has grown, how are we to define our races and our nations?. [Harvard Classics Volume 28 Essays English and American]

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  • Pronunciations(kĭnˈdrĭd)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation kin dred


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