Definitions and meanings of "Kneeler"

What do we mean by kneeler?

One who kneels, as to pray. noun

Something, such as a stool, cushion, or board, on which to kneel. noun

One who kneels, or worships by kneeling. noun

In the early church, one of a class of penitents who were permitted to occupy a kneeling position between the ambo and the door of the church. noun

One who kneels or who worships by or while kneeling. noun

A cushion or stool to kneel on, such as one attached to a pew in a church. noun

A name given to certain catechumens and penitents who were permitted to join only in parts of church worship. noun

A person who kneels. noun

A thing that is designed to be kneeled on. noun

An apparatus that permits the loading door of a bus to decrease in height in order to facilitate boarding of passengers that are seniors and physically disadvantaged noun

A person in a kneeling position noun

A board (sometimes cushioned) for someone to kneel on noun

A person who kneels.

A thing that is designed to be kneeled on.

An apparatus that permits the loading door of a bus to decrease in height in order to facilitate boarding of passengers that are seniors and physically disadvantaged

On a gable-end, the stone (often decorated) at the base of the slope of the gable on either side.

Someone who tends to masturbate mostly from the knees, usually on Linoleum or hard wood floors. this subject tends to have a sexual abuse history, stemming from an uncle getting knuckle deep into thier 9 yr old cornhole.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who gets down on their knees and sits on their feet when they are masturbating to porn.  Urban Dictionary

N. One who is a lazy kneeler at church by kneeling, yet leaning against the pew with their butt. Lazy kneelers are kneeling/sitting.  Urban Dictionary

Person who will do ANYTHING to advance in professional life.  Urban Dictionary

Sexual position in which an individual who is providing oral sex, surprisingly sticks a finger into the anus of recipient.  Urban Dictionary

The word "kneeler" in example sentences

How to use kneeler in a sentence? Example sentences with the kneeler, a sentence example for kneeler, and how to make kneeler in sample sentence, how do I use the word kneeler in a sentence? How do you spell kneeler in a sentence?

I cannot imagine a person agreeing to be the "kneeler" for this act without an inch-thick wad of Benjamins firmly in hand, but you never know what'll motivate some people to perform the most sordid acts imaginable. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Just then the hair on my arms stands up and the raised kneeler attached to the church pew directly behind us slams to the ground. ❋ F. J. Lennon (2011)

As the fact that, for more than a year, whoever approaches the Pope for Communion, have had to kneel down on the kneeler especially placed by the cerimonieri. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A woman with haunted eyes and a twist and swing in her step approaches a padded kneeler placed beneath the window and painfully sinks to her knees. ❋ Gene Weingarten (2010)

As many of you may recall he does have a huge talent for tapestry work and was asked to produce a church kneeler in memory of a deceased comrade which he has been working on with a great precision and the tiniest of stitches in recent months. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Mattie: I figgered you for a kneeler. you're spot on in your analysis lance. ❋ Unknown (2008)

And one of the chairs I plan on using in here is an ergonomic kneeler, so I won't be able to lean over safely. ❋ Joshenglish (2008)

My mother would pull a small prayer book from her purse, plant herself on the kneeler, and begin to pray. ❋ Lynne Griffin (2010)

My daughter kicked her patent leathers against the kneeler until I put one hand on her thigh. ❋ Lynne Griffin (2010)

It was an austere space and it held only a twin bed with a thin mattress, a lamp on top of a three-drawer chest, and a kneeler. ❋ Claudia Mair Burney (2010)

The monks all stayed in dorms, but sure enough, she opened the door to a neatly made bed, a chair pulled away from a tiny table, and a kneeler. ❋ Claudia Mair Burney (2010)

One of my favorite lines is: "I figured you for some kind of kneeler." ❋ Unknown (2009)

that dude's such a kneeler. i caught him [kneeling] and [spanking it] my neighbors [flower bed] the other day. ❋ Ryan Debloney (2005)

You could tell he was a kneeler by the [rug] [burns] on his knees and the [stains] on his thighs. ❋ Scotty O. (2005)

"Get your butt off [the pew] and [kneel] straight. [Don't become] a lazy kneeler!" ❋ Braddowney1217 (2009)

Similar to a brown noser, where the nose of the person is up the superiors butt a Red [Kneeler] has sore knees from [Felating] the superiors to gain advancement. Isabelle is completely incompetent, but because she's a red [kneeler] she gains advancement. ❋ The Non Kneeler (2010)

Bro, [Janice] gave me a sneaky kneeler last night. I [kind of] [liked] it! ❋ Runningforpresident (2016)

What does kneeler mean?

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