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Hyphenation knight
Pronunciations /naɪt/

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A medieval tenant giving military service as a mounted man-at-arms to a feudal landholder. noun

A medieval gentleman-soldier, usually high-born, raised by a sovereign to privileged military status after training as a page and squire. noun

A man holding a nonhereditary title conferred by a sovereign in recognition of personal merit or service to the country. noun

A man belonging to an order or brotherhood. noun

A defender, champion, or zealous upholder of a cause or principle. noun

The devoted champion of a lady. noun

A chess piece, usually in the shape of a horse's head, that can be moved two squares along a rank and one along a file or two squares along a file and one along a rank. The knight is the only piece that can jump other pieces to land on an open square. noun

To raise (a person) to knighthood. transitive verb

To dub or create a knight; confer the honor of knighthood upon. The ceremony is regularly performed by touching the person on whom the dignity is conferred with a sword as he kneels. See accolade, 1.

A boy; a youth; a young man. noun

An attendant or servant; especially, a military attendant; a man-at-arms; a soldier. noun

Specifically In Europe during the middle ages, a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry, first as page and afterward as squire to the sovereign, or to some earl, baron, or other superior lord, to whom he attached himself, and whom he was bound to follow to war on horseback. noun

In Great Britain in modern times, a man upon whom a certain honorary dignity has been conferred by a sovereign as a reward of personal merit of some kind, without reference to birth or possessions, and in no way involving military service, which disappeared as a feature of knighthood with the other institutions of chivalry. noun

A champion; a warrior; especially, a champion devoted to the service of another; a defender. noun

One of the pieces in the game of chess, having usually the figure of a horse's head. noun

In card-playing, the knave or jack. Abbreviated knt., or in combination K. (as K. G., Knight of the Garter; K. C. B., Knight Commander of the Bath). noun

A branch of the fraternity of Freemasons in the United states, with an organization based upon that of the medieval order of the same name. noun

A young servant or follower; a military attendant. noun

A young servant or follower; a trained military attendant in service of a lord.

A minor nobleman with an honourable military rank who had served as a page and squire.

(by extension) An armored and mounted warrior of the Middle Ages.

(modern) A person on whom a knighthood has been conferred by a monarch.

A brave, chivalrous and honorable man devoted to a noble cause or love interest.

A chess piece, often in the shape of a horse's head, that is moved two squares in one direction and one at right angles to that direction in a single move, leaping over any intervening pieces.

A playing card bearing the figure of a knight; the knave or jack.

Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the genus Ypthima.

(modern) A generic name for various mushrooms belonging to the fungal order gilled mushrooms; scientific name Tricholoma.

Rank in the fuedal system, one below baron and one above the general peasants. Developed during the 800s in a kingdom covering France and a lot of the surrounding area, and rapidly spread to the rest of Europe as far east as Russia and as far south as Spain and Italy. Kings were finding they owned more land than they could control, so they gave vast expanses of it to barons (dukes, counts, etc) in return the barons would pay taxes to the king and would fight for him when it was demanded of them, and they must provide an agreed number of men. Barons are like the medieval equivilant of generals. The barons continued to break up this land into smaller patches, which was controlled by a knight. The knight usually owned one or two villages in his land. The knight would tax the peasants in his land. In return for this, the knight must fight for their lord baron when called upon, and also pay taxes to him, exactly the same duties that the king expects from the barons. The knight could be viewed as the medieval equivilant of captains/minor officers today. They recruited both men-at-arms (peasants aspiring to be honourable warriors) and archers (peasants that played the less honourable role of using bows/crossbows to fight,) and took these men with them when the baron called them to fight. The knight is a trained killer. Taken from a family of high rank, the young knight (or "page") left home at about the age of 6 to live with another knight, or even a baron, in their manor or castle. For the first 4 or so years, they were taught manners, such as how to speak different languages or how to carve a roast. From the age of around 10, they were upgraded into "squires:" knights to be. Training as a squire was particulry difficult. By about the age of 18, the knight was a fully trained and honed killer, and was knighted by their master in a long knighting ceremony. Knights from around 1100AD onwards were expected to follow a code of chivalry, which meant being polite to everyone and being generous to the poor. Knights are sometimes dramatised; many knights ignored the code and were simply ruthless, greedy killers. Most base rules were followed however: it was considered cowardly to use a bow, and it was also very dishonourable (and also a waste of ransom money) to kill a defenceless or surrendering opponent. Contrary to popular belief, knights were NOT common soldiers in armour. Knights were men of rank, and it was rare to see huge armies of knights without a vast number of peasant infantry accompanying them. Sometimes the knights and men-at-arms would gather to lead the first wave, as it was their honour and right to do so, but as tactics became more and more important in medieval warfare this custom was less common. Urban Dictionary

A chess piece resembling a horse head that can only move in an "L" pattern. It can also be used as an extremely odd shaped butt-plug. Urban Dictionary

An intermediate Graffiti Artist that is good but still improving; not as good as a king. Urban Dictionary

Putting a girl down on 1 knee, like she is to be knighted by a king or queen. proceed to slap her in the face repeatedly with your dick, until you finally ejaculate on her face. Urban Dictionary

The art of a male tapping his penis on the head and shoulders of a suspecting or unsuspecting female, like a knight being dubbed. knighting can be done after sex to give approval to the female. knighting can also be done to an unsuspecting female kind of like a raunchier chiefing. Urban Dictionary

A common word used to replace the term 'scene'. Urban Dictionary

A retarded Turkish donkey Urban Dictionary

When you're done getting a prime blow job. You knight the person who blew you with your penis, by placing your penis on her left shoulder then you move your penis to her right shoulder. You may also use your penis to slap her in the face so she doesn't forget, depends on tradition. Urban Dictionary

Knight is a good friend, but sometimes he acts like he's on crack, and can be pretty weird, but he is very cool Urban Dictionary

A warrior who is fully armored Urban Dictionary

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The word "knight" in example sentences

"What!" cried Helen, starting, "you think this knight is the royal Bruce?" ❋ Unknown (1875)

The superb disdain with which she met the project frightened these poor people, who were not mistaken in their fears that she was meditating what they called knight-errantry. ❋ Honor�� De Balzac (1824)

A 'knight' is a Christian artifact from a Christian culture just as much as a 'Kirtle Friar' is. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Wallace returned a gracious reply to this speech; and turning to Bruce, said, "This knight is my friend; and though from peculiar circumstances neither of us choose to disclose our names during our journey, yet, whatever they may be, I trust you will confide in the word of one whom you have honored by the address you have now made, and believe that his friend is not unworthy the hospitalities of him who was once king of Scots." ❋ Unknown (1875)

Illinois: The race between Rep. Mark Kirk (R) and state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (D) reminds us of that great scene in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" where the black knight is grievously wounded time and again but comes back for more. ❋ Chris Cillizza (2010)

Although you may not see it in the movies every true Jedi knight is required to build their own Lightsaber. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The imagery of the black knight is an archetype, already ingrained in our minds. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Blue knight is correct re ‘SUS’ and the Vagrancy Act of 1824. ❋ Inspector Gadget (2008)

The queen drifted across the board and landed, covering the white knight from a distance and effectively cutting off its offensive. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Anything that has to do with the dark knight is in the lead. ❋ Unknown (2008)

It turns out this dark knight is a personification of the devil, who corrupts Bertram. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Even if a minor did not hold lands in knight-service, his or her legal title was a vexed question. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Viper on Jul 10, 2008 the dark knight is about to be the best movie of the year!!!!!! ❋ Unknown (2008)

I'm down in fort lauderdale and the IMAX showing for the dark knight is entirely sold out until next monday. ❋ Unknown (2008)

One Word, Fanboys, they have compiled a list containing every comic book movie even remotely considered good, batman begins, 300, vfor vendetta, x-men and The dark knight is understandable, they should by all means be in a great movies list but spider-man and superman returns, come on. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The auction listing says it may have been "a knight from a King Arthur type of display." ❋ Unknown (2008)

Wanda P on Jul 21, 2008 ooops for got to answer the questions …. two-faces real name-Harvey Dent, and director of both batman begins and Dark knight is Christopher Nolan ❋ Unknown (2008)

I got to say it but dark knight is really starting to annoy me. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Derrick on Jun 19, 2008 this looks great but No. 1 dark knight is going to suck because they gave away too much already. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Two-Face on Jul 23, 2008 the dark knight is definitley one of the best movies ever made. but seriously heath ledger performance was too good, if that film was rated R with an extra spice of graphic violence. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Sir Vircotti, the [Milanese] knight, left his quiet manor and village to join his lord in a [crusade] to re-capture the [holy land]. ❋ OiOiBoy (2006)

Hey [Simon]. I'm feeling [kinky] today. Give me that knight in your [chess] set. ❋ Father (2006)

Person 1- [Ey] this [homies] writing is pretty down but it could [be better]. Person 2 Yeah he's a knight still... ❋ NOS417BOMBIT (2010)

"Man last night i was with this [fine chick] right, and she was on her knees, so i [knighted] that bitch!" "this bitch was [sucking my dick], but wouldn't shut up! so i knighted that bitch. she learned her lesson" ❋ Brent Mike And Jesse (2008)

Example 1 guy 1: "i heard you hit it with that chick last night, was she good?" guy: "[good enough] to get [knighted]!" Example 2 guy 1: "hey man look at that chick, she's totally passed out." guy 2: "ya, [let's chief] her" guy 1: "naw man, lets knight her!" ❋ Nothinggoldcanstay (2011)

That [dinosaur] is [hella] knight. ❋ Rachel & Brittany (2005)

See that [dribbling] [baffoon] over there? That's a [knight]. ❋ TheGodsofWSB (2023)

Steve got the best blow job of his life from [Sandi] that he had to knight her with his penis. [Sandi's] [knighting] took place under a full moon beside the castle. ❋ Mike Pezacouski (2012)

bro, did u [hear] what [knight] did [the other day] ❋ ELITE DESCIPEL KIRITO (2020)

Future era: I became a knight in the year [2050], the Future, [the knighthood] has returned to battle, swords have returned, as they are now evolved, knights now use advanced firearms and blasters. Medieval era: I am a knight, [I am the one] who come to protect my Kingdom! I am a hero, nobody will stand in my way, not even my Kingdom either. ❋ CommunistCyborg (2020)

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