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What does the word knowest mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word knowest in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with knowest and anagrams of knowest.

Definitions of "knowest"

  • second-person singular form of know. verb

The word "knowest" in example sentences

"What artow," quod I tho (then) · "that thow my name knowest?". [A Literary History of the English People From the Origins to the Renaissance]

That neither thy name knowest nor canst any master have!. [A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 2]

"Thou knowest my feelings in the matter," said Starbuck.. [Laurence Hughes: Ahab at Starbucks]

CONAN: Aye, Conan has known many fierce warriors who prefer the hilt of the broadsword to the sheath, if thou knowest what I mean.. [Robert Brenner: Conan the Barbarian vs. Marcus Bachmann (in 3D)]

'Thou knowest he whom Thou hast named the Lightning-flash of the Western World is a wrathful and quick-tempered man.'. [St Patrick's Day]

Thou knowest the place, where the wall is broken and high.. [NEGORE, THE COWARD]

For as thou knowest, O Hair-Face, strong drink quickens, and old hates flame up, and head and hand are swift to act.. [THE DEATH OF LIGOUN]

Thy wisdom is worse than no wisdom and shine eyes blinded to business, of which I have spoken and whereof thou knowest nothing.. [A HYPERBOREAN BREW]

Thy wisdom is worse than no wisdom and thine eyes blinded to business, of which I have spoken and whereof thou knowest nothing.. [A HYPERBOREAN BREW]

Get thee to Midgard until thou knowest what thy Hammer is truly for!. [Robert Brenner: A Thor Subject]

If thou wouldst treat money as water, flowing as the gentle rain from heaven, why, then thou knowest water begets water; it will be a watery grave your rug, drowned in the weeping brook.. [Boing Boing]

Seeing therefore thou knowest his works, depart from them all, and give no credit to him: because his works are evil, and become not the servants of God.. [HOW EVIL WORKS]

"What knowest thou of the lashkar that is gathering?". [In The Time Of Light]

It doesn't have to be earned, as well thou knowest, old droogie.. [Where's the show?]

"Thou knowest the Adepts, human folk, and animals be watching," Vodlevile said.. [Here There Are Monsters]

We have served loyally; as thou knowest, we finally did locate Flach and cap - ture him, and through him, thee.. [Here There Are Monsters]

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