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Brass knuckles, also sometimes called knuckles, knucks, brass knucks, knucklebusters, knuckledusters, an English punch or a classic, are weapons used in hand-to-hand combat. Brass knuckles are pieces of metal shaped to fit around the knuckles. Despite their name, they are often made from other metals, plastics or carbon fibers. Designed to preserve and concentrate a punch's force by directing it toward a harder and smaller contact area, they result in increased tissue disruption, including an increased likelihood of fracturing the victim's bones on impact. The extended and rounded palm grip also spreads across the attacker's palm the counter-force that would otherwise be absorbed primarily by the attacker's fingers, reducing the likelihood of damage to the attacker's fingers..

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Definitions of "knuckle-duster"

  • Slang Brass knuckles. noun
  • Alternative spelling of knuckle duster. noun
  • Same as knuckle noun

The word "knuckle-duster" in example sentences

I see beastly flashbulbs of many thingummies moving in the landfall without the slightest knuckle-duster of the landfall I see all the many thingummies going about the landfall.. [Parajanov Contra Zizek (oder selbst proclaimed Brechtian Beast Z vs aSublime moving picture for magnitude of efficacy.)]

DuPont moved and fought like a professional boxer – and on each fist he had a savage knuckle-duster with spikes on the outer edge.. [Spell of Magic – Part 9 « Official Harry Harrison News Blog]

I slipped my revolver into my right-hand pocket and a knuckle-duster over my left fist, where it was ready and yet would not stop me from being able to work my flashlight.. [Carnacki, the Ghost Finder]

The old man, perhaps mistaking the signet ring for a knuckle-duster, put some space between them.. [Disordered Minds]

Her fist encased in a knuckle-duster hit Marie square between the eyes.. [faceless]

“And your knuckle-duster only cost me a couple of teeth …”. [In the Rue Pigalle]

He slipped the knife, the knuckle-duster and the revolver into his overcoat pocket, and with apparent unconcern searched in every corner of the place, even opening the ice-box and the telephone booth.. [In the Rue Pigalle]

This was the case with Christiani who, ten years previously, when arrested, had promptly struck Maigret with his knuckle-duster and who was now owner of a couple of “houses” in Paris and another at Barcelonnette.. [In the Rue Pigalle]

He would doubtless have changed his mind on seeing Maigret suddenly glance at the camelhair overcoat belonging to one of the customers and hanging on the coat-rack, go up to it, thrust his hand into the pockets and pull out a knuckle-duster; and then on hearing the Superintendent remark goodhumouredly:. [In the Rue Pigalle]

The newcomer was a plain-clothes policeman and he had used a pair of handcuffs as a knuckle-duster and had taken the ruffian clean on the point of the chin.. [Recollections With Photogravure Portrait of the Author and a number of Original Letters, of which one by George Meredith and another by Robert Louis Stevenson are reproduced in facsimile]

A heavy blow on the face laid open his cheek, and he saw the little red-headed man who had slipped on his heavy brass knuckle-duster dodge back into the crowd.. [The Grell Mystery]

If the warning were not sufficient the left hand of the little man would drop to his jacket pocket, and when it emerged it would be decorated with a heavy brass knuckle-duster.. [The Grell Mystery]

Fred fingered a heavy knuckle-duster in his pocket nervously.. [The Grell Mystery]

His idea of fighting happened to centre in a knuckle-duster with an ugly dagger on the end of it.. [The Return of Blue Pete]

Fists or a knuckle-duster did well enough for robbery, the inspector observed oracularly; it was only when a man went "a bit off his head" that he took to daggers; and there was more of that sort of thing about -- presumably meaning jealousy -- than any one would credit.. [A Bachelor's Dream]

Keith had a knuckle-duster he had copied from one a policeman had shown him in the summer.. [The Rising of the Moon]

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