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Definitions of "koli"

  • A member of an aboriginal tribe in the hills of central India, whither they were driven by the early Aryan settlers. noun

The word "koli" in example sentences

I was brilliant in my school and nobody dared taunt me but there was always a suspision in my mind somehow I am not treated equal because of me being 'koli', and when I went to college it was worse as people called me 'machwara' in a castiest way ... when I was leaving India for good, a custom official made a remark, "so now a koli is going to foreign land". [Me Pun Koli]

This Dal is a quick yummy recipe made on days when there isn't good fish catch in koli families.. [Lal Dal]

Later I got married (Love marriage) in a Kshyatriya Family, and my then mother-in-law as well as sister-in-law despised me and lashed their tongues terming me "koli" as if it was a foul word.. [Me Pun Koli]

Let the sisters enjoy preparing for all the small poojas, chuda (dressing up with bangles ceremony), mehndi (though not a koli tradition).. [Sabudana Vada]

Love reading ur blog and all about the koli traditions and recipes. [Kadipatta Til Chutney]

I'm an Indian living in USA & was totally unaware of the koli culture.. [Square Shaped Chutney Paratha]

Add the powders, turmeric, koli masala or the substitutes of garam masala and red chili powder.. [Tikhat Moog Dal]

February 14, 2007 8: 07 PM bee said ... anjali, wanted to say i love your blog, esp. the authentic koli recipes.. [P for PuranpoLi and PuranpoLi for P]

Then the anchor says the koli kitchen is always outdoor never in the home showing a modern kitchen opposite to the house (he din't get the real thing).. [Archive 2007-02-01]

A stuff pomfret which only modern koli has learnt from the Parsees and a Tiger prawn curry with tomatoes.. [Archive 2007-02-01]

To add to it my neighbourhood Irani baker in 1st koli lane, Colaba showered so much love on me that if any home deliveries were needed they just had to be told to deliver to my home.. [Archive 2007-02-01]

Anjali, I saw that Koli show on foodie ... cookign at a koli weddign etc.. [Open question to The Foodie Times Now Team]

I enjoyed reading all your posts and learning more about the koli life.. [Avare Kaalu Akki Roti]

But I am still proud to be called Koli and any article about koli makes me feel proud and I am thankful for the appreciation.. [Koli Kitchen (Thal Part I)]

When ever I passed thro d koli area in cuffe parrade I saw those trawlers in d sea.. [Koli Veg Taat (Thal Part III)]

I am not koli but I had one mawashi who is like mother to me and she is koli.. [Koli Veg Taat (Thal Part III)]

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@zindekuvvet 60 cm yüksekliginde gazete biriktir. Bunları battal boy çöp torbasına koy. Torbayı koli bandıyla sar.…


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@dullarh: Toh ABU ga naku. 13th Aprilu na shekaran 2019 za'a yi kasuwan baje koli. A dana mana sabi da Allah. Duk ku zo ku kashe kudi…


@favsscenes: Stuck in Love, 2014

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