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Konqueror, a free and open-source web browser and file manager, provides web access and file-viewer functionality for file systems (such as local files, files on a remote FTP server and files in a disk image). It forms a core part of the KDE Software Compilation. Developed by volunteers, Konqueror can run on most Unix-like operating systems and on Windows systems. The KDE community licenses and distributes Konqueror under the GNU General Public License version 2. The name "Konqueror" echoes a colonization paradigm to reference the two primary competitors at the time of the browser's first release: "first comes the Navigator, then Explorer, and then the Konqueror". It also follows the KDE naming convention: the names of most KDE programs begin with the letter K.Konqueror first appeared with version 2 of KDE on October 23, 2000. It replaces its predecessor, KFM (KDE file manager). With the release of KDE 4, Dolphin replaced Konqueror as the default KDE file-manager, but the KDE community continues to maintain Konqueror as the default KDE web-browser..

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  • a freeware browser for Linux noun

The word "konqueror" in example sentences

I typed "konqueror" into the search bar and here is what it returned:. [LXer Linux News]

(change 'konqueror' to your preferred file manager). [KDE-Apps.org Content]

= -1 | | navigator. userAgent.toLowerCase (). indexOf ( 'konqueror')!. [Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]]

"konqueror" and your file browser will show up, etc ... handy dandy little tool if you are into doing things the GUI way.. [PCLinuxOS-Forums]

"konqueror" and your file browser will show up, etc .... [PCLinuxOS-Forums]

It makes kopete, dolphin, konqueror, K3b, Kaffeine and many other application so usefull when menu can be hided after all settings has done, so the application is very easy to use.. [life at the end of the universe » Nerrivik released]

I have the same problem as Stefano Costa under konqueror or iceweasel.. [Miriam Ruiz]

When I run the file from konqueror there a message saying Broken UTF-8 File Opened.. [vBulletin Community Forum]

Can I put qt 3.8 back on my system to get konsole and konqueror and all that stuff running again and still use qt 4.5 to compile my own stuff?. [LinuxQuestions.org]

So for example for konqueror there will write that it is available in every kde install.. [KDE UserBase - Recent changes [en]]

KPPP will be replaced by knetworkmanager, new links on Minefield, konqueror is not default FM any more, replace Trolltech by Nokia, update information on versions of KDE and Qt, remove ARTS references.. [KDE TechBase - Recent changes [en]]

I installed it (package for Fedora 12 x64), the extension is enabled in konqueror but on the youtube video page no new buttons (as showed on screenshot) appear.. [KDE-Apps.org Content]

I don't like icons that much not even on the desktop, but I'd think they're more acceptable if at least they could be displayed in a nicer manner, like "multicolumn view" of konqueror; that is, text beside icons.. [LinuxQuestions.org]

When i installed it was fine over a few days slackware is giving me high response time. while playing videos it is getting stuck firefox is giving bad responses and even konqueror please guide me. [LinuxQuestions.org]

The installer gives you ability to define various parameters of the installation, like whether you want to install the menu for konqueror or dolphin, what text editor to use, whether to use kdesu or gksu, etc.. [KDE-Look.org Content]

Check old kde3 bug reports against their Kde4 versions and close/(or move to the proper category if needed) kde, kdelibs, kio kcontrol/systemsettings-kde3 - > kpdf - > okular konqueror/filebrowsing - > dolphin. [KDE TechBase - Recent changes [en]]

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@vivaldibrowser Firefox (a lot) UC Browser (mobile) Chrome Konqueror Epiphany ... but now I'm satisfied with…

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Hello - Adele (Reggae Cover) - Conkarah and Rosie Delmah
Hello - Adele (Reggae Cover) - Conkarah and Rosie Delmah
Using Dolphin and Konqueror
Using Dolphin and Konqueror
Konqueror Rocks! on KDE 4.5.1
Konqueror Rocks! on KDE 4.5.1

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