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The word "kulit" in example sentences

He was acting as bridge for communication between me and my ex until finally he started making "kulit" to me. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Beberapa produk perawatan kulit mengandung senyawa ini karena aktivitas antioksidannya dapat mengurangi risiko kanker kulit. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Remember what novelist Edward Carey said about the wayang kulit Tok Dalang Pak Dollah in my interview with him a few weeks ago? ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

I have only seen wayang kulit only once, and it was an unforgettable experience. ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

Called Macbeth in the Shadows, it involves the adaptation of Shakespeare's play for wayang kulit. ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

Di sana banyak gulungan bahan2 kulit buat jok, karpet, sofa, dll. ❋ Mayoineko (2007)

Some of the items shown are confiscated items, among them invincible suits and the 'kulit kijang' which has been wrongly believed to make a person invincible. ❋ Christopher (2007)

And its aim is not only to carry on the tradition of wayang kulit, but to expand its vocabulary with new stories, puppet design and techniques of crafting. ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

Talk to Elizabeth Cardosa of Badan Warisan about how the Penang and Malacca government are protecting their heritage buildings (which just got rejected by UNESCO), or Eddin Khoo or Bernice (on wayang kulit). ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

Set in Equaland, it moves between the shadowy wayang kulit world of ruling politicians and the naturalistic world of five people of various ethnic origins caught in a meelstrom of racial politics. ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

Wayang kulit is a style of traditional Indonesian rod puppets, they are typically flat and have rods. ❋ Maryrobinette (2007)

In a list of the Jelebu regalia occurs this item: "The royal drums (gendang naubat); said to be 'headed' with the skins of lice (kulit tuma)" ❋ Dean Spruill Fansler (N/A)

Cassia or kulit manis (Laurus cassia) is a coarse species of cinnamon which flourishes chiefly, as well as the two foregoing articles, in the northern part of the island; but with this difference, that the camphor and benzoin grow only near the coast, whereas the cassia is a native of the central parts of the country. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

They also told me there were two kinds of the kulit manis, the one of which, from their account of it, ❋ William Marsden (1795)

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